YouTube GOLD – the Quest For 3/4 ozt (s2 e8) Miniature Gold Mining | RC ADVENTURES

– [RCSparks] Oh man. What last week it was burning
hot, week before snow. – [Rookie] We got no consistency here. – [RCSparks] Today, cold and rain. – Brutal.
– [RCSparks] KJ, what’s up buddy? – We’re gonna try and get some gold. – [RCSparks] Some of us gotta
get paid around here, eh? He’s covered off some
of this, this is crazy. So what we’re figuring is, Foreman Joe I see a lot
more conveyors out here, what’s you theory behind this? – [Krazy Joe] Why you know,
the further you can move the material without burning
fuel, the better it is. – [RCSparks] Right but this seems like we’re burning more fuel, I think my theory behind this would be more conveyors equals more money. – [Krazy Joe] Well, it’s got to. – [RCSparks] You know, wind and rain. – More conveyors has to be more money. – [RCSparks] Right, it moves more pay. – [Krazy Joe] More equipment. – [RCSparks] Right.
– [Krazy Joe] More money. – [RCSparks] That’s exactly right. Let’s get to work. Short-handed today. It’s almost like we scared everybody away. – Eh, we got no help. – [RCSparks] No help. (water running) K, I guess we’re gonna
have to figure out a new water solution rook. – Yeah.
– [RCSparks] I was… I was reading the comments. I see a lot of people have
never been to a mine site before and they have sensitive ears. Saying that our gas pump is to loud. – Things make noise on the site, man. – [RCSparks] So I did go
and source us a new pump, which we can run on a
slightly quieter generator. That should, that should… – Be quieter?
– [RCSparks] That should help them I hope, eh? – Uh, it better. (laughing) There’s no whining in mining. – [RCSparks] K, so to
help us in our quest for three quarters of an ounce, I went and got us a water utility pump. Simer it’s called. – A Simer. Oh the brand!
– [RCSparks] Yeah. – [Rookie] I’m like what? – [RCSparks] Well, or Simer or Simer. I’m gonna with Simer, I like that better. Designed for continuous operation. 2200 gallons per hour
and a Yamaha generator. – Nice.
– [RCSparks] Let’s see if it works. – I know…
– [RCSparks] Now we get to throw away all the piping
that we got for the mine. – Oh geez. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Nice. Perfect. It just looks funny. We should get a black one. – It does.
– You should… – [RCSparks] What’s that? One rock, two rock, three rock, four? – That’s right. – [RCSparks] Here’s a rock right here. Rock and roll. – [Rookie] Get your rocks off. – [Krazy Joe] Rock and roll. Get your rocks off. (laughing) Or in. – [RCSparks] Yeah, in in this case. – In. – [RCSparks] K, so… – [Krazy Joe] We have about
half of the equipment running. – [RCSparks] Yeah, all we
need to do is unhook here. We need to get a little coupling going on so if I can take this off. This will hook directly to the hose so we can get the power from the pond to the plant. – [Krazy Joe] Directly, direct. – [RCSparks] Directly,
direct to the coupling. – [Krazy Joe] Indirect. Indirectly, direct. Will that go right into one of these 90s? – [RCSparks] Ugh, come one dude. – [Krazy Joe] Hey, how bout that? – [RCSparks] Just needs to shaved. (metal banging) That’s why we love you Joe. (metal banging) – Hey, I’m here on the mine site . You don’t always have the tools you need. You gotta improvise sometimes. – [RCSparks] You don’t have a hammer? – In a man’s world
– [RCSparks] I thought you were a foreman?
– Who needs a hammer. – That’s true.
– That’s right. – He can use a hammer. – [RCSparks] Good point. Feel ashamed for not
knowing that, that’s right in the rule book.
– [Rookie] I think we’re good. We can…
– [RCSparks] Hook it up. – [Krazy Joe] Rock and roll this thing. – [RCSparks] Test it out. Well…
– You wanna stick the metal ring on here? – [RCSparks] It’s cold. – Yeah, the metal rings suppose
to go on the inside, yeah. – Now I understand the physics. I’m pretty good with flimsy. – [RCSparks] Looks like you’d be good at fishin’ with one of those. – You’re darn right, man. (laughing) One of the best netters… – [RCSparks] Well, if
we ever had a day off we could go and try it, eh? – I was champion netter back
in the early days in the 80s. I was young at that time. You know around my 12s or 13s. Netted quite a few big fish. Other people caught them
but, you know, I helped. Basically, I caught them. – [RCSparks] Net man. – Net man.
