Zignaly AI Crypto Trading Bot with Audio 2019-04-01

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today I got new video for you gonna like this it’s about a crypto trading bot that I’m using
that is basically a money maker so if you want to stick with me till end of this video
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in the upper left in this video so let’s get started today the bot that I use is called
signaling What I love about this spot number one right now it’s free so there in the beta
stage I’ve tested out a few other bots at the same time and found any sort of problems
with this bot is absolutely fantastic it’s free right now if you can believe that I was
I was blown away that it was free so why not hop on it right now when it does come out
they’re going to charge a small monthly fee it’s $12.00 for 2 months so it’s $6 a month
you know compared to traditional trading platforms require mental in like 500 or someone for
$10,000 you could get in if you’re looking at old school places to invest with like Fidelity
or Charles Schwab that kind of stuff that betting on the accounts so crypto currency
is going to create a lot of millionaires in a lot of billionaires traditional transactions
at financially are going to be migrating to the cryptocurrency Brown so it’s definitely
now the time to get in so you can click on the link down below once you get in there
go ahead and apply for an account email address and create a password then it’s going to go
ahead and send you an email that you’re going to have to go in your email account and verify
that then once you have that verified you will have to verify your identity more I’m
not sure if they all do that can’t remember if signally does it or not but I’m just making
you aware in case into one of those that do so it’s basically put in a drivers license
put in your address and it’s kind of like a credit check it out make sure that your
address matches up with who you say you are credit reporting system that way they can
get your account now the input authenticator this is a 2 factor authentication when you
turn that on within your account basically what it does is anytime there’s login that’s
going to send you either text or if you have Google Authenticator it’s going to have a
code that pops up so signaling if you look right now is the Top one on my Phone so I
downloaded the app called Google Authenticator then what you do is you actually scan a QR
code that’s inside this signal he say and that’s going to link the Google authenticator
with is signaling website so I’m going to punch in the new code so I can get in man
the code does update every 60 seconds anybody several work down no banking or whatever you
know in Houston to the random code generator kind of stuff so First off this is the dashboard
here it’s basically gives you an overview of everything that’s going on so you can see
up here total asset value this is how much you have actually invested in the exchange
so right now it’s 501 box 96 cents so over the course of me using the signaling bot the
bot has traded $15109.84 so it’s basically recycled my initial investment 3 times that
is not all your profit that’s just how much is actually gone through the transactions
so the average profit per trade is adopted is 1.45% which right now translates to body
teen dollars and 35 cents positions that are open that value and open positions what this
is yes this is how much money is currently in purchased coins so whatever coins that
I purchased as a position or purchased as an investment I have $168 and is currently
invested in different coins now this page one of the things I want to tell you guys
about the bot is it’s all automated and it can do 3040 trades today so run this through
your head signally as it moves on they’re going to have the ability to train it on at
least 4 exchanges simultaneously so by Nance I have a finance video if you haven’t looked
at it go ahead and check that out and get set up on a finance account and said Chinese
based cryptocurrency trading exchange show basically signally Dennis gonna include Bittrex
Pollenex and KuCoin so at some point in the near future these bots the signal he bought
will be able to trade 3040 different trades per exchange per day so let’s say it does
20 trades on finance and each one of those trade you make something small ’cause it’s
just a one day so let’s say you make you know 1% so if you put $100 in you made a dollar
on that trade now imagine that if it does 10 traits that day then he made $10 so you
multiply that by the number of exchanges the number goes up now This is why you guys need
to get signed up for this don’t kiss around wait I wanna shave some seriously you guys
can do this as well look up how much money does Bob can make you in one year so let’s
say we’re going to put $100 YouTube Bot and that bought every day is going to make you
1% so we’re going to go ahead and say that bot takes out $100 just 1% OK so at the end
of that day you have 101 so then we take that the next day the bot takes out 101 and it
does the same thing it did the day before invest that trades it for you one day and
your 1% so the next day you have $102.00 so doesn’t really seem like a whole lot anything
so let’s check this out the key to letting the bot do the work is to be patient don’t
rush it forget you even have this money in there just go ahead and let the bot do the
thing by messing you could do is set up something that you can have running like an emergency
and just let this run for a year having no one watching this video doesn’t want $1,000,000
right right so I’ll show you guys how to get there alright so now we’re going to take this
