31 thoughts on “Why I Happily Choose to Pay Stock Trading Commissions (Best Broker Platform)

  1. 2 questions sir. What are you using for your direct access platform? And does that platform offer options trading with the same speed in contract fills?

  2. I tried Robinhood once to day trade and it was all I needed to know that it won't work for me. You can see the difference in time execution between 0 commissions and direct access brokers, even when you papertrade. I compared thinkorswim against DAS platform and ToS sometimes will take up to 20 seconds to fill the orders. It doesn't worth it.

  3. Which one is the best intraday direct access broker…
    You told about Lightspeed nd Webull on your website.## used by you for intraday trading..


  4. I will change to TOS first , because I am new using the Robinhood now , it didn’t work well . Since TOS is free commission now , I like to try that first , if it doesn’t work out for me , I will change to lightspeed . Thank you !

  5. I was up really nice today on $ITCI. Then the midday parabolic came in. Took short pos. got stuck in the halt. Lost all gains and gave some. (I covered at the spike 2nd candle.) Then instead of shorting the fade (at 12pm+) as anticipated and planned, my brain was still clouded, took the trades badly long and short.
    Was up from nice green to bad red.

    I've been trading for almost 2 years and almost everyday is red day. November and December is my first green with some win streaks.

    But today is just demoralizing.

  6. imagine the big brokers as taking the scenic route to your destination, while direct access brokers take you on the interstate, which requires tolls (commissions), but you'll get to where you want to be a lot faster

  7. Hi Clay. I have a question. E-trade allow you to choose the route. Example: they have NSDQ, ARCA and NYSE, they allow you to choose one of these three. Also they have auto-routing. Are the first three direct access? Thanks Clay.

  8. Will direct access reroute your order for example if I want to buy 1000 share of X at 30 on NSDAQ and if only 500 are available on NSDAQ and 500 on NYSE at 30 dollar will my order fill completely or partially.

  9. Gave a dislike in the video for not mentioning the broker you used even though I think I know which one you use, Lightspeed

  10. Why are you trying to rehash this tired $#it? We about to experience the biggest economic crashes since the gr8 depression whilst flooded by the 3rd w0rld. Take your money and run and leave us to it!

  11. You'll need to try out ThinkorSwim and compare…paying 5 figure commissions every year is hard to swallow. Execution speed on average for market orders is .06 seconds once TD Ameritrade receives the order.

  12. Man I dont see a difference in my order execution from when I switched to free. I'm going to honest. I'm still profitable. Maybe the bs hasn't gotten to me yet, but I really havent seen a difference. Still hitting my goals.

  13. hello I just want you to know there is a A lawsuit in court against Meir Barak and Colmax Pro in Israel for A fraud.

  14. Merry Christmas Clay! 🎅 I just watched your video where you did a trade and you are right, I blinked and I missed it! I caught the stop-loss part. I missed it! Wow Clay what is it going to take for you to train me how to trade? I want to do swing and day trading. I would also like to trade options and the Forex market. Please help me Clay!!

    Jacquelyn Wells
    Thank you for the introduction

  15. Hi Clay. Good Video. What about the cash after you open and close a position. In Both system (Brokers and Direct Access) let to use it in the same day?. Thanks.

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