Why I Buy Silver in 2016 – An American Boomer’s Perspective – by an illuminati silver subscriber

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 25th January 2016 and we are
producing the second of our ‘subscriber videos’ – and it’s by a subscriber who
has asked us to refer to him as ‘DEMENTEDUNCLE’ from the USA and this is his article entitled
‘why I buy silver in 2016 – an American Boomer’s perspective.’ For those new to this channel, we have subscribers
who sign up to our website at www.illuminatisilver.com and one of the offers we have given our free
members, is that we will, where we can, produce a video for them on a precious metal or finance
related topic providing they provide the text. This is the second in what we hope will prove
to become a most popular series. This is what he has to say: As one of your United States based viewers
who enjoy a variety of viewpoints on silver, I wanted to thank you for your website on
this topic. I observe that those who invest in precious metals do so for numerous personal
reasons, with differing strategies, tactics and intent. I will turn 58 years old in 2016, a member
of the trailing edge of the baby boom generation in the United States, with the oldest of this
demographic population bubble now turning 70. Much of our economic dislocation can be
attributed to the impacts the Boomer generation has had and will continue to exert for some
time. Of particular note in the US are the long term Medicare and Social Security obligations
promised to this group. A debt based economy, continuous currency
debasement via quantitative easing with concurrent unfunded obligations can really only lead
to a negative outcome. Mathematics always apply, the markets eventually correct to fair
value. Most of my countrymen live in the world of
the abstract. Our currency are digital bits, transferred via phone apps – intangible.
Our pop stars are plastic, as is our currency. Individuals fail to understand that gold and
silver, lacking counter party risk, are true money. Fiat currency is trust based fiction
and whether paper or digital will always only be worth that trust. My experience is that
trust is easily broken. Since 1864 US coinage has included the term:
“in God we Trust” – a gesture to the large number of Christians that keep intruding into
US politics. From a practical perspective, if a deity exists, it isn’t paying the bills.
If one does not, then our affirmation implies we trust none and is appropriate. Precious
metals represent zero counter party risk and are not dependent on trust. As one of many Americans of the Boomer generation
now either retired or within 10 years of retirement, preservation of wealth is important. We are
living longer and must potentially fund a longer time horizon. Most of us took large
hits to our retirement savings during the 2008 crash. An understanding of the concepts
of economic cycles alone should be sufficient forewarning for us to prepare for such an
eventuality occurring again. Over the last 14 months, determining to my
satisfaction that silver was undervalued, I diversified a double digit percentage of
my overall investment portfolio and dollar cost averaged into physical silver bullion.
I have accumulated a bit over 3000 ounces thus far with a target of 5,000 – 7,000
troy ounces total within the next 3-5 years. This silver position is intended for a 10+
year hold. Intent is wealth preservation, funding augmentation for retirement years
and a hedge against the fiscal actions of global central banks. Please note that my
investments in physical precious metals never exceed 20% of my overall portfolio. With eventual disposition of my silver assets
in mind, I have over these months purchased a few specific product variances. For the
purposes of bulk disposal for quick conversion into the preferred fiat currency of the future,
I have generic rounds and bars in 1, 5 and 10 troy ounce forms. For the purposes of longer
term retention, possibly leaving to my heirs, I have Scottsdale Silver Stacker bars in 10
troy ounce form. For the purposes of potential future income stream augmentation, I have
a quantity of semi-numismatic coins and specialty limited mintage rounds suitable for future
individual online sales. For the purposes of rapid bulk disposition to dealers, I have
mint sealed monster boxes. The future is uncertain. Possession of physical
metals provides an opportunity to optimize what you may get to keep. Owning them may
be a differentiator. Do not purchase silver with short term money. I believe silver will be a long term profitable
investment. I do not think it is suitable for someone with less than a 5 year time horizon.
Thank you for your videos.’ End So what are your thoughts on DEMENTEDUNCLE’s
article and what advantages and disadvantages do you foresee with what he has done with
his investments at his time of life? From our perspective he fails to mention any
gold holdings, and from our point of view, we suspect there may be a gap there – though
he may very well own gold but has failed to mention it here. As we wish our subscribers to express their
views freely and without fear, all that we ask is that whether you agree or disagree
with DEMENTEDUNCLE, that you express your opinions in a constructive and non-offensive
way. We hope to hear your views and wish to thank DEMENTEDUNCLE for his contribution. We hope you have found this video interesting
and informative and if so, please give it a thumb up and share it on twitter. Also kindly
visit our website at www.illuminatisilver.com and look at our Facebook page which is updated
daily at www.facebook.com/illuminatisilver Disclaimer: Illuminati Silver owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.