and we’re going to draw it down to 31 days so your $100 and 31 days you have made $34
not too bad that’s 34% on your money in a month 34% now you can get a CD that you got
to buy for 10 grand through traditional banking system in a year it might get you 10% maybe
now let’s get serious scared to where everybody wants to go where the big boys are I’m showing
you guys all this stuff because I’ve been through so many scams and so much ******** I
guess just irritating so I literally spent the last 2 years self educating myself on
all this ’cause I just don’t trust anybody I mean I don’t I have had people promised
the world and you know deliver an empty bank account all right so you guys can do this
on Excel too I don’t know if you’re you know familiar with how to do different things in
Excel so check this out one year and one year $100 is worth $37140.00 so Hunter box becomes
well that would whenever that was when was 3700 3740 OK now let’s say you put 1000 or
during the year with your regular job you know maybe you put in $20 a week or whatever
you can afford but watch this because this is what com pounding interest does when you
roll it back into the account number one percent a day for a year in one year your thousands
were 37,409 now again the market can come or can go less under showing you what’s possible
make your own decision I’ll never tell anybody to do what I say or believe anything that
I say but I do expect people to believe what they can prove to themselves with actual evidence
now let’s get really cool when I’m showing you guys in because when I go through the
bot you can think about this in your head this little spreadsheet that I’m making now
alright so Anne was newer back to 100 bucks conservative the start off goodnight so we
take the time and copy and paste him in here and now I’m finishing off so 2% a day you
know don’t get caught by the flashy stuff so you make 100% of your heart percent there
well you can make buku off small amount per day so here we are 2% one year 2% on $100
135 thousand $40 you’ll never find that remember some of these coins are going to skyrocket
like Internet let’s say five of these coins it wouldn’t be anything for him to go up that’s
life changing and changing your family is going to change everything here’s $1000 seems
who doesn’t want one point million a year from 1000 bucks to remember this is 2% every
day just 2% go ahead and cancel this guy out so now let’s look at the bottom so we’ll start
off with these are the open positions so if you look over here here’s the age someone
were 10 hours old some of my pad for 6 days so here’s what you do you can do whatever
you want there’s lot different strategies mess around I just want this thing to make
me money and I’m not going to worry about it the thought will not sell your coin Yep
so these trades right here ’cause you won’t get some trains that right off Thursday and
they go down so you know I have some here for 2128 yeah that’s a lot but I’ve only had
him 2 days that have gone up and down weekly for last couple years that coin becomes profitable
again the bots going to sell and the bot will How much profit you wanna make or you kinetically
monitor how much it’s going to make an bum back down so let me explain see positions
this provider here these the signaling company there are companies that basically bought
and what they do is when a coin gets ready to move they will send a signal to the bot
and saved by this coin these are the coins dad you have purchased that you are an owner
of now yes is the price that you paid for those coins when you bought them is how much
it cost you so if you’re buying EVX here using Bitcoin so the amount there clip is this BNB
is the finance coin it’s actually the coin created by the exchange finance and I covered
another video so it cost you 2 finance coins to buy that so you do have the option to override
the bot if you want but why we said why would you want to take a Las just let this baby
sit and when they spike because they always spike there be some news something through
metal spike up 50% in the box going to go there it is pow And I take it so you can add
it though these trades however you want I can go down here and say you know what I want
this thing to take a profit on this coin when is coin is has made Me 2% profit based on
where I bought it 2% I wanted to sell 100% of that coin that I hung so this is a percent
here this is where your target is healthy and what percentage you want to make return
on investment and down here is what percentage of your measurement do you want to sell if
you want to sell all of it you put 100% I’m going to turn this off so I have mine set
up for trailing stop losses so let’s go over what that means So what that means is let’s
say we’re going to spread this out a little bit And I told the bot And I want the trailing
stop losses feature to be calm activated turned on ready to sell however you want to look
at it once the coin is gone up to a 2.5% profit so let’s say I bought it right here and he
goes starts to go up over the next hours or days and then it gets the 2 1/2% in the bot
says Oh there it is it’s gone up now the bots watching that boy it’s going to watch it go
up and up and up now got right here let’s say it started to come back down a little
bit well the bot will not sell it yes it doesn’t go down .4% So what this is telling you is
as the price goes up there may be some areas where it goes up and down just a little bit
and then it continues to go up and down up and down and then on up when is doing that
as long as it doesn’t go down the distance which is right here if it doesn’t go down
.4% it will not sell it so you do that so it can maximize the percent that you make
