Why Are 96,000,000 Black Balls on This Reservoir?

these are shade balls they’re being dumped into this water reservoir in Los Angeles and contrary to what you may have heard their main purpose is not to reduce evaporation so what are they really for? To find out I am visiting the largest collection of these balls anywhere on Earth at L.A. reservoir 96 million shade balls. That’s correct. 96 million it’s very rare for you to see 96 million of anything This is your life vest which you are required to wear. Alright. Throw your leg over and climb on in anyway you can there you go. Thank you looking at this I had so many questions. Like why are they black? Are they safe to have in drinking water? How much do they cost? Do they actually reduce evaporation? And what is their real purpose? is it hard to drive in shade balls. It is very hard. Why is that? These are actually partially filled with water the reason they’re filled with water is that in L.A reservoir we have some really high winds and so if we didn’t put water in these things there’d be balls bouncing on the 5 freeways people would drive down they’d be all over the place so these keep the balls in the reservoir and if they do start to roll they kinda wobble because of water makes them uneven but that makes them significantly difficult to push out of the way especially when they form close-packed crystal like structures behind the boat the balls quickly come together in our wake and some close to the motor are pulled along with boat wow did you what did you think the first time they suggested doing this or when it first came in yeah it was a little out there. did you think they were nuts? No, not nuts it just like. It looks absurd It’s like we’re in the world’s biggest ball pit yeah right that’s what it looks like you can’t tell by standing here that we’re actually floating over I think it’s probably 40 50 feet right here, 40 50 feet deep below us and you can’t even see any water you’d think it was a joke. Right? if you didn’t know. You’d would be like no you’re not that’s like a green screen or something alright yeah it’s fake so like when i switch on my tap at home is the water coming from here? Yes. Sometimes, or always. Most of the times Most of the time the water is coming from here, absolutely nuts so why is LA reservoir covered in shade balls? the problem all started with Bromide Bromide is a naturally occurring substance associated with salt water and so normally places like the California aqueduct that comes down from the delta you get some salt water intrusions we have some bromide in the water bromide is harmless and it’s almost impossible to remove and when you disinfect the water with ozone, that bromide becomes bromate and bromates are carcinogenic and so around year 2000 they wrote regulations regulating bromate and the regulations basically said if you have a treatment plant that uses ozone then you have to watch bromate to be careful not to form to much so the only place we ever measured bromate was in our filter plant and the results were always within 10 micrograms per liter limit set by regulators so they were confused when they got a call from one of their customers a beverage company in L.A they said we have some really high levels of bromate showing up are you aware of this? and we said well we don’t show anything but between the filtration plant and the customer was the reservoir so they did some tests almost immediatly upon coming into this open reservoir the bromate levels jumped it turned that bromide with chlorine which is supposed to be safe in bright sunlight form bromate even more than ozone and so we made this unfortunate scientific discovery that actually wasn’t a part of any regulatory scheme and so here we are at reservoir we have water source that’s got bromide in it harmless we have chlorine, we have to have disinfected water, we have sunlight because it is open the only choice we have is to remove sunlight so we looked at all sorts of things we looked at floating tarps across the water and normally we put a floating cover on the water but that’s a multi-year project and so we said can’t we manufacture kind of trampoline with poly like PVC pipe they’re just gonna become bird perches, it’ll have a big water quality problem and so we knew we had high density polyethylene pipe which is used in the water industry and we know that it floats and we at one point thought about can we get to float a pile of pipe across the surface well that’s hard to do and very expensive because it’s a lot of material so maybe we could take some pipe and run it through a chipper and we can make a debris field across the surface like the back corner of a lake somewhere but in anyhow all this mushy warm water with plastic floating on the top that sounds like a petri dish and so lo and behold Dr Brian White did some research and he found the shade ball except they weren’t called shade balls at the time this product existed and they were called bird balls and they’d use it on ponds that had mine tailings where they didn’t want waterfowl to go in and get poisoned and also around airports where there were ponds and they wanted to keep the waterfowl off so that they didn’t take off and get into the jet engines

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  1. Did you have to use that clip? Huh?
    5mins 50seconds to 5mins 54seconds I get to watch a seagull get blended by jet engine FFS.
    I know it can't be helped but have some respect not to show it!

  2. 96 million plastic balls? What an environmental nightmare. Who's bright idea was this? They couldn't find any solution that didn't include plastic which will need to be disposed of in the near future? Sorry but this is a poor solution that should be prohibited in the future.

  3. Bromide is not harmless; it removes iodine from the body and iodine is an essential mineral for health; not to mention it becoming as bromate as he describes. I find it hard to believe that their 'solution' is millions of plastic balls. Dr. Brian White should be fired. Asa society to be adding more and more plastic to the environment is just negligent.

  4. Finally I saw the video which inspired Mr.sellur Raju to execute thermocol idea in India anyone from India like this😅….

  5. Would it be possible to do the same in a stacionary orbit with reflecting dust over the hurricane area in the Carebbian sea in order to tuckle hurricanes?