33 thoughts on “Why I Buy Silver in 2016 – An American Boomer’s Perspective – by an illuminati silver subscriber

  1. I buy silver as a hobby. I like the Perth Mint, Chinese Pandas, Pamp Suisse… The pretty stuff lol. I put most of my savings into shares and I love market crashes because then they are cheaper to buy. I nearly choked on my drink when I heard demented uncles silver stash, very nice!

  2. Hey hey hey Mister Illuminati……Ure on to many projects 1 ure busy with the manipulation series and now ure doing other things..first finisch 1 then start 2th….U to take much work on ya u better relax a bit.

  3. I was thinking the exact same thing. It sounds like he has a mountain of silver but no mention of gold . If I had his amount of investment cash to put into PM.s  it would be gold over silver at a ratio of say 2-1 ,gold being the larger of the holdings. Maybe 3-1 now that I think about it. As far as the numismatics are concerned I believe you need a bit more knowledge and possibly for it to already be a hobby to get the best position , I assume it's no different then buying any collectible, the money is made in the purchase . I am personally not interested in waiting years for a profit on anything but real estate . Good video.

  4. I think your silver dream will be coming true much sooner than 10 years. 2016 is the year when all things start to go wrong. Why, we have a 42/43 years cycle bottom and we ending the 18 years cycle (bear cycle)soon. Samuel Benner also forecast a market top in 2016( good place to sell), 2019 will produce a panic..Most precious metals are going to spike to the upside due to these uncertain times. My main problem is that governments will require declarations of your holding and we may face possible confiscation. They have the guns and we have the numbers.

  5. I think it would be great if you did a series of subscriber submitted essays, to get an inside look into people's perspectives and positions. You can have one from an old experienced stacker and his stories and experiences selling, a new stacker and why he got into it and what he's been investing in, a flipper telling of some his greatest scores, a collector and some of the really rare coins he's found and managed to get a hold of, a SHTF prepper etc..

  6. Dementeduncle is 100% right save what u can for ureself………….Dont trust the system.

    Everybody is free to do what he she wants but wenn i read newspapers about how good pensionfunds are doing and how great they are……It scares me….Wenn u smell shit its not far…..And look around ureself,stockmarkets go down,commoditys are falling,oil is about to get for free,China is cooling down and doing weird things with its currency and we have more QE for europe,and and and…………….Sorry wont see a happy end in this for mankind.

  7. Thanks for sharing Dementeduncles article. He seems to have a very thoughtful position and expectations of future events.

  8. Hey, that was a fantastic well written article. I would like to know more about how your other %80 is invested and what percentage you have in cash. Personally, in my portfollio I like to have equal cash to silver holding. However I admit with this recent pullback in equities I am low on cash, and overweight stocks.

  9. That's the very first thing I thought too–what about gold? But I guess his video was about silver. Sounds like he's thought this out pretty good with diversification. I did the same, sans monster boxes. A little generic, a little government, a little semi-numismatic, trying to keep the average cost reasonable while maintaining some value in semi numismatics in case of a long bottom and only using disposable income. Funny thing about that. When you start investing in PMs, your disposable income goes up because you do that thing the stackers talk about–pricing everything in silver and deciding you don't need a lot of those things.

  10. Sounds to me like a man with a plan and a good one at that, he has recognized that silver could go lower but only a couple of bucks lower so is easy to keep buying and dollar averaging down. There is the potential for gold go drop hundreds of dollars so you go with silver then swap out when the GSR closes. Realizing that silver is a long term hold is a must as well but what I have planned with my stack is to cash in half when silver reaches double what the average amount I paid for it. He has a large enough stack to do the same which would make the half that's left effectively free and still large enough to do some serious damage if the silver price goes massively upwards, if it does not it's not such a disaster as you already have back everything you have laid out on it. There might be the feeling of missed opportunity if it goes up massively and you wish you had waited and weighed in the lot but if you were to ask the guys who saw the $50 top and waited or even bought in at this amount thinking it go higher they might prefer go with my system. I would also be flipping the semi numismatic stuff after 2 or 3 years all the time silver spot is going down as this keeps the dollar cost averaging going the right way as well.

