Why Babies Can’t Drink Water

There is a time in every person’s life when drinking water is deadly. Even as much as a few
ounces is enough to kill. The average healthy adult is
made up of 55 to 60% water. The average baby, on the other
hand, is roughly 75% water. And that difference is why
babies shouldn’t drink water before they’re at least six months old. Not from the tap or a well or a spring. Plain water is just plain off limits. You see, everyone’s kidneys have a limit to how much water they can handle. Break that limit, and the excess water will back up into your bloodstream, where it dilutes the salt,
or sodium, in your blood. Once your blood dips below 0.4
ounces of sodium per gallon, you’re at risk of a condition
called Hyponatremia. It happens when your cells
try to return sodium levels to normal by absorbing the extra water and swell up like a water
balloon in the process, causing complications like confusion, vomiting and muscle spasms. Hyponatremia is common in marathon runners who drink too much too fast during a race without also providing enough sodium to balance out their blood. And if you keep drinking,
that excess water will eventually reach
the cells in your brain. By this point, you have a dangerous case of water intoxication, which affects roughly 200,000 Americans each year. It occurs when your brain cells swell, which builds up pressure inside your skull that can lead to seizures, brain damage, and, in sever cases, death. But don’t worry, dying from
water intoxication is extremely hard for
a fully-grown human. An adult would have to
drink 2.5 to 5 gallons every few hours to reach that point. But for newborns, it’s a different story. Their kidneys are about
half the size of an adult’s, so they can’t hold much
water to begin with. And it takes just a few
ounces to cause problems. On top of that, their kidneys
aren’t developed enough yet to properly filter water, so any water that enters their body ends
up in the circulatory system, where it dilutes their blood and increases their
water content by 7 to 8%. But it’s not just drinking straight H2O that poses a threat. In fact, most cases of water
intoxication in infants don’t even involve a glass of water. A common mistake is when
people dilute baby formula too much by accident, or when parents dunk their infants up and
down in a swimming pool, and in the process the infant
gulps in too much water. It’s important that if your baby is showing signs of water intoxication that you take them to
the hospital immediately, where a doctor will likely
provide some form of fluids like intravenous saline solution to bring the infant’s
sodium levels up to normal.

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  1. Abunch of crap this video is my son had water all thru the summer to help keep him hydrated and he is COMPLETELY FINE!! We mix there formula with it and All the way till the early 90's they gave sugar water at the hospital to give babies for in between feedings and those babies are all alive

  2. This my True story when I was a kid
    So I was still a 3 months when I was a baby,so my auntie drank me some water and I choke then my lola(grandma) panicing,they get me to the hospital and I almost died because I was not breathing then my Lolo(Grandpa) sucked my mouth then the water blow out of my mouth and I was crying that time they told me that I was Lucky to be Alive
    (Sorry for my Bad English)

    PS:If your thinking this is fictional,no this is my real story when I was 3 months

  3. This video is such bad info for new parents. Babies can have water. Just dont give them a lot because formula and breastmilk have water. When you make formula you literally USE WATER TO MAKE IT! 😂

  4. I never once thought not to give my baby water. We're made up of it. I just didn't give her much unless we were outside in the summer or had lots of activities for the day. YouTube you cray

  5. My pediatrician said that If my baby is sweating on a hot day or has hiccups to give her water but only up to 5 tablespoons and not more
    She said water isn’t dangerous the amount is
    So water is perfectly fine as long as you only give tiny amounts

  6. Why did my pediatrician tell me to give them a couple of ounces of water a couple or three times a day? I could have killed my kids with that advice.

  7. I had a baby six years ago and my baby was crying too much it didn't matter how much milk he drank. Pediatrician said no food until he is 5 month, the nurse said no food until six months, my mom said give him beginner cereal at 3 monts. Oh God I got confused. At 3 months and two weeks I gave him cereal as my mom directed the baby ate until I was scared. From that time I got a happy baby. At five month my baby was eating all puree food.

  8. 10 months ago..
    Me: *gives my little baby sister water*
    Right now:
    Me: Ah shit, I murdered my little sister despite she is alive.

  9. My mom is a dr and one day she seen another mom that was in Walmart buying her 3 month old some water and she nearly screamed rushing to tell her to not give it to her😂

  10. Yall. Speak to your Paed and Family Dr about what you should and shouldn't give your baby😫.

    They can't speak for themselves so it's important you consult REPUTABLE sources.

    Also babies LOOOVVVEEE your time and attention so get off the screen and play with your babe🙂👼

  11. babies van drink wotah. My mom gave me wotah when i was 2 months and nothing happend to me. Im even a powerlifter now so give you child wotah so he can be powerlifter

  12. When I was younger I always wondered why my little brothers and sisters didn't drink water. This was really interesting to learn about and I never knew that!

  13. This should be taught at school, if I went 10 more years without knowing I would have already had a dead kid and I’d go to prison.

  14. Yeah no! My kids are 9 and 10 and I gave them water from infancy now if you're stupid enough to give them too much then you going to have major major problems. Funny how they talk about not giving them water but have no problem pumping their bodies full of fluoride. It's even in the baby water that you can get pre-bottled..

  15. Babies drink water from the hands in Africa after birth to check there swallowing. They cup the hand with a little water in it. I made sure to give my child four ounces a day yes it's in the formula but we drink milk and then get some water also. It's ok to give them water. Doctors say kelp babies on a schedule no way I get hungry before lunch so does infants. Why let them cry and soothe them just a few ounces of milk they are fine.

  16. Does that mean breast milk is more safer? What if the breast milk has 0.0000000000000000001 percent of water inside it?

  17. Excuse me, but the lady who talks in this video have the exactly same voice as that one who warn you that the Sega CD contains ROM data that may damage your player

  18. I swear babies are stupid. All they do is sit there and cry and scream and shit their pants. And they can’t even drink water without dying

  19. I think the people who are putting they can drink water before six months in the comments posted the comment before they watched the whole vid

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