36 thoughts on “Which of your Penny Stock Trading DVDs should I watch first?

  1. Timothy Sykes will be the penny stocks legend the world will talk about for infinity. I truly love this guy. Surprised he's not showing up in my dreams at night already.

  2. Thanks Tim.. Perfect time for another Tim's tip video 👍🏽. Looking forward to see you in Orlando and become your challenge student

  3. Jesus did I need this video. I had no idea where to start or if some of the older ones would be applicable in 2018

  4. "Those who refuse to study the past are doomed to repeat it." In your own way you have just reinforced this classic quote! Bravo Tim.

  5. Thanks for posting Tim so far I'm halfway through pennystocking framework deux everybody should watch how you outline these patterns in detail

  6. What is the best way to learn about what stocks are spiking or dipping? Like what website do you use to analyze penny stocks?

  7. I'm a fan. I'm on the road to success with your help. Instead of listening to music or watching TV in my free time I'm watching your videos. And constantly looking at stock charts going over stock market terminology and learning as much as I can so I can better my future. Thank you Tim

  8. Straight up just emailed you guys the other day about this exact question!
    And this video answered it perfect!
    You should make this video a absolute 1st video to watch!

  9. Hey Tim. Is there any prerequisite to joining your class. I'm not 18 but I signed up, is there a possibility that I can still get picked

  10. Great point about learning about past patterns. Example: the HC of the New England Patriots is a master student of the game. He will show old film of plays to his team and explain the origins of different offensive/defensive systems.

  11. My favorites in order:
    1. How To Make Millions
    2. Steven Dux's "Trading Techniques"
    3. Tim Grittani's "Trading Tickers"
    4. Pennystocking
    5. Pennystocking Part Deux
    6. Shortstocking
    7. Tim Raw
    8. Trader Checklist
    9. Learn Level 2
    10. Tim Fundamentals
    11. Tim Fundamentals Part Deux
    12. Nathan Michaud’s "Trading Tactics"
    13. Read SEC Files

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