  11. Interesting,that's a boat load of silver…w/ that kind of money,Gold should be in the picture for sure. Palladium and Platinum would be nice to mix it up to. Thank you.


  13. Thanks 4sharing, 20% is a bold play on silver as its knocked about a bit in the markets, I'm in the UK so silver is more expensive here, it would be prudent to include Gold if you do not have any.

  14. He's got a good approach; I agree with you that some gold would benefit him. I fear too many in this community go all in on gold and silver, sacrificing the benefits of diversification and cash flow provided by paper assets. Waiting for SHTF is not a retirement strategy. With a volatile asset like silver, a prolonged drawdown in one's wealth like we're seeing now has caused many to liquidate at exactly the wrong time.

  15. I really like this series! Specially the part where people say their perspectives and strategies. Even If I don't agree with every uncle said I really appreciate his point of view and learned from it. Thank you for sharing

  16. AllI have to say is Im glad they still accept paper for gold silver and platinum. Great vid we are around the same age and have very similar strategys and similar holdings I will mention platinum and gold for they all have their places.I think most people have a kind of collective thought sentiment given similar ages and horizons ……. well done D uncle rock on!!

  17. Well said by uncle. Except, IMHO, money will and always will be – whatever the guy with the biggest gun (it's non digital, delivering non digital pain!) sez is money. We know what that is now, don't we!

  18. Wise words, fits with my plans with the exception of numismatics. I have a 15 year horizon myself and buy silver with money that would otherwise be parked in cash. If you get into silver please please do not check the market feverishly every day, it will make you crazy!

  19. Silver is definitely a long term hold. A lot of my silver was purchased 2 and 3 years ago at higher prices (including shipping, other fees, border fees) when I didn't know as much as I know today. I will have to wait quite a while to break even on most of my silver stack. On the other hand, if I sold all of my gold right now, I would pretty much break even. Gold has shot up quite a bit in the last few months in Canada.
    I am really happy that this is a long term hold for me (20-25 years). If I had to sell anytime soon, I would lose about 15-20% on my silver.

  20. I Like the man called uncle…especially like his 15 to 20 % in P.M.'s (well I would mix some Gold in). We have about 10 years till retirement and doing the same thing!👍

  21. I'm just getting back on my feet again after being forced to sell the majority of my stack at about a 30% loss, maybe more! I don't advise anyone to go all in on PMs unless you are where I am now, enough cash to pay bills and not much else. Back to square one, but no mortgage. At these prices, I look for the any quantity sales and buy a tube or 2 every time the bills are paid and there's at least $1,000 left in the checking acct. While quantities are smallish, I'm getting good value as if I were buying more, and stay away from high premium silver. I'm trying to save, not sell. If I were a larger stacker, I'd be very wary of the geopolitical situation, remember the bail in rule, you are just using their gold! Anything inside these borders when they become insolvent is theirs citizen!

  22. I watched the video last night. As I recall the gentleman said that he put no more than 20% of his capital into PM's. He wants to accumulate another 5-7000 Oz within the next 3-5 years. He must be in the very lucky position of having quite a lot of capital available to play with. For most people, who don't have that luxury, they buy silver with what they have left over at the end of the month. Essentially most of their spare money. If I only diversified 20% of my income into silver I'd have such a small amount of silver that it would hardly be worth buying any!

  23. Zero counter party risk can only be achieved by taking possession of the precious metals, thereby bringing on the additional potential risks of fire, theft and the risk of the better half running off with ones stack 🙂

  24. Of course he is wrong about " no counterparty risk. If buying silver from the black market, you risk getting counterfit silver…if you buy it and gold it in your house…it can be stolen…it can be confiscated by GOVT… . In fact, if we all admit that all markets/commodities have corrupt manipulation, then we can agree that ANY investment , can have significant risks .

  25. yup , sums it up .although i have nowhere near that much capital to spend
    i am.watching silver today as its up around 14.50

  26. I believe he missed the leverage on silver mining stocks, otherwise very good diversification of physical silver. I like the idea +Illuminati Silver

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