When Is The Best Time To Trade?

– [Tim Skyes] What’s up? Tim Sykes, millionaire
mentor here with Tim Bohen, lead trainer of stocks and trade. We’re talking about something
that too many of you guys don’t take into account on your trades. What time of day is it? A company is a very different company, a stock is a very different stock whether it’s at 10:00 a.m. or whether it’s at 3:00 p.m. Eastern. What’s your take? – You know, I think most of
the watchers of this video are probably new or growing
traders and I think– – What’s a ‘watcher of a video’? – Well it’s somebody that–
– A viewer? – It’s a lot like a viewer,
but it’s slightly different. – Watch and learn! Don’t view and learn!
(laughs) – That was a little bit of a flub up, thanks for pointing it out.
– Here we go. – But anyway,
– Keep it going. Keep it going you’re new at
this. He just got done shaving. He already grew his beard back. – (laughs) A lot of new
and aspiring traders kind of focus on the market open because there’s so much action. You know they ring the bell and the bulls and the
bears all come running out. There’s all this stuff goin’ on, but I think there’s a lot
of random moves in that. And it’s great to watch the open, track your tickers, make your plans, focus on what you’re gonna do in the day, but I think the way to consistency is to let things kind of
shake out through the day and look for those post 2:00 p.m. moves. – Time of day is very important. At the market open like you
can make a lot of money fast but you can also lose a lot of money fast. You have to be really prepared. If you’re gonna buy a
stock near the market open, I don’t care how good the news is, I don’t care if it’s a
pump-and-dump and it’s crashing, and you wanna short it like
it’s a see-saw so quick. Within one, two, three minutes you might make or lose 10% or 20%, so you need to have that going in. A lot of newbies are like,
“Oh my God, trading’s crazy!” Versus if you buy let’s
say a stock breaking out to new day highs over the morning
high at 3:00 p.m. Eastern, on good earnings or you know some good products or technical breakout. It’s a lot slower okay
and that’s good and bad. You can make money really quick– – But I think you know you know, if you are new in you’re
struggling with discipline. Slower is better. I mean you get that close
crazy volatile moves to more like this reference but you know you end up
like a deer in a headlight and you make poor decisions because you are up, you’re
down, you’re up, you’re down and you start getting very panicky.
– Why would I like that? Why would I like that? What does that mean?
Why does it matter? – I thought you would like it. – Cause I like deer?
– Yes. – Cause I don’t like to kill deer. And you like to kill deer.
(laughs) Is that what you’re talking about? – No no.
– Was that you were inferring? – No no not at all. – He kills animals.
(laughs) – Just throwing that out there. Don’t be a deer in the headlight because then Tim Bohen’s
gonna slaughter you for fun.
(laughs) Then he’s gonna laugh about it, then he’s gonna debone
you and eat your meat. That’s if you’re a deer in headlights. If you are planning ahead, you’re not a deer in headlights. There’s no animal reference what-so-ever, so there’s nothing for him to kill. And then it’s you killing the market. So would you rather be
killed by Tim Bohen, or would you rather kill the market. Those are your options. Leave a comment just below. I would like to be killed by Tim Bohen or I would like to kill the market. Whatever you like I mean
there’s weird people out there, some people didn’t have a good childhood, you know Tim Bohen can
solve your problem very– – Or instead of leaving that comment maybe perhaps mention a
comment or a question, you’d like us discuss in the next video. – No no no ignore him. He hasn’t made as much money as I do, I’d take priority and seniority here, whether you want to be killed
by Tim Bohen like a deer, or do you wanna kill it in the market. There’s no one magic formula. This is the another thing
like in certain markets, we’ve seen stocks as spikes over and over near the market opening. Specially in holiday trading, Friday morning,
– Low float stocks – Low float stocks
– Hot sector– – Hot sector stocks, shipping
stocks, Chinese stocks like. It pays to buy near the market opening and if you wait until the afternoon, there might be no move. But you just have to be aware because a lot of times like you know, right now we’re filming
this on a market holiday. Yesterday could be considered as like a market holiday type trading. There are a lot of spikers
all of them failed. – Yep everyone.
– So it’s not an exact science If you are gonna buy near the market open, they might spike you. – But what I like about that
is again as that newer trader if all those morning spikers fail, you’re not trading because
they didn’t give you that confirmation of that move. If you’re under the PVT, you’re trying to save your trades, you’re trying to focus on consistency. Sometimes the best trade is no trade. So if there’s all these morning spikers, they all die, they all crack, they all breakdown.
– Who came up with that? Who said that.
– Then, You can look to trade
the ones that’s survived or just not trade.
– Who said that phrase? – Ah Ernest Hemingway.
– This guy. That is my phrase and you
said it as if it was your own. (laughs) I’m not here to be
killed by Tim Bohen okay. I’m here to kill the market
and come up with sayings. And when I come up with the sayings, you attribute it to me
– Okay. – Goes for all of you guys.
(laughs) Sometimes the best trade is no trade, but also think about this, four or five morning
spikers failed yesterday. What if you’re short-seller? What if you like Dux and Grittani and you like shorting morning spikes, there’s opportunity there.
– Yep – There’s so many different
angles in this niche. Some people says it like
“Oh should I do this”, “Should I do this” Try everything.
– But track it. – See what works best for you
– But track it you know. – Try everything and track it
– We did– – Don’t just have a
loss and be like no no. – Because because you know I again, I love the afternoons I think
they are more consistent. But like Tim mentioned–
– And they are boring. – But they are boring
but that’s why I like. But anyway guys like Grittani and Dux, they love short-nose morning spikers but they’ve also got experience and they’ve tracked and they know that’s what works for them. You write it down. We did another video
about trading journals. When you’re writing your trade journals, whatever happened, you bought here, you sold here, this was the profit loss, put the time down and
then keep track of that. See what works for you. – We can talk about this stuff all day. You have to watch the market, you have to watch these stocks in play. But just remember this video lesson. Next time you’re trading
near the market open, say oh I remember trading
with the Tims like, you know this stuff moves quick, or you might something
break out or break down in the afternoon be like oh, I’m gonna watch this and I
might be a little slower. Start to experience it, See it in real time because we can talk, but you’re still not
gonna necessarily learn. It really helps to learn in real time. And then have these videos in your mindset in the background. Again leave a comment just below. Would you like to be killed
by Tim Bohen like an animal? A defenseless animal
that he likes to murder and then laugh about
later with his children, or would you like to
kill it in the market? Your choice leave a comment below. This is being trading with Tim and Tim, one of them is a murderer one is not. Hey Tim Sykes millionaire
mentoring trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I wanna share everything that
I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there and also click subscribe
so that you can watch all of these videos. Get that knowledge and become
my next millionaire student.

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