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– [Rookie] Acting time. – [RCSparks] You’re back! – I’m back, ‘course I’m back. Where would I go? – [RCSparks] Well you need
the money I know that. What about you? – Hey.
– Hey. What’s happening?
– Good morning. – [RCSparks] You ready to do some mining? – Well I haven’t got my
gear on quite yet but. – Looks like you do.
– You’ve already got your safety vest on.
– Yeah your safety vest. – Yeah it looks good. – [RCSparks] Hey listen, we did a little bonus for
you guys here, come here. Look at this here. – [Rookie] Bonus? – Here I put in (door opening) I put in a (beep) for you. – Hey, check it out. – [RCSparks] No more going in the field. – What. – [RCSparks] Unless you
gotta take a (beep), and then you gotta go in the
field like every other animal. – No, no, no, no, I can totally squat. (car engine) – [RCSparks] Heavy haul’s here boys! (car revving) – [RCSparks] Water. – [Rookie] You test
stuff before you bury it. – [RCSparks] Not on this show. I thought that’s the whole point is you’re supposed to just
set it and forget it. Well ho, ho, ho, merry
Christmas gentlemen. This is Alberta weather
for you right Wyatt? – Always. – [RCSparks] Yeah. Mr Joe. – Hey. – [RCSparks] You ready
to do some mining today? – Well I need a bulldozer
over here so we can get this– – Pad.
– –pad leveled out. – [RCSparks] Okay. Well the road’s ready to rock-and-roll, I see we have a ludicrous
amount of conveyors. One, two, three.
– Absolutely. – Into the trunk. Hey, hey, that’s Wyatt’s line. – That’s the spirit.
– He stole your line! (laughing) – Okay we’ll charge him later. – Unfortunately we still have
to dig out the road today. – [RCSparks] Yeah, that’s okay. Way of the road I say. – [Joe] Well. – [RCSparks] Way of the road. We can put in a larger, I got larger pipe that we
have a filter to go in here. We still need to do it at the top, we’re moving 2,200 gallons
per hour into this machine or into this tailings pond, and we need to put up a
larger diameter pipe in here for a gravity-fed return back
to the draw pool there so. Dig it up! (machine whirring) First scoop. Obviously we’re not
moving any gold right now, we’re gonna have to get
part of the team moving gold at least (machine whirring). Slow.
– A little slow in the cold. – [RCSparks] Slow, slow
hydraulics today man, we’re gonna have to get her up and moving. You keep digging, keep her moving. – [Joe] Hang on. I’m coming. – [RCSparks] Backing his
truck in a little bit here just so he can get a
good area to scoop in. – You need to lift.
– Watch that bucket. – [Rookie] That’s good, that’s good. (machine whirring) – [Joe] Okay I’m just gonna run down and get Wyatt going on the dozer here. – [RCSparks] Yeah good. – It’s gotten all heat
and it’s kind of cold out. (laughing)
– I’m gonna hang out in the rock truck for the day. – I could see that. I could see that.
– So, here. Run that dozer, what I
need you to do today is, go up to the top of the hill
where that feeder is there and just level that pad
out for a little bit so that we can get the wheeled
loader up there to feed that. – [Wyatt] Why do I feel
like I’m doing your job? – [Joe] Conveyor to conveyor
to conveyor to conveyor. – [Wyatt] To conveyor to conveyor to. – [Joe] You know. (laughing) – [Joe] Yeah I’m just gonna
hang out in the rock truck today ’cause it’s warm in there. – [RCSparks] It’s painful to
watch this road get ripped up. – [Rookie] Ugh, you guys
put so much work into it. – [RCSparks] Yeah that’s all right though, this’ll make short work. (laughing) (machine moving) – [RCSparks] Yeah Wyatt make sure that the ramp is high enough that we can get the wheel loader
up where it’s not sinking. – [Wyatt] Copy that. – [RCSparks] Just so we can
drop everything into the hopper. – [Wyatt] Copy that. (machine whirring) – [RCSparks] Just a gray day today, very cold out on the Prairies, damp, threatening to snow it already
has been snowing lightly. But mining doesn’t stop for weather unless it’s severe around here, and as long as the machines
can run we’re gonna run ’em. (machine roaring) Well done. He’s pretty much full ay? – [Rookie] Just about. – [RCSparks] We’re trying to
watch our fuel around here. We haven’t been pulling much gold, pretty much at a loss so we
can’t afford to ship it too far. Rookie making short work of the dig. Getting down to the drainage
pipe so we can replace it. Gonna have to change your name Rook! Starting to look pretty good! – [Rookie] Gonna change
it to excavator guy. – [RCSparks] Rookie 2.0! This is good, we take it out of the fridge and it stays cold.