so it goes OK so goes here comes down a little bit only comes down like .3% you have it set
as negative .4 so it doesn’t sell it goes up here and then the bots like OK still looking
good comes down a little bit no still good but then it gets to hear and it starts dropping
once it crosses the threshold so this was 2 1/2% profit once it goes down to a price
that is 2.1% above what you paid for what you’re buying prices it’ll sell so once it’s
above 2.5% the trailing stop losses activated and once it’s fluctuating and it starts to
come back down more than this distance in percent that you pre programmed a lot to do
it will sound so that is how you can get it to do these number thanks the trading terminal
this is if you would like to buy coins menu let’s say you’re in a group of people that
are talking about the coin they’re doing this they’re doing that you know they may say Hey
give this I heard in the news XYZ I just let the bot doing OK people save a lot of ship
I’m just working with the numbers in fact is as that if you let the block do it it’s
just distichs man you’re just running numbers when the numbers are there advise themselves
don’t get in on all the hype you got a completely separate your mind from what’s going on the
training because it doesn’t matter just let the bot do what it does if you want to by
years all your different things that take profit like I said if you bought it for a
dollar you say take profit at 2% when it gets to a dollar or 2 it’s just going to sell it
you’ll get your 2% the DCA rebuy targets that is when you can go in and let’s say you get
a signal that says buy the coin at a dollar but by the time that your order is getting
ready to get filled in the exchange it’s at a dollar and 2 cents it’ll only buy that coin
at that higher price if you put in a percentage here for that so if your target was a dollar
can you put down here re by percentage is 2% that means if it’s one dollar and 2 cents
per coin will bless because your signal told the bottom by said 5 this coin now $1 but
now it’s up to a dollar one sense the bot will only continue to make the by if you have
it set to a number that’s greater than where it’s at so if I put this as you know 2% and
it goes up let’s say another 2% then it’s too expensive for me to buy so the model just
say nothing I don’t even mess with that myself stop Las it’s kind of self explanatory let’s
say you buy a coin for $1 and by the coin and it just does a turn around starts coming
down you basically can tell the bot that goes down 5% just get rid of it I don’t want to
deal with it but I want to wait on that you can do that that’s why it stops your Los you’re
going to put in what percentage it has to go to in order to sell everything it’s kind
of a panic technique I don’t do it that way I’d rather have the largest hold the coin
for 5 days or 2 weeks from whatever it is and when it comes back and spikes just make
the money then and be aware that these trades and I’m going in this making this money you
don’t have to have a lot of money this thing is trading with like $15 per trade you can
set the bottom to wear every time it buys a coin it doesn’t buy more than $3.90 of a
coin so until you’re getting good at what you want to do and you understand all of the
different lingo with definitions of these things keep it small And I don’t I don’t want
anybody get panicked the trailing stop we already followed that’s where it follows long
measure regresses it’ll sell by order expiration means that if it cannot buy the coin so you
say the signal comes in says bye coin packs for a dollar and was trying to buy with a
lot of people are trying to buy after so many minutes now just so you know I’d never mind
and it’ll cancel so if you put 5 minutes I recommend keeping it low because crypto moves
so fast that if you put in like 30 minutes by the time the bot finally buys it it may
have already spiked so that opportunity is gone so I keep it look like I said none of
this stuff I’m recommending just do What I do you know it’s not financial advice I’m
giving you my statistics that I do based on the fact that I’m an analytical chemist and
I’ve been doing computer since for the Internet so time based auto close basically says sellers
coin after an hour or whatever you want said now let’s get some of the core stuff this
is the number of successful trades this lot has made since I’ve been using it so check
this out I mean this is where it gets crazy 321 so today is April 1st what is that about
10 days or whatever so we may 1.8% two point 1 – .3 2.3 six 2.5 three negative 1.37 them
Jessica down list now these ones with the little arrow going up those are the ones I
used to trailing stop Los these that have the number one they just saw the 2% because
I’ve been doing trial and error different runs with different settings on the bottom
and it’ll tell you over here and a trailing stop and it and so that’s why it’s so up here
it took the profit at 2% which is what you told it to do alright you can go in you can
look at the log basically tell you everything mods received time listener analytic kind
of shows you day today while your percentages are remember like I was telling you you saw
the Excel graph where 1% a day can make a big big difference and then this one’s orange
one over here those are the ones that are still waiting for trade that have been open
from 6 states so that’ll stay like that until this wipe down and goes back up providers
so these are the companies that provide the signals that tell the bottom what to do so
these guys basically monitor the market and when there’s coin get ready to move based
