Why You Shouldn’t Follow Stock Alerts

– What’s up, Tim Sykes
here in Mont Saint-Michel surrounded by sheep. Check this out. (sheep baaing) (laughs) And I came here A, because it’s beautiful and this is one of the most
famous landmarks in the world. But I also came here with all these sheep because I don’t want you to
be a sheep in the market. Too many people rely on picks, they rely on alerts from other traders. I understand, okay? My top student Tim Grittani
has now made $8 plus million. You wanna be like him, that’s fine. Take a little bit from
what you learn from him, take a little bit about
what you learn from me, but learn to develop your own process. We’re all a little different, okay? It’s not about just following
picks, following alerts. It’s about what works for you. What patterns work for me, what patterns work for Tim Grittani, what can you learn from us
to be your own best self. ‘Cause we all have different
strengths and weaknesses. We have different time zones. I don’t want you to try to
copy anybody in particular. I want you to learn from us. And I know this is like
a little subtle, too. You’re like yeah, yeah, Tim, I get it, but too many people don’t. Too many people try to just follow alerts, and there’s like a whole
kind of flawed mindset, where you just have like
this copy mentality. Be yourself, be original! I’m sorry that my hand is hurting. I’m not that great at these
videos, I’m a better teacher. But I thought this was a good analogy with all these sheep, right? (sheep baaing) I don’t know. Maybe it isn’t, but hopefully it is. Leave a comment, if you like
these kinds of crazy analogies. I can make more of them. There’s a lot of cool analogies, but Mont Saint-Michel is this castle that’s over a thousand years old and it stood the test of time. It actually, there was
a small french garrison that protected the castle
from the British forces, even though the British forces were so much greater in number. Why did they do it? Because this has a lot of
geographical advantages, if you look it up. I want you to have advantages
in the stock market. Never forget, 90% of traders lose. Most traders are just sheep, okay? You think that it’s just
about hot picks and alerts. It’s not. It’s about figuring out yourself, what works best and what
doesn’t based on you, your schedule, your personality. So I need you to understand that. I need you to study. I know that it’s not fun. I know you just want hot picks, but there’s a reason why I
have now 6,000 video lessons, and DVDs, and webinars, and I
give all my challenge students live webinars every week. Also my newest millionaire
student Mark Crook gives live webinars. It’s all about learning
the process, not following. And I should also mention
it’s about transparency. A lot of you guys are following traders who might post big screenshots on Twitter, and like they brag about their stuff, and they have like fake testimonials. It’s not enough just to have screenshots. It’s not enough just to have testimonials. It’s the process. Yes, I have five
millionaire students so far, but aside from the money they’re making, they’re all self sufficient. They all know the process and
they show every single trade, good and bad, and they show their fees. A lot of these big, successful traders have these crazy win rates because they don’t show
all of their trades. Profit.ly is not as
popular as it should be because a lot of people don’t wanna show how hard trading is. If like the ETrade Baby were realistic, it wouldn’t even be able to be shown on TV because it would be a bloody mess. Trading is a battlefield. That’s what this really is and I’m trying to give you
the weapons to succeed. I’m trying to give you
the tactical advantages like this fortress has, so that you do not end
up just another sheep. Let me just remind you. This is basically what the
landscape of traders looks like. (sheep baaing) I want you to be better, okay? I don’t know what to tell you other than you will have to study the past. You will have to really
understand what moves stocks and not just oh, this
company has a good product. Oh, this company has potential. Oh, this has good technology. It’s more complicated than that. Watch my trader checklist guide. I want you to do me that favor. I’ll put the link below. Actually to a bunch of
guides, click around. I know many people say
don’t go on social media, spend less time, live in the moment. But really, if you want a better future, you’ll click around more. You’ll learn from those of
us who are fully transparent, who show every single trade. Not just for a year, two, or three. Like there’s a lot of newbies
who think they know everything and they’re not bad people, they just don’t know what they don’t know. Go learn, you know? They learn the hard way. And I’ve seen a lot of
gunslingers over the years where they say, Tim you’re a
dinosaur, you trade too safely. But then they blow up and then
they get very introspective on Twitter, and I wish that didn’t happen. So, you have to be very
careful in this industry, learning kinda like the wrong
strategies, the wrong rules, the wrong patterns and I
just want you to better. Don’t be a sheep. Leave a comment underneath,
if this video works. If you like my analogy, if
it hopefully, motivates you. Click the links below. I’m gonna show you so
many freakin’ guides, so much useful information. Preparation cannot be overdone. You cannot over prepare, but you can very easily underprepare. Hey, Tim Sykes millionaire
mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I wanna share everything that
I’ve learned over the years. You can checkout more
videos right over there. And also click subscribe, so that you can watch all of these videos. Get that knowledge and become
my next millionaire student. (bright music)