– It’s frickin’ cold out. (laughing) – [RCSparks] YouTube Gold baby! – [Rookie] Hey! Where’d the workers go? – [Joe] Beer break! – [RCSparks] Get back to work! – This is what you get got being absent. – [RCSparks] That’s right. He missed last episode, get to work. – [Joe] And Wyatt, he gets the (beep) dozer
up there on the hill. – [RCSparks] He does. But that’s where anybody
should start right? – [Joe] No heat in the
(beep) (beep) thing. (laughing)
Why is it ever cold in there? – I know, I scored it, it barely had any gears left.
– It’s like the air conditioner is stuck on high. – And it’s cold out.
– It’s so frigging cold in there.
(laughing) – How’d you like the size of my anaconda? (laughing) – [Wyatt] It’s a good buy. – Joe. – Whoa hey! – Hey, hey, hey. – How ya doing? (laughing) – [RCSparks] Water’s coming. – Okay, we’re gonna
find out if this is a–. – [RCSparks] A leaky-leaky one? – Perfed or not. – [RCSparks] I don’t think it is. Yes it is. – Yes it is. – [RCSparks] Totally. – [Rookie] I kind of figured. – [RCSparks] Terrible idea. – So you up. – [RCSparks] I frigged up yep. – [Rookie] Damn it. – [RCSparks] Well that’s okay
boys, I have a different plan. – [Wyatt] Hey that would work. – [RCSparks] Yeah, what
about this one man? – [Joe] Hey this’ll work for. – [RCSparks] But if we install
it on an angle like that, it should work. – It should work just perfect. – [RCSparks] It’s pretty long though I don’t know if we’re
gonna be able to use it. – We’ll cut it. – Zap. – Okay where (mumbles)
you need some more out. Right here? – The whole thing, the whole trench. – [Wyatt] All this
conversation is in the gutter. – [Joe] Can I have like
an adult sized shovel? – [Joe] Come cut this pipe. – You can cut the pipe yourself. – [RCSparks] Okay so, this
is the alternative pipe we’re gonna use. – I would say there’s the
bottom of your hole there. – [Rookie] Yep, just clear it. – [RCSparks] So he’s gonna get
in there with the rotary tool this is a very shatterific plastic. Try to cut it it basically just shatters, so we’ve got a cutting bit and he’s just gonna start boring it out. – [Joe] Just stay right to
the inside of that first line. (high-pitched drilling noise) – Wow.
– Beautiful. – [Wyatt] Maybe start a little higher up. – [RCSparks] Yeah, right in the water. – You guys are doing a great job. – Wooh.
– Thank you. – Keep up the good work. – [RCSparks] Third attempt. We’re gonna drill holes
all the way around it and then cut the center points
out with some tin snips. – [Wyatt] Come on Rookie. (drilling noises) – Try it. – We are gonna have to
push it through a bit. – Yeah.
– So don’t worry too much. – Yeah, yeah, for sure. – Yeah. – That’s a good one. – Now that plate (mumbles) fit in here. – [Joe] The pipe goes inside of that. – (murmurs) guys. Incoming. Oh yeah, oh yeah. – Stuff that pipe in there. – Oh my god, Joe. – Stuff it, stuff it good. – Push from behind me. (laughing) It needs to go deep. – [RCSparks] Get in there boys. – I was told I had to
be a better motivator, does this help? – I feel motivated. – Oh excellent. – Rookie how motivated are you? – Are you feeling motivated? – [Rookie] Absolutely. (cheering)
– Good, good. – [RCSparks] At least we
didn’t truck it too far away. Now it’s easy to put back in. – [Rookie] That is true. (laughing) (machine whirring) – [RCSparks] Man cold lines. Definitely doesn’t feel like
spring today or does it? It does feel like Alberta spring. – [Rookie] Welcome to spring in Alberta. – [RCSparks] Yeah what’s the latest month you’ve ever seen snow in Alberta? – Every month. – [RCSparks] Yeah, June, August? – [Rookie] I don’t think
I’ve seen snow in August. – [RCSparks] August is the
only one I haven’t seen it in. (machine whirring) – [Rookie] Don’t drive in though Joe. – [RCSparks] I like how we didn’t learn and we didn’t test it
but this is all we got. – We gotta get the road in. – [RCSparks] I agree. – [Joe] We don’t have time. (machine whirring) – [Rookie] My hydraulics are awful slow. – [RCSparks] They are slow. – [Rookie] That’s all the speed I got. – [Wyatt] Good operator
never blames the equipment. – All right.
