Will Solar Panels be the Saviour For Silver Prices?

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 19th March 2018 and we are
asking the question are Solar Panels the likely saviour for Silver prices?
Simona Gambarini, commodities economist at Capital Economics, said that her firm is maintaining
its bearish forecast on silver, looking for the price to end the year at $15.50 some 70
cents lower than the price it is today Her rationale for this is that she believes
that the Industrial demand for silver will not be as bright as many forecast and that
the solar power sector, often cited as the saviour of silver is not as strong as many
believe. She says:
“We think that silver will eventually be displaced by cheaper metals…….. Silver
is still one of the most expensive components in a solar panel, accounting for 10-15% of
the total cost. What’s more, its price volatility has exposed manufacturers to huge fluctuations
in their bottom line.” She believes that companies will use the cheaper
metal aluminium or aluminum and copper where it can, meaning that silver’s role in solar
panels, although present, will diminish over time despite, the fact that solar capacity
is expected to rise from an average of 39GW created between 2010 and 2016 to 74 GW in
the next 10 years. She adds
“Overall, we expect demand for silver in solar applications to continue to increase
over the next few years, but …. further down the line, we think that there is a risk
that silver usage in the solar industry will be completely displaced by cheaper metals,
such as aluminum or copper.” The Silver Institute contradicts this in its
report in mid-January, stating that silver demand in photovoltaic cells could hit a record
after the sector consumed 92 million ounces of the precious metal in 2017.
Our view is that Simona could be right in terms of solar panels; however she is neglecting
to a large extent the potential rise in electric cars requiring silver and also other new technological
products currently being introduced. Of course, Industry will use cheaper alternatives where
it can, and this will to some extent put a cap on silver prices, however as we all know
silver is also seen as a precious metal substituting for money along with gold, and over the next
10 years it is almost inconceivable that there will be no financial crisis during this time.
We shall be watching very closely the solar panel figures and observe whether the Silver
Institute or Capital Economics are the more accurate in their predictions.
What do you think? We’d be interested to hear.
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20 thoughts on “Will Solar Panels be the Saviour For Silver Prices?

  1. not sure but next week Monday, 26th March 2018 will be interesting as Petro Yuan contracts will go LIVE … might or might not affect precious metals prices … we shall see

  2. All true…. solar panel manufacturers ARE already reducing the amount of silver used in photovolic cells. A mainstream manufacturer in Germany is already working on completely eliminating silver from its panels.

  3. Would you dismiss Bill Gates comment that the US will indeed have another financial crisis, the likes of 2007/2008, but worse? Was Mr. Gates just trying to grab headlines, or does he know something? What about the US debt? We are adding almost $1 trillion every 6-8 months. Is this sustainable? According to the government's own data, US government spending accounts for over 40% of US GDP. You begin to scale that back and growth suffers. And then the Fed would have to go back to QE.

  4. Hello IS! Unfortunately for my silver stacking brothers and sisters, I tend to agree that silver will not rise in any significant way. I'm stacking only gold now.

  5. I don't care much if it goes either way… $10-$50. I have so much silver stacked over the years that I could sell it at today's prices and travel the world for a couple years. I'm 47 with a good job and live out of the cities. My house is in order: paid for, water-well, gardens, livestock, open land, dear and elk out the back deck…etc.
    I have it "silver" to hold it. I'm pretty confident that when I retire in 10 years…It will be in the $30+ range. Fiat currency will tank…no question.

  6. As the China oil futures go live, BRICS will start trading gold in kilobars with the help of blockchain technology to track bars, (5 test runs successful) the London price fix will be obsolete one way or another, this may bring back the investment demand back into the PM's… 🙂

  7. I don't think it will be the industrial demand that will determine the price for silver, it will be the monetary demand. Silver may be the uglier little sister to gold, but she always follow gold, and when the debt collapses that it is mathematically guaranteed to do silver will be up for one heck of a ride.

  8. The whole alternative energy market is like crypto currencies….wishfull thinking at best.
    As you say silver is a precious metal but I disagree that there will be no crisis, we are currently in the midst of a huge crisis, one of true price discovery, we are all living in Disney land using monopoly money. As I have said before I dont care what price silver is I am always happy to swap my fiat for silver at any price

  9. “Given the current state of knowledge, it is inconceivable that the precious metal silver could be replaced, since no other material fulfills the requirement for ‘cost in relation to performance’ in a comparable manner. Silver is also excellent due to high process stability,” explains Dr. Arno Stassen with conviction. The complete replacement of silver, e.g. with copper, does not seem possible in the foreseeable future". (<—- quotes from a research paper by Heraeus corp.) – In MY mind, the question is whether production of solar panels will outpace the reduction of silver use per panel. If demand spikes the use of alternative metals may become less of a concern as manufacturers will race to fill orders using their present tooling. When you're making money the bean counters are quelled.

  10. You underestimated the amount of silver being used in solar by a wide margin: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/six-hundred-million-ounces-of-silver-to-be-consumed-in-photovoltaics-and-ethylene-oxide-production-through-2020-300379128.html
    China needs power https://youtu.be/YB63GYAXe50 and thrifting solar panels with cheap metals makes them less efficient.

  11. LOL Silver has gone from creating "the biggest wealth transfer in history" to will solar panels save Silver!
    Don't buy into the hype on Silver. Its just another industrial metal but being overpriced it is always in  danger of substitution by much cheaper metals.

  12. I can buy a car with 20 gold buffs and a week's worth of food with a pocket full silver eagles: in times of crises they will go hand in hand. The great disruption is coming, you better have your gold and silver.

  13. What are people's sell prices for their silver during the next economic crisis? $30/oz, $50/oz, won't sell at all? I'm just curious because I'm trying to plan an exit strategy and $50/oz is a price point I would sell most of my silver (I'll keep a smallish stack that I will never sell). Maybe do a dollar cost averaging in reverse sell strategy. What are you guys doing?

  14. if you want to know how to make it yourself , just go to Avasva webpage. There you'll find your answers 🙂

  15. I think I will increase my holdings in lithium miners. Especially the startups in western Australia that have recently had resource upgrades… Although there are other battery technologies already in the pipeline, lithium will still dominate for a long time yet… That's where silver comes in as well. It is by far the best conductor of electricity. People will pay for this…

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