42 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Follow Stock Alerts

  1. Hii Tim I love the place, really can't wait to join the super nova, So How much time do I need to stay on trading after market opening, coz I have work at the morning?

  2. very open natural historical place, I prefer to trade from the castle 🏰 never follow the alerts like a sheep. Good lesson.

  3. Tim you are a BEAST amongst sheep and i am slowly waking up from hibernation getting ready to fulfill these hunger pains lol been at this studying since the beginning of 2019 and now im bout to take the next step and make some trades in 2020 and keep my study on 100! Keep all the inspiring vids coming thx!

  4. I'm from India. Is there anyway I can connect to your program? I really would like to learn the process.. please advise.

  5. What do you want from your trading career? What do you think of these analogies? Leave a comment and tell me… 📣📣

  6. probably gonna get flack from your followers but this guy can be so self-righteous (never seen him show respect to any trader outside his platform). I respect him been watching him his whole publicized career but he's wrong on this one. ain't nothing wrong with trade alerts if you follow them properly. I alert people to "in play" tickers but it's up to them to apply what they've learned from someone like Tim. Obviously, never buy just because someone says too

  7. I am a 16 year olds student, and I am willing to put in the time and effort to be successful. I am starting with a 1k account, and within a few weeks, I’ve created a comprehensive document of all the lessons, terms, and strategies I’ve learned from you. My ultimate goal is to earn 5,500 dollars, so I can donate to the Against Malaria Foundation to save a life. If you read this Tim Sykes, I want to thank you for inspiring me.

  8. Ive never made money taking someones pick. I have never made money following someones trade stance.

    I made money learning by failing and losing money that I now make money becuase I have adopted my own style. Scalping small gains is the only thing that works for me. I am not rich, but I am definitely not broke. I average $90-180k a year over the last 5 years of trading.

    And the amazing thing is this year I made about $95k, and my top left monitor at my trade station is my gaming monitor. No joke, I play videogames while trading in my home office.

  9. Does this have anything to do with the most people are sheep comment I made on another one of your videos? Cause that would be awesome. Lol. Keep up the good work!

  10. The crazy videos are great. I am falling in love with the process of learning. I want to supplant my income at my 9-5 to free myself up for my sanity and my family time.

  11. I like how you laughed when you said sheep.. btw your trading strategies are still the best especially for newbies like me. And I learned so much from watching your YouTube videos. Thanks for all that you do Tim. You’re awesome.

  12. Good analogy, I don't understand why people would just want hot picks they only last for a limited time then unto the next one, there is money in everything that we look at, touch, eat, smell, feel, buy and sell, even outer space and the bottom of the ocean and everything inbetween. It is rare not to find a companies ticker symbol, There is so much available it seems impossible to find all of the Hot Picks, they are everywhere. Thanks for the video.

  13. Hey Tim can you please enlighten us on what you and other successful traders see in the profitable stocks that you guys have traded. I'm all ears Sir

  14. Tim! I Love your analogies, the way you teach with so much passion! I have been learning from you for the last 16 months as I prepare for day trading. Keep It Up:-)

  15. We visited Mt St Michel a few years ago. AMAZING place! We have family in Brittany, so a LOT of travel is in our plans. Thanks for the guidance and inspiration!

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