– [RCSparks] Yes. – Not yet. (machine engine roaring) – Al, is that, is that
to loud for you guys? Do you need to… We could put it… is that to loud?
– [RCSparks] What? – Is it quieter?
– [RCSparks] What? – They actually wanted
to hear what we’re saying on the mine site. – [Rookie] Who the hell
wants to listen to us? – Who wants to listen, exactly. (laughing) – [RCSparks] We’re gonna
need to build a powerhouse for it now. – We are.
– [RCSparks] Well… – Now when we say shut her down, you just come over and push a button. – [RCSparks] That’s right. (engine roaring) This will be it. – [Krazy Joe] Let’s see what happens. – [Everett] Here comes the water. – [RCSparks] Is it more water than before? Ahhh, nice. The appropriate amount of
water for the wash plant man. – [Krazy Joe] Hey, that’s darn decent. – [RCSparks] Yeah, I like this. We’re ready to rock and roll. – [Krazy Joe] Fire up the shaker. This one. – [RCSparks] There we go.
(engine roaring) – [RCSparks] K, Joe? We got one conveyor
being worked on right now but the whole plant is up and ready to go. Can I count on you start
to loading up the hopper? – Yeah, we’re gonna get
everything up and rollin’ here and we’re gonna start
moving some pay through. – [RCSparks] That’s the way. (machine engine roaring) Oh man, there’s a giant rock here. Rock on site Joe. – [Krazy Joe] Oh no!
– [RCSparks] It’s huge, buddy. – [Krazy Joe] I’ll come
down with the loader (phone ringing) and get that out of your way. – [RCSparks] Hold on, safety inspector. Bring it down. Get ‘er done anyway. Yeah, safety inspector, what’s up? Yeah, cool man. We got the loader comin’ down right now. There’s nothin’ to see here. Just don’t worry, don’t even bother coming down here, okay? That’s why I pay you. That’s why I pay you, dude. K, bye, bye. K, just push the rock out of the way. (machine engine roaring) Nice. Man the power in these
loaders is something else. Thanks Joe. – [Krazy Joe] You bet,
why don’t you come on up? Give me that pale. We’ll get ‘er run through. – [RCSparks] I made it all the way around from the other side. – [Krazy Joe] Excellent. (machine engines roaring) – [RCSparks] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That’s a heavy road, that’s a heavy load on
this slick road, man. – [Krazy Joe] Yeah, be careful. (machine engines roaring) – [RCSparks] K, got it. (machine engine roaring) Is that good there? – [Krazy Joe] Uh, yeah, I’d
come back to right there. That’s perfect. Drop it. (machine beeping) That’s great. – [RCSparks] Right on, man. – [Krazy Joe] We’ll get
‘er run through here. – [RCSparks] Thank you, sir. (machine engine roaring) Nice job. Let ‘er rip Joe. Feed up that… Fill up that hopper. These conveyors got an
upgraded motor on them now. Should definitely help. (machine engine roaring) Here’s the hopper, controlling the feed with the door and straight up to the main conveyor. (machine engine roaring) Make sure this hoppers all the way down so we’re not losing pay off the back end. (machine engine roaring) Oop, shoot, camera. (machine screeching) Into the auger. (machine engine roaring) Rookie, I almost don’t feel
like I’m on the same mine site without the noise of the…
– [Rookie] No. – [RCSparks] Of the gas.
– [Rookie] It’s quiet. Yeah, it’s pretty quiet. (machine engine roaring) Gonna need a brush or something here to kind of wipe all this stuff off but the more that there is the better. Keep it comin’. (machine engine roaring) Now the one problem is, is that this is an RC show and now we’ve made it so efficient there’s no need for any RC’s. Just one loader and a dump truck. (laughing) We’ve basically… – Pretty awesome show. – [RCSparks] What? – Pretty awesome. – [RCSparks] Oh yeah. Amazing. He’s gettin’ some more pay up there straight from out of the cut. I’ll get the dump over to ya. (machine engine roaring) My truck stalled. Got it. (machine engine roaring) Sorry about that. (machine engine roaring) There you go, nice. The machines are definitely
a little stiff in this cold. It’s almost to cold to be mining right now just because of the hydraulic fluid. Yes, we could put hot packs in there but no we don’t have any. Suppose to be summer time right now. (laughing) – [Krazy Joe] Suppose
to be summer, it’s not. – [RCSparks] Yeah. Man. Got an auger clogged right here. We’re gonna need some
lubricant up in this as well. Look at all the nice pay. – [Krazy Joe] Oh my gosh. Awe, crap.