– That’s true. – [Rookie] Have you
seen any good operators ’cause we could use some? (beep)
– [RCSparks] Yeah he’s got it. – Copy. (beep) – [RCSparks] Here we go. – [Radio] Can you hear me now? – [RCSparks] Water in
the sluice boxes boys! (cheering) Yeah! Okay let’s see if it has
enough pass of drain. We gotta watch to see if it fills. – [Wyatt] I spot a leak boss, down in the bottom of the sluice. – [RCSparks] Yeah okay,
turn off the water. We need the Gorilla Tape! – [Radio] You gonna need this
tape fast or slow? (beep) – [RCSparks] As quick
as you can get here man. (beeping) (radio static) – [RCSparks] You have to hold
the button in for two seconds before you say anything. – (beep) Where was this
in orientation? (beep) – [RCSparks] This is your orientation. – (beep) Trial by fire. (beep) – There was an orientation. – [Rookie] I got this, I got this. – [Joe] Rook. – [RCSparks] Your tailgate’s stuck buddy. – [Rookie] I see, I’m coming. Getting it over here so I
can reach down and flick it. – Well it would’ve been better to walk a piece of equipment
over there and fix it. – Listen.
– We’re good. (zipping noise) – [RCSparks] Thanks dad. Appreciate that. – Anytime buddy. – Coming out here to check out the mine. What do you think, are you
impressed with this or what? – [Dad] I’m impressed with
this but I don’t understand how you can make any money mining gold when you haven’t got enough equipment. – [RCSparks] Well we’re working on it man, we have as much equipment as we can. We can’t, you know I only have
so much money for batteries and it’s always 98% with you isn’t it. You’re happy with 98%
but where’s the other 2%? – Exactly. (sighing) – You’re just leaving 2%.
– You gotta look at the bright side. – [RCSparks] What? – We’ve got more equipment
this year than the Hoffmans. – [RCSparks] That’s true, that’s true. And more gold so far. Testing the water. – [Wyatt] Feel like there’s no water. – [RCSparks] Here it comes. Good, how’s the flow? Good, looks like we’re a
little low on this side but that’s still good flow. No, no, it’s good. Down. Now it’s gotta fill. Is it gonna drain fast enough, or are we gonna get it too high? – [Rookie] (murmurs) slow down here. – [RCSparks] Yeah I don’t
see it filling up man. If it is it’s slow. – [Rookie] We have lots of flow down here. – [RCSparks] Lots of flow? Yeah, look at that! Okay! Let’s get the conveyors all lined up and make some money boys. – We’re–
– What about it? – [Joe] –getting the
rock truck backed up so–. – It’s pretty severe.
– –that we can load out. – [Joe] And it’s an ugly road man. – [Rookie] That’s not a good road. – [Wyatt] And he came down like a champ. – [RCSparks] Let’s not worry about it, let’s get rotating and get some yardage. – [Joe] Firing up the pump. (loud machine roaring) – [RCSparks] Okay we got water! – [Wyatt] Water! (loud machine whirring) – [RCSparks] You ready to make some money? – [Rookie] Absolutely. – [RCSparks] Trommel on. (metal grinding noises) Okay so Joe’s down on the cut right now, trying to get new rippages in so we can get every bit of
pay down that we can. Rook’s doing his very best
to learn the wheel loader, but he still doesn’t quite have it. – [Rookie] It’s been a long time. – [RCSparks] It has been a long time. – I’m the excavator guy.
– Come on buddy you got this! – [RCSparks] Here’s the new hopper feeder from RC Model Design. Short conveyor. – [Rookie] I’m the excavator guy. – He is the–.
– This is weird. – [RCSparks] I need you guys
well-rounded in every machine. You need to go wider Aaron,
be over there brother. – [Rookie] Okay, I’ll
get this down to be safe. – [RCSparks] Yes there you go. Barely any pay in there that’s okay. The light is shining down on you Rook. – [Rookie] I see that. – [RCSparks] You’re highly visible! – [RCSparks] First bit, here we go. Right into the feeder. Higher Rook! Whoa forward, forward! Get it!
