Why Silver May Outshine Gold (cont.)

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Friday 9th December 2016 and we are
commenting additionally to our video produced on 4th December entitled “Why Silver may
outshine Gold in 2017”. Now before we do that, we wish to point out
at this stage, we are not saying that silver is on an upward price trajectory right now.
Certainly not at least until we have seen what the FED does next week and the forward
guidance, it issues – if any. What we are saying though, is that despite our view back
in 2015 that perhaps gold was the better purchase decision short term then, the situation may
in fact change over the coming 12 – 24 months. We have already stated that China has begun
curbing gold imports and that India too has done this in the past and may very well do
so again. It is India we now wish to focus on a little more and hopefully you will see
why. According to the GFMS Gold Survey 2016; India
is the world’s largest consumer of gold jewellery at nearly 700 tonnes the previous
year. However, it mines less than 2 tonnes of gold a year. This means India must import
gold worth in excess of US$25 billion each year, pushing up its current account deficit
and reducing the value of the rupee. In 2011, Australian Investment Bank Macquarie
estimated that 78% of India’s household savings were held in gold and this presents
a problem for the economy, in that, by building up savings in gold rather than deposits in
a bank, creates a permanent drag on India’s growth as these ‘savings’ do not increase
the available funds for lending within the banking system. One reason it is so difficult
to put this gold to work as investment capital is that 79% of it is bought as jewellery,
rather than bars or coins. Last Year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s
government introduced a Sovereign Gold Bond scheme which allowed gold holders to swap
their gold for an interest-bearing bond. At the end of the bond’s life investors would
effectively be returned the same amount of gold. This has proven to be a spectacular
failure for as of November 2016; only 14 tonnes of gold has been subscribed compared with
an estimated privately held gold stock of some 20,000 tonnes.
Following the recent import tax hikes for gold, 2015 saw Indian silver imports grow
to almost 8,000 tonnes, 14% up on the previous 2014 record. At the same time, demand for
gold jewellery, as reported by the World Gold Council, was down 30% for the 12 months to
the end of September 2016. This suggests that there is a substitution effect, between gold
and silver. Although Gold makes up the vast majority of
Indian jewellery sales the graph shows a 600% growth in silver jewellery demand in India,
during the past ten years, relative to marginal growth of only 25% in gold jewellery demand.
We should not forget either that there are other substitutes such as Platinum for example
but the evidence suggests that it is silver which has proven to be in greater demand when
gold is not available or too expensive. It’s worth bearing in mind that as already
mentioned; the Indian gold jewellery market in 2015 was worth US$25 billion, while the
total world silver jewellery market was worth only US$3.5 billion. So needless to say that
any significant swap from India’s buying habits from gold to silver could actually
have a profound effect on silver’s price – until at least their imports are restricted
or taxed further. So those of you who have purchased silver
in the past and are holding on to a loss, we are saying don’t despair, silver will
have its day. It may not be today or tomorrow but industrial trends such as solar panels,
medicines and technology, together with curbs and restrictions placed by Governments on
Gold will eventually alter this imbalance between the favoured gold and poorer cousin
silver. It may take some time, however we are confident that taking a long term view,
both metals will have proven to have been worth accumulating and silver could indeed
prove most advantageous to all but especially younger people who have the opportunity to
save it for their retirement. We hope you have found this video interesting
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25 thoughts on “Why Silver May Outshine Gold (cont.)

  1. This channel is very interesting and quickly becoming one of my favorites. Very informational and your statements/theories are highly accurate!

  2. Makes you wonder as to the historical underpinnings that have constructed such a bias towards Gold, away from fiat currency! I guess the ELITE have raped and pillaged India using it's monetary system too such degree's as to inculcate such an aversion.

  3. Hey Illuminati Silver dudes, what do you think of buying physical copper in addition to silver? I think electric cars are going to be mainstream soon and they will require 5 times more copper. It could turn really profitable, also if we add Trump's plans for the industry to the equation.

  4. This additional video was very important. But it only proves what is prospected by many experts. India will sharpen this process.

  5. solar expansion is growing by bounds in india. However I am not sure if I purchase silver bars in India will they be easily sold back to the jewellers in the market which is unlike gold as it is readily consumable. How is the scenario in other countries, can one sell back gold and silver bars back in the market easily?
    IS what are your thoughts on investing in silver in commodity exchange.

  6. They manipulate the price so bad. What if these corrupt people let gold go to $2500oz and silver to $100oz then everyone runs to sell then they crash our paper money. They end up with the metals and we have toilet paper.

  7. 1988 Rothchild owned Economist Magazine Cover with the year 2018 engraved on the gold bitcoin-block chain. A Phoenix bird stands over a pile of burning fiat currencies. A subtitle reads: Get ready for a new world currency. Compare the 1988 Cover with the 2017 one.

  8. Your timing has become impeccable! I was just wondering what to buy myself for Christmas. I had my eye on the 99999 pure Canadian bear coin at this price. I'm leveraged at a ratio of 250 to 1 on my holdings, in other words, no gold to speak of, but I'm nearing retirement age and feel I should start building a pension that will have no third party risk, and more consistent than silver. Like silver it's unique properties are amazing, and it can be stored in my gas tank if needed, a truly amazing metal, that I'm just learning why it is coveted so much. That and it's unmatched liquidity and ease of storage make it very attractive, when possible to afford some.
    I see the eastern countries as a much different situation when it comes to confiscation. They've been encouraged to protect themselves with gold all the while, the opposite of the all consuming western culture. The very low % of people who actually invest in physical precious metals here is miniscule in comparison, and that is why I think they have tested the practice there first. Here I don't think they would even pay for their efforts with a similar house to house raid, It would be more of high concentration areas, such as vaults and paid storage, along with a media scare. The media has lost it's credibility, so who would believe them? The way things are, it's like watching the cartoons, too bad it's no joke, because it really is ridiculous what the story line has become, yet the consequences are real.

  9. does anyone know what the paper share to physical is ? anything over 40.1 is desperately unmanageable / i have allways heard pump rumor 200 .. i kinda think thats closer than 40

  10. Good analysis as always. If silver rises significantly during my retirement, I may cash much of it out. If the GRS drops significantly, I will trade some for more gold. If neither happens, I will leave it to my children. It wasn't bought with funds I will need to live on.

  11. Just a thought,everyone talks about cashing in.But what happens when we are a cashless society?
    And they control the chip as well???
    How will we cash in for the best price???
    I also have my stash,but this is a question i have been wondering about.

  12. So if I sell an ounce of gold at $1538. Cdn, I would get 72 ounces of silver at $21.26. And if we realize there is just as much gold in the world as there is silver, then that would mean silver is actually worth $1538 and that would mean I just turned 72 ounces of silver into what gold is worth. So $1538 x 72 = $110,736 profit. We store gold and we consume silver, so silver is more valued.

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