– [RCSparks] Yep, right there. – [Krazy Joe] Oh.
– [RCSparks] That’s okay. – [Krazy Joe] You need a screwdriver? (grunting) – [RCSparks] Man that’s in there tight. Come on. Get out of there. Got it. K, let’s fire up that auger again. Just the auger and the, k, good. (machine engine roaring) I just wanna feed in there slowly. I know, I got it, I stopped it. – [Krazy Joe] Oh okay.
– [RCSparks] I just wanna feed slowly so it
doesn’t over burden everything. (machine engine roaring) Yeah. It’s gettin’ washed down. Just needs to be up higher. (machine engine roaring) Perfect. There we go. Look good, good. Good. (machine engine roaring) Feedin’ ‘er through. – [Krazy Joe] There we go. It’s comin’ nicely now. (machine engine roaring) – [RCSparks] There it is, yep. All right. – [Krazy Joe] I think we’re good. I think we can fire everything back up. – [RCSparks] Let ‘er go. It’s almost a little to dark to see if there’s any gold in the pan. It just terrible, cloudy day. Still we need to get our gold though. We got an uneven sluice box here. (machine engine roaring) Gonna have to even that out. (wind blowing) (machine engine roaring) Stop for pay. (machine engine roaring) – [Krazy Joe] All right, more pay. – [RCSparks] Get your pay all day. – [Krazy Joe] Yeah, all day! – [RCSparks] Can’t be wimping out cause of a little weather if
you wanna get your gold goal. – [Everett] You know it baby. (machine engine roaring) – [RCSparks] So this little
machine you’re looking at it’s about 35 pounds in weight. Bigger scoops, dude. We’re not gonna get there with those. Tryin’ to maximize all of our scoops today just because it’s so darn cold out. (machine engine roaring) More pay going over. (machine engine roaring) So you can see the very
little amount that’s left over still getting captured that
we can run on the table to make sure there’s no
big gold pieces in there. The mine site sure has evolved a long ways since episode one, season one. (machine engine roaring) How many of you guys have
been with us for both seasons of YouTube Gold? Let us know in the comment
section down below. YouTube Gold, baby! – [Everett] Do gold! – [RCSparks] Yeah! (machine engine roaring) So this is where all the… The tailings go. You guys have been following
along, you know that. Then the water comes out down here. This is were all our fresh water comes in. (machine engine roaring) (wind blowing) There you go, ahhh. That’s a great scoop. (wind blowing) (machine engines roaring) – [Everett] Yeah, I
definitely need some practice. (laughing) And warmer hands. – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s not that easy. It’s pretty cold out here. – [Everett] Yeah. – [RCSparks] What happened? – [Krazy Joe] I don’t know. We gotta jam or something. – [RCSparks] It power
right out on the main one? It’s not to hot.
– [Rookie] I think suppose it could be the battery.
– [RCSparks] No, the batteries brand new
and fresh on that 8400. It’s a Gens Ace. – [Rookie] Oh yeah,
should be lots of power. – [RCSparks] Exactly. Oh got it.
– [Krazy Joe] Oh there we go. – [RCSparks] Just a jam. (wind blowing) That’s a nice one. That’s some real nice fine
powder right here boys. – [Krazy Joe] It is.
– [RCSparks] That’s pay for sure. – [Krazy Joe] That looks like money! – [RCSparks] That is
money, money, money, money. – [Krazy Joe] Whoa! – [RCSparks] Straight in. (machine engine roaring) Oh yeah! It’s still goin’. I think it’s fine. – [Rookie] Okay. – [RCSparks] Still jumps
once and awhile though eh? – [Krazy Joe] Probably
it’s gettin’ all grossed up with that lube. – [RCSparks] Oh yeah.