on what they’re looking for you’ll get a signal now the one that I use is mining hamster signals
there is a link for that down in the description you guys joined through me it does help me
generate a Commission to keep this channel open so I would appreciate that you also can
share this yourself an anybody said sign up they also can you can make a Commission from
that doesn’t cost anybody anything actually pay the same price just to buy it direct so
the performance stats were hop in a year and it just shows you how these different clouds
did over 24 hours you know up down basically how they move stop your settings these settings
show up under your signal provider so let me go release you guys understand exactly
what all this stuff means because this is important and treating people are awful and
being able to explain stuff so when you look at these position sizes what it’s saying is
if you are going to buy a coin how much of that coin do you want one shell let’s say
you’re treating coin X against BTC like I said you’re always trading 2 coins and the
ratio in exchange between those 2 like the US dollar to the yen for the US dollar to
the Canadian dollar so basically it’s saying whenever I buy coin this trading against BTC
by this amount so let’s say that this amount is what you would do is you would take whatever
current price of Bitcoin is let’s say it’s 4000 we take 4000 times yes number .0049818
and it’s about 20 bucks roughly if you want to have it by the coin based on a percentage
of how much of that coin you have already in your account you can go percentage and
say Hey $500 in Bitcoin and you open a trade I don’t want you to use more than 10% of whatever
my balance is so if you have 100 and Bitcoin and you put the percentage to 10 then it’s
only going to buy $10 in Bitcoin if you only have $90.00 in Bitcoin and you tell it to
buy in 10% it’s going to be $9 so the same for Etherium vs USD digital are good Binance
coin etc. that’s basically all this stuff I will put a link in the description for someone
to help docs for these various software’s on websites that got that way you guys can
refer to it without having to go through the whole video by price deviation same thing
I think it’s a signal if the price is going up or down more than a certain percentage
it’s not going to buy it it only buy it if you set a percentage so if you put 5% that
rain came in and said by this for a dollar if it was a dollar 6 by the time the mom is
going to buy it it wouldn’t buy it because it’s more than 5 so the buy price in the sale
price same thing when you buy it’s going to be how much of it going up percentagewise
is too much for the Boston just going never mind cell is the same thing so it says sell
for dollar and all sudden it dropped real quick announcement worth $0.80 you’re actually
going to lose money you can set this and say look if it dropped too far do not sell it
on his wait for it to bounce back up by or expiration how many minutes go by before the
signal and when it’s actually purchased before the bot cancels the order again asking these
spikes go in 30 minutes by the time you’re 8 minutes in office signal you’re like 1/3
of the way of the curve on the spike so I keep it small so in 8 minutes to already make
Trade idea scratch and wait for the next one the time based auto clothes same thing after
so many minutes it just sells the item he’s little question marks here obviously giving
like a brief overview of what it is stop Los covered coin goes down a certain percentage
it’ll auto Sally minimize how much you know money that you lose on the trade trailing
stop you know my mind set up at 2.5 percent once it reaches at the trailing stop is armed
and once it starts to come back down more than .4 percent so basically by the time that
it starts to turn around so this one up to 10% obviously is about 2.5 the word a 10%
profit and let’s say continues to go up to 12% in a 12% of peaks and it sits there pastors
come back down so 12% – .4 means when it gets to 11.6 it’ll sell if you use the take profit
at 2% and you bought for dollar when it hits dollar to the bot sells it could go up 50%
that’s worth $1.50 but you already out so you can see how the trailing stop can generally
help you out by targets you know that’s what I was saying you can say OK look if it reaches
this price for this price I want to go ahead and re buy the coin or by end come additional
amount maximum concurrent positions so that is the total number of trades have you want
to limit those to how many trades are out there at one time animal volume what that
means is let’s say there’s some coins out there that are well known an everyday there’s
only enough people buying and selling that coin that only about $10,000 is exchanged
So what you can do here is you can say look if there isn’t a million dollars treating
hands of this coin on a day I don’t want to get it on reason being if you buy into a coin
that doesn’t have a lot of activity maybe a fake and may not have a strong team behind
it or it just may not have that many people interested in it so you don’t have a coin
that basically nobody wants your trades limit positions per market this is basically let’s
say at uncoined X already I get a signal that comes in says Hey we should buy more of this
if you already have 4 purchases of that coin that haven’t been sold already it will not
buy any additional thought that coin blacklist if there’s any clients that you had trouble
with in the past or he read something about whatever but they’re just some coins that
you want to deal with you can click that one punch man white list if you have coins you
love to move around the logs in the absence or weird pattern you can whitelist them here