(shouting) Get it in there! – [Rookie] It’s all going in. – [RCSparks] In there,
there you go look at this. Way too many conveyors. There’s money boys! Here comes the money! Yes!
(machine whirring) Here we go! Down into the sluice boxes. (rocks hitting metal) We’re making money boys! (cheering)
Yeah! Perfect, try not to
overload the conveyors, we don’t have very big
hoppers on here yet. Beautiful. This is Wyatt’s first
time on an excavator. (machine whirring) Nice and slow just trust yourself. It’s a big bucket. Yeah up! There you go, and out. Oh shaker’s stopped! Hold on. We got a motor failure. Motor failure! What happened? Oh it came right out right there. – [Rookie] Oh (beep). – [RCSparks] It came right undone. – [Rookie] That’s okay we can just. – Yeah and–.
– Oh they both did. – [RCSparks] They both came
undone they shook apart? Shut her done!
Okay shut her down! – You guys.
– Shut her down! – [RCSparks] You keep
going, you keep going. – No. – [RCSparks] Yeah you keep going. – [Wyatt] Keep going! – [RCSparks] Keep going! – [Rookie] You got new ends and cripmers? – [RCSparks] Yes. – [Rookie] Shutting down the water. – [RCSparks] Shutting down the water! What kind of omen is
that not even one scoop? – [RCSparks] What kind of
connector are you using? – A butt connector. Yes I said butt. – [RCSparks] You’ve got boogers
running out of your nose. – (sniffs) I can feel it. – [RCSparks] Yeah that’s in a tricky spot. Perfect. Ahhh, leak underneath the trommel trailer. – [Wyatt] Kill the pumps? – [RCSparks] Yeah kill the pump, it’s gonna start eroding
away this site up here. And we don’t want this
whole trommel sliding into the area down here, it’ll just totally wipe out the season. – [Joe] Where’s it coming from? – [RCSparks] I don’t know
but check on the back. Definitely from one of
the pump connections. Which one? I don’t see any water.
(shouting) Thank you! Wyatt’s got it. They’re only hand tight, tighten it more! – Now they’re tight! – [RCSparks] Okay good. Fire up the pump! – [Rookie] Firing up the pump. – [RCSparks] Throttle. Ah there you go, choke ya. (machine revving) Go. (loud machine engine noise) Pump house! Perfect. We got good spray, back to work. That’s good for being a Rook. Green horn I should say. He’s a good guy to know with
a heavy haul truck like that, we wanna keep him around. There we go. Into the shaker, down the box. (loud machinery) That’s nice size scoop. Take her slow Rook. – I’m taking her slow. – [RCSparks] Well done. (rock hitting metal) You got it. The conveyor of money. Yeah boys!
(cheering) (loud machinery) Look at all that beautiful pay. Got a little bit of an angle problem here, got knocked out of balance. Ahhh, we’re losing gold. That’s better. (radio ringing) Yeah go ahead. – [Radio] If it’s cool, I’d like to do a little redemption run for last week’s winch line failure. (beep) – [RCSparks] From the bed truck
I think everybody watching was disappointed the
winch line snapped. (beep) – [Radio] Oh we’ve got
a little surprise for them this (mumbles). (beep) – [Wyatt] Putting on some
50 pound test this time. Hooking up my slings. (truck roaring) – [RCSparks] Beautiful. Move in micro-yardage. Away we go. What’re you doing? – Hey, you know where Wyatt is? – [RCSparks] Yes. – ‘Cause he’s been gone for a long time– – I know.
– –and nobody’s been over here feeding– – It’s okay.
– –this plant. I had to come all the way from over there. – [RCSparks] He’s on a redemption
run right now the snowing. (laughing) – [RCSparks] My, my, what is this? – Special delivery.