– [Krazy Joe] With the dirt. – [RCSparks] It’s way… As you can see, way to windy and wet for these machines. – It’s miserable out here. – [RCSparks] It’s miserable. We’re gonna have to call ‘er. Bring in the sluice boxes we have and whatever gold we get today, is whatever gold we get. – [Rookie] All right. – [RCSparks] Oh, great. This guy… Back for more. – [Everett] How much
do you bribe this guys? – [RCSparks] He’s here like very week. – [Everett] He’s gotta new truck. – [RCSparks] Hey. – Hey. – [RCSparks] You weren’t
suppose to be back for awhile. – You know this truck
doesn’t pay for itself, man. – [RCSparks] What’s up? So, uh, yeah. Every things in order, man. – Every things in order? Let’s see the paperwork. – [RCSparks] We did every
thing that you said last time. – You got the FLAHA’s out? (huffing) – [RCSparks] Shut ‘er down. – [Krazy Joe] Shut ‘er down. (machine engine roaring) – [RCSparks] To late safety officer. It’s to wet out here. We’re shutin’ ‘er down. – Well, that’s good. You know, I was afraid I was gonna have to come shut it down. – [RCSparks] No infractions today, buddy. – You’re already shuttin’ it down. – [RCSparks] Tough luck. What a life. Hey, every things up to
code on that too bud. – I’ll be the judge. – [RCSparks] Is there anything in here? All that effort, lots of black sand. Lots of black sand. I don’t see any gold on top though. Of course, there’s no sunlight. Coverin’ up the mine site. That’s how windy it is right now. – We got no idea (mumbles). – [RCSparks] No one
understands how much work goes into setting up the mine and then taking it down every week. Nice job. – Gettin’ ugly out there. – [RCSparks] Yeah, pretty bad. – [Everett] This will
be sluice number one. This will be nice pay right here so let’s get it in there, for sure. – Watch you put you’re
thumb there too, eh. – [Everett] Oh yeah, I see. – Yep. (water running) – [Krazy Joe] There we go. – [Everett] As cold as you think it is. (laughing) Arctic water. – [RCSparks] Arctic water, yeah. – [Krazy Joe] Yeah, beauty. – [Everett] See that? – [RCSparks] Ohhh. Look at that. Awesomeness, nice. – [Everett] That’s a nice one. It’s very nice. I like how the safety
officer showed up right when we’re doing the gold part. – [Safety Officer] I know. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Gotta collect my cut. – [Safety Officer] To be fair, it’s probably a better reason
I’m here when we’re workin’. (laughing) – [Everett] Look at that bowel. – [RCSparks] Black sand. (water running) Beauty. See some gold in there. – [Everett] Get out of here. (laughing) Be careful dumping that. – [RCSparks] So not to much. – [Rookie] Just that much, huh? – [RCSparks] Yep, just enough
to break the surface tension or else you get bubbles. How’s that for safe? (laughing) I don’t know if that qualifies. – You’re mouth is here. – Well you got the reflection but you don’t have the cover, my friend. How are we suppose to see you? – I’m sorry. My boss said this was good enough. – If someones backing up a loader, how are they going to see you? – Well… – To be far the loaders only a foot high. – [RCSparks] Okay, so
this is the gold table we brought in last week. Obviously, we were using it wrong. So we’ll be using it differently today. What we’re doing basically with this table is sifting out all of our pay that we or all the concentrate and taking everything out. Letting all the black
sand come down to the end in to these troughs. Now this outside trough
is where all the tailings are gonna come down. If we had like way more
rougher type of concentrate we’d get a lot more down here. This filters into that bucket. All the black sand and everything
goes into this container or into the catch container
that we have here. That would go into this bucket. That’s some of the concentrate
left over from last week. This and as we go up it gets more course. So if we had really big nuggets, it would be coming up to this top trough. Once we get the black sand, it comes over to the wheel. This is where we’re making the mistake. This table doesn’t replace the wheel it just helps the wheel and takes away all that huge eggerget that we normal have down here which helps get the gold
down into this little bucket. The magic little bucket. That’s what should happen. Gentleman should we start? – Yeah, let’s get goin’. – [RCSparks] Fire it up. Guys my gorilla tape patch is not holding as well as I thought it would. So…
– [Krazy Joe] Are you tryin’ to tell me tape doesn’t fix a pool? – [RCSparks] Well I