she make sure that you always buy him anytime do you update stuff quite changes balance
this just gives you a pie chart all different coins and basically up right down while those
now don’t forget that there are a couple of different settings the main selling’s for
buying and setting are under the providers and for me it’s mining hamsters so when I
click on providers ’cause it took me a minute and I I couldn’t figure out where this was
you click on the performance stats and that allows you to set the settings most of the
settings for the bot is actually under the signal provider which is mining hamsters the
other settings that are not global Max concurrent positions In other words when they start having
the bot trade across multiple exchanges the bottle look at every exchange that you have
it set up to trade on and if there is let’s say 100 different positions that are open
combined among all these exchanges it won’t buy anymore so it’s it’s a way that you don’t
get too far out there you know on your money and you’re spending a global minimum so this
is again I have 25 Bitcoin which is about roughly $100,000 So what I’m saying is if
this coin doesn’t get traded more than $100,000 worth of day I don’t want to be involved in
it global limit positions per market this is Hank if I already have some of coin X BTC
I don’t want anymore if I want to have 3 of ’em i put 3 in here and if it if I were young
one those positions it can buy two more before maxes out again that the global blacklist
and whitelist of blocking on multiple exchanges and avoid open positions for delisted coin
Sony coins that are getting ready to stop being traded on the exchange it’s going to
stop lying occurs so that’s basically everything as far as setting it up now they do have a
discord group discord lot of gamers know about this discord is an instant Messenger than
a lot of crypto guys use so you can either access it through the web or you can go ahead
and download the app for your computer or your Phone public road map just basically
shows you what they’re doing with the signaling training help dogs is going to pop up don’t
forget I’m gonna put links to these things that Description is that you can read through
it but it’s basically there now quick start guide on how to integrate mining hamsters
how to get the API key for finance the application a protocol interface is a key that you get
from finance the exchange and you put it in on the signaling bot what that does is it’s
basically like a password that allows the body to go with the exchange of by itself
so that’s why this is kind of like a waiter in a restaurant you put in the order the waiter
does the kitchen makes the order you put this code inside the bot receives the signals then
it goes to finance and buys and then it’s done then they have contact support and they
have an affiliate program like I was saying earlier anybody that signs up on referral
you are a Commission off of whatever plan they get every month it doesn’t cost any additional
price and I have the link for my affiliate below if you click on it it’ll help support
this channel so I can get more free content you guys on how to increase your wealth and
then we have the log out so I’m gonna go ahead and log out here that’s it for this video
I will shoot another video with mining hamsters so you guys can learn you know how to get
that set up with different settings are in there and basically familiarize yourself email
me at [email protected] or direct message me through my website RealityIntervention.com
or leave a comment in the section underneath this video and you guys have the same question
ask over and over or if you want a particular thing covered in the video go ahead and ask
me for it and I’ll shoot another video with answered your question this provides some
good information for you guys so you can get in to advantage of the world transference
going on from the real world to the digital and you can make a lot of wealth in a very
short period of time so take care it’s good seeing you guys again

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  1. hey,new around crypto do i have have coins in my base pairs before the bot starts to work or is there a physical on button to turn it on where it would redistribute coins.
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  3. Trading without a stop-loss in a bull market. Watch what happens when it goes bear. Also the cryptos all follow the same trend (bitcoin's trend) so if you have $15 in each crypto, when they go bear if you're all in then it doesn't matter if you divide it among various coins. If it crashes you're all in with no stop-loss. JS. If cryptos continue to trend upwards steadily without a crash then you're fine. OR if you continue to trade $15 on for example 10 or 15 coins, and you make thousands of dollars, then it all crashes, then you're also fine because you're $150 – $225 in, so you only lose like $100 tops and you still have the thousands you made. However, if you keep raising that $15 as you make more money, then if you're all in and it crashes you lose a LOT. Just some things to keep in mind.

  4. Im going to get this right now do some test runs over the NEXT month or 2 …THEN I WILL add 3000 dkr AND just let og work …. im on .
    I maight be back with a load of question…

  5. This maight be a stupied question, BUT im still green in this crypto world.
    Did you choose external bot? Or self programed bot? 🇩🇰😀👍

  6. Hi Cole i have a question for you , how long do you have this running ? and how much gains have this made for you ? could you do a video on this ?

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