– 15 pack. – I like that. – [Wyatt] Sorry for leaving my post boss. – Hey you know I like beer (laughs). It’s all right I got you
covered anyways I was there. – [RCSparks] Funny how that works. (loud machinery) – [RCSparks] He’s just
feathering it in there so it’s not one big clump, and it gives the shaker a
chance to process it properly. – [Rookie] Hey boys. – [RCSparks] Yeah? – I think we’re gonna have to do some maintenance after today. – [RCSparks] What’s wrong? – I don’t know if the
machine liked the cold, you see where I stopped? – [RCSparks] Yes, ohhh. – [Rookie] Tiny stain of oil. – [RCSparks] Oh-oh. We’re gonna have to get out the spill kit. Hyrdro-leak. Looks like I need a
shaker on this one too. Right on. (loud machinery) (radio ringing) – [Radio] Yeah boss? (beep) – [RCSparks] Wyatt, I know you just took that dozer down there but I need you to turn it around and bring it straight
back up the hill. (beep) – [Radio] Copy that I am
on my way back up. (beep) (loud machinery) (radio ringing) – Hi boss. (beep) – [RCSparks] Wyatt you okay? (beep) – Did a nice recovery there. (beep) (radio ringing) – Boss? (beep) – [RCSparks] Yeah do me a favor and take more care of those radios, they’re expensive. (beep) – Copy that, we’re gonna
be a lot more careful now, a lot more careful now. (beep) (radio ringing) – Again with the walkies
boss again? (beep) – Stop talking and start
working, thank you. – Come over, have a little bit of fun, move a little bit of gold, all of a sudden it turns into
this giant production. (beep) (shouting) (radio ringing) – Boss. (beep) – [RCSparks] Conveyor’s down
at the top of the shaker. – (murmurs) the conveyor down now. (beep) – [RCSparks] Get down there
and give him a hand. (beep) – More gold. – No! – They can hear it in (radio ringing). Oh my god does this guy ever stop. – Boss I think Joe’s getting
a little heated there with the calls. (beep) – [RCSparks] Doesn’t matter
what Joe thinks I’m the boss. What’s going on with the conveyor? How long ’til you’re done? (beep) – This conveyor’s not working. Well we’re shut down until
we can figure something out. – [RCSparks] Yeah let’s
shut it down for the day, let’s do out gold count see what we got. – We can’t do nothing else here. – We were ready, but the gear wasn’t. – Yellow pump. We had to shut her down. – [RCSparks] Why? – We just keep going through
conveyors like crazy, like (sighs), they just can’t handle what we’re throwing at them. – [RCSparks] It’s just sand (laughs). It is what it is, we’ll have
to check in to new conveyors. – [Joe] The gear boxes
just can’t take the abuse. And our old faithful here, resting precariously perched. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – [Joe] Still pounding away like crazy.
– Still going. – [Joe] Here was across the way. – [RCSparks] (laughs) True. These ones, this is the upgrade one with the upgraded gear box on it, that’s probably gonna help,
I hope this lasts longer. Both of those conveyors
have the upgraded gear box, those old ones don’t though
so we’ll see how it goes. We’ll see if we can get some new rollers and fit some motors into there. There’s gotta be a way to save it. – [Joe] Well let’s do a clean up here. – [RCSparks] Yeah let’s clean it up. – [Joe] I could see the snow flying. – [RCSparks] Yeah hey you can too. – We might ah. – [RCSparks] Is none of
us gonna point out that we’re still emptying
tailings into the pond where we’re pumping from the shaker? No one’s gonna talk about that? – No. – That’s why we have to move the plant. – [RCSparks] We have to
move the shaker plant just to–
– We have to move the shaker. – [RCSparks] –clear all this up. Shaker does have to move but
now that we know exactly where, we just have to figure out
how we’re gonna drag it out of there.
– Basically we’re pumping tailings right here–
– I know. – –into our (mumbles). – [RCSparks] Hey we
didn’t say we were smart, we’re just saying we had a good time. – Hey.
– Hey. – [RCSparks] Extra good time! (cheering) – [Joe] Redemption ay! – [Rookie] Here delivery. – [Joe] I’ll take it. – [RCSparks] Sweet. Man what a set up, this
is like mind-blowing. – [Joe] Well Rookie
wasn’t here last week so. – [RCSparks] True. – [Joe] Maybe he saw the winch line fail. – [Rookie] I did. – [Joe] But I see that it’s upgraded now. – [RCSparks] Oh yes
it’s much stronger now. – And hey, I like beer. – [RCSparks] Hey. Let’s do our clean up, then
we can celebrate after that. – [Joe] All right. – [RCSparks] You see a what? – I see a huge chunk of gold in there. – [RCSparks] You’re kidding me. – Watch out! Don’t step on the road. – [RCSparks] Yeah I didn’t
even step on the road, it’s my road. – [Joe] There’s a huge
chunk of gold in there. – [RCSparks] What’re you talking about? – [Joe] This one right here. – [RCSparks] Oh look
at that little beauty. – [Wyatt] Gold! – [RCSparks] That is gold. (cheering) – [Joe] Two chunks. – [RCSparks] Don’t touch it man. – [Wyatt] He’s trying to take it. – [RCSparks] He’s trying to take it. – There’s no gold on my finger look. – [RCSparks] Hey, hey, hey. – You’re gonna have to wash it down.