taped it on both sides. There were small holes. (water running) – Gettin’ close. – There? On? – That’s better. I definitely have flow here now. – Yeah, I’m liking that better. – [RCSparks] Looks good over here too. (water running) – [Everett] So with this
I’m just gonna try to catch as much as possible because it fills up with water. – [Krazy Joe] Yep, that’s right. – [RCSparks] Like very quickly. – [Everett] Yeah, yeah. (water running) It’ll all start to separate slow. So all the light stuff
should get washed across, all the heavies will stay up here where’s all that black sand happenin’. (water running) See it, there’s the gold. Comin’ towards you Joe. – [RCSparks] Where? I don’t see it. – [Everett] There is it, right here. – [RCSparks] Oh yeah, there it is. Oh that’s better. It’s comin’ more to the top. – [Rookie] It’s actually movin’ this way. – [RCSparks] Yeah, I like that. I like that. (water running) There it is. – [Everett] There now…
– [RCSparks] There it is. – [Everett] We shake this more. Yeah, yeah. – [RCSparks] Awesome. – [Everett] Look at the separation. – [Rookie] Okay, that’s way headed. – [RCSparks] Wow. – [Krazy Joe] So we angle it back… – [Everett] Need some more light on this. Here comes some more. (water running) – [Krazy Joe] See that’s
kind of what I’m lookin’ for is that gravel to roll off of that side. – [Everett] Yeah, all the
gravel is going there. – [Rookie] All the gravels suppose go, – [Everett] That’s right. – [Rookie] and the black is climbing. – [Everett] That’s right, it is climbing. (water running) We got the good stuff on the way here now. – [RCSparks] Right at
the bottom of the pan. – [Krazy Joe] That’s
were gold always sits. (water running) – [Everett] There we go. End of pan one and that was… That was the chunky pan. (water running) Oh there’s a little
piece of gold right here. – [RCSparks] She’s tiny. Tiny right there. – [Everett] Awe, just tiny. (water running) – [RCSparks] Looking good, Joe. – Hey, more. – Yep, here’s… See look at how it’s standing… – Look at how goes
straight down the floor. – [Everett] Yeah, look at that
separating the heavy gold. – [RCSparks] That’s beautiful. – [Rookie] There is goes. – [Krazy Joe] We’re
gettin’ close to our just. – [Everett] A few pieces already. (water running) We haven’t seen those really
big pieces come across. – [Rookie] I think we did see the one. – [Everett] I was hopin’ for bigger. There’s one or a piece of gold. Let’s follow it’s path. There it is. – [RCSparks] It’s still down quite a ways. Oh, right there? – [Everett] Yep. – [RCSparks] It’s still right there. It’s still in there quite far though, eh? Like it’s in the, it’s in the… – [Krazy Joe] There’s another
piece comin’ down there. – [Everett] Yeah, yeah it kind of broke off in there somewhere. – [RCSparks] Yeah, I see it
and it’s comin’ in there. – [Everett] Here’s another piece. – [Krazy Joe] Right there. – [Everett] Yeah! We’re getting more gold boys. – [Krazy Joe] Yeah, it’s
– [Everett] It’s working! – [Krazy Joe] Definitely
separating properly now. – [Everett] Point to it again. – [RCSparks] Right here. (water running) – [Everett] Fire up the gold wheel. Bucket in place? – [Krazy Joe] Buckets in. – [Everett] Wheel of gold! (laughing) – [RCSparks] K, so for those
that are just joining us, this is actually… Let me get this out of the way. This one, this is going to
take all the black sands and the gold and the heavy material and bring it up towards the center and then catch the gold on the backside in a small plastic bucket. (water running) – [Krazy Joe] Oh, I’ve
already seen gold go in. – [RCSparks] Did you?
– [Everett] Did you? – [Krazy Joe] Yep. – [RCSparks] Good, good, good. Oh there’s a little piece right there and there it goes. – [Rookie] That table works
really well to clarify all that big stuff out. – [Everett] Oh, there’s more. – [Krazy Joe] It’s not
full of gravel this time. – [Rookie] Oh yeah. – [Everett] There’s more. Nice, there’s more! Awe, I love this game. (laughing) – [RCSparks] I love this game! – [Everett] Oh, there’s more! Little pieces. I wanna keep going here. I wonder if we did
– [RCSparks] Awesome. – [Everett] Increase
our gold recovery now. You got that magnet, Rook? – [Rookie] I do. – [Everett] Perfect. Okay, that’s probably
got it right about there. (water running) – [RCSparks] Down to a science almost. – [Everett] Here we go. – [Krazy Joe] Awesome.
– [Everett] I agree. Just poor whatever’s left right there. K guys.
