Why I Love Silver Gold Bull – Money Inflation & GATA

what is money money is supposed to be two things a store of value and a medium of exchange most people think of this as money it’s currency – it’s not a store of value this used to be a medium of exchange the basic problem is inflation back about a decade or so ago you could exchange one for the other but… because they keep printing and printing and printing printing and printing it’s just electrons it now takes seven of these pieces of paper to get one silver maple that’s inflation you could have a million dollars in your retirement fund you could have a Trillion Zimbabwe dollars it might get you a loaf of bread you need to put your savings into something real gold and silver real estate obviously is real I’d buy LEGO before I’d buy bonds you’ve got inflation higher than the
interest rate on the bonds effective interest rate is negative! central bankers is just crazy here are some examples this is a probably the largest
coin you can buy I got it from silver gold bull one thousand grams or 1 Kg this is very popular the Canadian maple the American eagle If it doesn’t ring… it doesn’t mean a thing.

6 thoughts on “Why I Love Silver Gold Bull – Money Inflation & GATA

  1. Enrique Nav: Yes, I think silver will do better than gold – will be valued with a higher percentage increase than where it is now.

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