– It dropped off. – [Wyatt] We’re gonna have to rinse you. – [Rookie] Showers for everybody. – [RCSparks] Yeah, I’m gonna
put a metal detector in before you guys leave. (laughing) Make you walk through it. – [Wyatt] That’s why it
was a urinal not a toilet. (laughing) – Yeah we’ve done this a couple times. – [Wyatt] The experience
really shows at the end here. – Go easy with that water,
don’t want it shooting out. All right whoa. – [RCSparks] Just gonna spray this out. Yeah you betcha man, rock and roll. You guys keep up the work, I’m gonna go ahead and process this. – Hey (beep) you. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Soul pump in the bottom, collector tray right there, wheel goes round and round. – Ready? – Gonna spoon it in one spoonful at a time. – [Joe] Make sure we don’t spill any. – [RCSparks] So what’s happening right now is that this wheel is separating the dirt. It’s gonna spit out all the sand and stuff that it doesn’t want and it’s gonna take all the black and the heavy, heaviest
gold up to the center and should deposit it
for us right back there. (machine whirring) – [Joe] You see them here and there. – [RCSparks] Feeling greedy boys. – Man, I think we’re gonna make it. I think we’ll make it this year. I might actually get my bill paid back. – [Rookie] 3/4 of an ounce is a big one. – [RCSparks] 3/4 of an once is large. Especially for machines this big. Everyone keeps saying, if that was scale gold it
would be so much money, but really it’s real sized gold so. It costs a lot to go gold mining, it does. More gold. I got a good vibe about this, we very good could be millionaire. Everyone’s watching right now, the more people are watching, the more they’re sharing
YouTube Gold right? – You betcha. – That’s right. – [RCSparks] Hunting for gold. Okay boys that’s about
as processed as it gets. – All right.
– We are done. – [RCSparks] Shall we
bring on the pay day? – Yeah.
(laughing) I feel rich. – [RCSparks] Hey no peaking. You’re the one who made that rule. – I feel rich.
– Swirl it. Swirl it around man. – [Joe] I’m watching. – [Wyatt] There better be
gold in there this time. – [RCSparks] Better be, there always is. Nice! Not the best we’ve ever seen, look at this big honker. – [Rookie] Look at that, that’s huge. – [Wyatt] Big honker (laughs). – [RCSparks] It’s a picker man, I found that up someone’s–. – [Wyatt] Where do you guys mine? Big honker. (laughing) – [Rookie] It’s 1/14. – [RCSparks] It’s not, it’s full size, quit spreading rumors, fake news. – [Wyatt] I’d honk if it was bigger. (laughing) – It’s like, this isn’t
great, this is not great. – [Rookie] It’s gold. – You guys promised me gold.
– I can’t keep working here like this, this is not enough. – [Rookie] But we got gold. – [RCSparks] This is
gold right there look it. – [Wyatt] What do you mean this is gold, like that’s Rookie’s
gold, that’s his gold. – This is nowhere near enough. – [RCSparks] What do you
mean it’s not enough? – Not enough for what? – Dude.
– It’s gold. – You’re not gonna be able
to pay off your bill maybe. Well if you’re gonna get a different, which other mine are you
gonna go to round here? – Not a lot of mines round here you might have noticed.
– Got truck payments man, we got expenses. – [RCSparks] I don’t know
what’s wrong with these guys. – [Joe] I can’t be working for. – [RCSparks] All right,
all right, settle down. We’ll weigh it up at
the end of the season. You know what gold mining’s like. – I do, I hope it gets better. I’m really not thinking this one through. – [RCSparks] Come on
bring it in, bring it in. One, two, three, YouTube Gold! – YouTube Gold. – Here’s to more next time. – [RCSparks] More gold,
we need to move more pay. – More pay. – We just need to keep at it. – [Rookie] Just need to work harder. – [RCSparks] That’s it.

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