– [RCSparks] Beautiful. – [Everett] Ready? – [Krazy Joe] So ready. – [Everett] We’re in luck today. In three, two, one. – [Group] Gold! – [Rookie] That’s pretty good. – [RCSparks] Awww.
– [Everett] Really, all? – [Rookie] If it’s a gram? – [Everett] Dude, I don’t
think that’s a gram at all but that’s so much better. Like at how much… – [RCSparks] Look at the find in that. – [Everett] It might be a gram. – [RCSparks] Look at the finds in there. – [Rookie] Let me just… – [Everett] Here, let’s get
it back into the corner. You can go in there. – [RCSparks] That’s, that’s nice. – [Rookie] That’s cool. – [RCSparks] That’s barely
any black in there, too. – [Everett] I know, yeah, we
really ran it through well. – [Krazy Joe] That’s it for black sand. – [RCSparks] Yeah, like
you covered that last time. – [Everett] That’s cool. There we go. Look at that big huge piece, eh? Listen to this. – [RCSparks] (gasping) Yeah, monster. – So how long did you run for today? – [RCSparks] Well only about an hour. – [Everett] I think we did pretty good. – [Safety Officer] That’s pretty good. – [Rookie] That’s about right, but I don’t know if it’s a gram. – [Krazy Joe] No that ain’t a gram. – [Everett] We’re not a gram. – [RCSparks] That’s gotta
dry out a little bit. Hey, the biggest one isn’t for you. – [Safety Officer] Why? – [RCSparks] Cause. – [Safety Officer] That’s
gonna be a golden ring. – [RCSparks] No, we have things that we gotta pay for around here. We can’t just keep
giving you all the money. – [Safety Officer] I wanna
keep, I wanna see it succeed. – [Everett] That’s from my mine. – [RCSparks] If you take all this from us, then we’re not gonna
be able to keep mining. That’s the problem, so… – It’s true. – [RCSparks] If you
shake us down like that we can’t keep going and
you’re not gonna get nothing. Yeah, you listening to that. – [Safety Officer] That’s what I’m doing. (machine roaring) – [RCSparks] It is working. – [Everett] Of course it’s working. That’s why I’m in charge. – [RCSparks] That’s a good point. – [Group] Wow! – [Everett] You let go of the pan! – [Rookie] You went to far! – [Everett] Oh my God. – [Rookie] There’s a
little piece right there. – [Everett] A little piece, I
think one went on the floor. – [Rookie] No. – [RCSparks] The big one for sure. I’ll look later. – [Rookie] The big ones there. – [Everett] The big ones right there. – [RCSparks] No, where? It’s…
– [Rookie] Right there. – [RCSparks] No, nope that’s in my pocket. – Listen don’t forget. This is what it’s all about. This is why we come here every weekend. Is gold. – Yes.
– Yes. – So we can fill this up if we try. – Yeah, in 20 years. – [Rookie] It’s gonna be awhile. – Maybe. – Where, what kind, what
kind attitude is that? Where’s our winning attitude? – Then we better start puttin’
more gold in the ground. – [Safety Officer] I personally
think we need better ground. – We didn’t even start
until June last year, maybe, so we gotta a long way to go and it’s not even June yet, yeah? – [Rookie] Fair enough, fair enough but it’s not filling very quickly. I’m not seeing big gains. – Listen how much did we get last year? – 11 grams, I wanna say. – This is YouTube Gold, baby. Magic happens here. Anything can happen. K, so… All right there it’s zero and then this one. So we were at .5, right there. Really hopin’ that would
of gone to .6 there. (laughing) – [Rookie] There is goes to .6. – [Everett] I gotta
plastic shaving in there and I can’t believe I
bought a table for this. (laughing) – [Safety Offcier] How’s that gold taste? I’m laughing so hard the cameras shaking. – [Everett] Nothin’. – [Rookie] You got one more piece there. – [Everett] That was very… (grunting) – [Safety Officer] Very anticlimactic. – [Everett] I don’t know
if we’re gonna be able to keep going on .06. – [Rookie] Well, there’s shadows. – [Everett] Well it’s the camera man. – [Rookie] It went to .7. – [Safety Officer] Camera man. – [Group] Ohhh! – [Everett] YouTube Gold! Bring it in boys! (cheering) (laughing) – [Everett] .07. .07 – [Safety Officer] .07

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