  6. Could, this be the answer to keeping hurricanes out of the Gulf of Mexico, by keeping the waters cool, and using huge tankers ships to recover them? Not impossible since most of the ocean has plastic, but instead of small balls make huge black balls that float with in the ring of the Gulf that can be contained near Cuba and the us main lands big enough that that some sun light gets thru as it floats on top while ships can still maneuver on water like the boat did… Anything to keep the Gulf water cooler during hurricane season

  7. That's another good use of recovery of current plastic and in the ocean and re using it for huge seal black balls that block out the sun light to keep the waters cool

  8. "Its very rare to see 96 million of anything."
    Me: Atoms, molecules, cells even.

    Edit: Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons too. Oh, and 3 Quarks per Proton, Neutron, or Electron.

    Another Edit: And thousands of gluons holding 3 quarks together. That just adds on to the large number of things that you see everyday. Well… There not quite visible to you, but you are still looking at them.

    Edit 3: And potentially Taceons.

  9. I'm just curious to what company they paid $33 MILLION dollars to for these balls? Who were the Politicians in charge of spending stolen tax dollars this way, who is on the board of the company they bought these balls from and how are they related to the Politicians who made the decision?

  10. Oh yeah sure, you can bite a chunk of one of these balls and nothing will happen to you, totally degradable- but if you eat 2 or 3 you might not be feel too great after lmao !
    Such a useless informative video with 37m now smarter people 😀

  11. So let me get this right.. The water is first treated, then it's put in that reservoir, then it goes to peoples homes to drink?… Am i missing something here? It doesn't seem like that's the most clean way to do it.

  12. ᔕᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗩᑎYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᔕᑌᗷ TO ᗰᗴ ᗩᑎᗪ ᒪIKᗴ TᕼIᔕ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT!! Iᗰ ᒪOYᗩᒪ ᗩᑎᗪ ᖴᗩᔕt thank you…

  13. Sorry, maybe I’m still in kindergarten. All I heard was balls bouncing all over the hwy. can we agree as a world to call balls spheres or something!? I’m tierd of laughing and feeling immature every time someone sais balls. He’s biting and chewing the balls now. COME ON , I can’t take it anymore!!

  14. lets listen to the hippydippy dip shits, its a reservoir, lets just remove the human population instead ,a world war in America would be a good start, get rid of all the human detritus no more planting conifers for profit convincing half wits its good for the lungs of the planet and banning meat products will save the world whilst plant based consumption will (killing all the pollinators ) try basing your criticisms with answers you single digit IQ idiots at least someone is trying right or wrong armchair idiots

  15. if each ball theoretically cost 1 dollar to make, thats 96 million dollars well spent!!! Could it be possible and cheaper to separate bromate from chlorine with high voltage electrodes? Liberals in California should know that the black color balls will absorb heat and cause global warming quicker.

  16. No PBA?
    Hazards. Bisphenol A is found in the hard plastic bottles many people use every day. It can imitate the body's hormones, and it can interfere with the production, secretion, transport, action, function, and elimination of natural hormones. BPA can behave in a similar way to estrogen and other hormones in the human body .

  17. Is it just me or did it sound like someone was behind your right ear at 0.24 secn'ds in( IF you're wearing earbuds & not using a speaker or shytty earphones)?
    I'm going along listening & hear him talking & narrating in both ears while I'm watching but then…out of the blue, hear "erWHAaatt" or some shyt & was like what the heck…??

    I actually thought(4a brief secn'd) someone was actually behind me on my back right side, huha! Talk about 'super-surround sounding' or 'ultra-stereo'd' in its audio effects!(that he obviously added later).

  18. Next time you get the "urge" to Gamble & play your State's Powerball Lottery(etc)., you're looking at your actual "'ODDS"' OF WINNING! Out of 96+ MILLION & many State's "Ultra" 'Powerball' Lotteries fall withing the ranges of 1 in a 100 MILLION(& EVEN MORE!), give or take depending on the State, Powerball, or State's "Ultra-Lottery(s)".

    Just rem'ber to "refer back to your Mind's mental Memory & Image of ALL THESE "Birdballs/Black balls" that are floating on Acres & Acres of area in LA's entire water reservoir & the FACT that your Odds of Winning are you are that "'Sole "'ONE..out of…all these balls" -( w/the balls representing all the Losers! ..like some of you out there find yourselves, time & time again.

    You're just better off saving your hard earned $ & REALIZING your chances of being a "black ball"(ie., another sucker & non-winner who funds Other Ppl's pockets) looks like THIS!

    And that "Sole One" who's NOT A black ball is like throwing a Red Ball "somewhere in there", then mixing & mixing & mixing them all a'rnd for a few months & waiting..only to come back & "blind-foldedly" reach in, paying your $ for every "Chance" at coming up in your hand with that ONE, RED BALL!

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    Seriously though!!😩..Sorry, but its sad but true😆..😜

  19. Did you count them all? Otherwise, how can you be sure? Also, you all are dirtying it up with that boat. I wouldn't want to drink that, and whose job is it to fill all those balls with water?

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