What will happen to Silver Prices by the end of 2018 (Part 2)

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 6th August 2018 and this is
the second part of 2 videos where we highlight what we believe will be the influences on
the Silver price for the remainder of 2018 and where we assess prices will end up before
the year ends. In our last video we highlighted the potential
effects on silver prices which included: 1. Geopolitical issues
2. Interest rates 3. Price manipulation
4. Traditional Supply and Demand. 5. Internal US Politics.
We also pointed out that so far this year with silver standing at $15.42 an ounce it
is some 8% down on exactly a year ago and down some 9.5% or $1.64 down since the start
of 2018. So Are silver prices going to go up in 2018?
Well before we directly answer that, we wish to draw your attention to a poll conducted
by Focus Economics whose panellists could see prices increasing in 2018, but not by
a lot. As a whole, they expect prices to average
$17.50 this year, which is higher than the metal’s current level but still far from
what silver investors have been hoping and waiting for. Here’s a list of the average
2018 silver predictions given by some of the respondents:
Capital Economics — $16.30 per ounce CIBC — $18.10 per ounce
Deutsche Bank— $17.60 per ounce JPMorgan — $18.70 per ounce
RBC Capital Markets — $19.40 per ounce Standard Chartered — $18.90 per ounce
Now all of these vary significantly with the statements by the likes of Keith Neumeyer,
President and CEO of First Majestic Silver who recently said he believes “we’ll see
silver prices rise to $130” and the likes of Bix Weir who has argued the case for $100,000
silver any time soon – both of whom have been way out for many years.
Even David Morgan the so-called silver guru who has been far too bullish on silver almost
since time began – sorry we are being hyperbolic here – has been wrong for many years – for
example on just 10th September 2017 on Palisaderadio.com he predicted that gold will reach $5,000 and
silver $100 dollars in 2018 / 2019. But even he more recently has given other interviews,
although stating he is expecting a sharp rise, has not been quoting these figures again – we
just get the feeling that he and others seem to either deliberately pump their forecasts
or amend them to take account of the audience they are addressing – all of which is unfortunate
and to think that he is one of the moderates. So these people apart, Many industry insiders
predict that silver will stay the course for the third quarter this year, eventually beginning
its slow climb as markets enter into the fourth quarter.
Analysts at Scotiabank recently stated that, “going forward, we expect that recuperating
physical bar demand and rising industrial consumption will help tighten markets and
push speculators, who remain net short silver, out of the market”… And that “silver
prices are expected to average US$18 per ounce this year and rise to US$19 per ounce in 2019
on the dual precious/industrial nature of its demand base.”
The most bullish forecast for the quarter comes from both Société Générale and ANZ
which are calling for a price of US $18.80; meanwhile, ABN AMRO is the most bearish with
a forecast of US$16.00. So accepting we have no crystal ball our analysis
shows that silver at $15.50 is sustainable in terms of quantities being mined especially
when compared with most of the major producers declaring an average AISC of production of
around $11.50/ounce in 2017 Now on the basis of fairness, a few have announced
rising AISC, for example Endeavour Silver has had a huge increase in AISC from $14/ounce
to $17.50/ounce in Q3 2017 but this was due to production problems at its Guanacevi mine
where lightning struck and disabled their electrical substation. This was repaired in
July 2017 and should improve their costs now. In comparison, Fortuna Silver Mines, a pretty
large player in the silver space, have pretty low AISC’s at $8/ounce. It is a profitable
company and has a large cash balance. With approximately 30% of silver being produced
or mined by pure silver mines (which tend to have the higher AISC’s and 70% mined
as a by-product of some other precious metal e.g. gold (which tend to have lower AISC for
silver extraction), we can see that there is very limited pressure for these mines with
one or two exceptions to raise their prices against a backdrop of silver even at $15.50
an ounce. So going back to our analysis. On pure supply
and demand terms where we continue to assume that 60% of demand remains for Industrial
purposes we see no reason why silver should not be able to vacillate between a low of
$14.50 an ounce and $16.50 an ounce. However, bearing in mind the other factors
which can affect price, it would not take a great deal of turmoil either for example
by a military incursion, trade tariffs proving damning or a major upset within the Trump
administration to see the dollar value falling, stock markets taking a correction and monies
flow from equities and currencies into gold and silver. In that scenario we could very
well see silver reach $18 – $19 again before the year is out.
If we were asked to take a punt today, and with our view that the economy will continue
to move positively forward a while longer, we feel that the FED will again raise interest
rates, and the stock markets will rise further thereby pressurising silver prices downwards
However like many of the people we have mentioned we do see this reversing towards the final
quarter of this year which is only a couple of months away. So we are of the opinion that
silver will rest at or around the $16.50 – $17 level by December end having fallen no lower
than $14 and risen no higher than $18 in between, even allowing for the US elections in November.
Of course we could be wrong but we suspect we shall be more accurate by far than the
likes of Dent predicting sub $10 silver and Mike Maloney and David Morgan predicting $100
silver. Are silver prices going up this year? What
do you think? What key indicators do you look for? Do share your thoughts here we shall
be happy to obtain your perspective. We hope you have found this video interesting
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Illuminati Silver owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management
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advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice
and merely represent the personal views of its owners.

94 thoughts on “What will happen to Silver Prices by the end of 2018 (Part 2)

  1. You've nailed it again !!! : ) We're living in unprecedented times buy silver buy buy buy !!!! I was homeless and insecure… I bought my first 10 oz of silver !!! It's grown substantially 1 ounce at a time …. I started 4 to 5 months ago.. I feel safe and secure now !!!! It's not much but it's a feeling I have now !!!! That I've never known my whole life…. It's like a warm hug… From nobody to somebody… God bless !!! : )

  2. Such a wonderful youtube channel, my only request is that you show the same lucidity regarding Pres.Trump. the never-trumping is boring. Thr momment i hear the anti-trump drumbeat begin. I immediately click away and move on to other content. My wish for you is that you would abandon the negativity as it's fellowship is foolish. Once in a great while someone emerges that deserve to at least remain neutral.
    Once again, i suggest violin and chello, quietly playing as a background would help share culure to the progs of us.
    Cheers sirs.

  3. There can be no major move until a big economic crisis take place, now..can anyone expect the stock market to keep rising to the sky and forever? I seriously doubt it

  4. Silver price will reach between $18.50 and $20.50 oz because of economic turmoil in the world. It may even go higher but we will have to wait and see. Continue to keep stacking because you won't ever be able to get silver at the prices they are now at ever again. Out.

  5. I think there will be a major sell off in equities fall this year (Could be really big). This will cause silver to drop briefly to high 13s low 14s then it will rebound to 17 give or take a dollar years end.

    But, I actually do see high silver in by 2020 (over $50)

    Then again been wrong before just what I'm guessing.

  6. Do you really listen to David Morgan, he was right about the peak $50/oz and hasn’t claimed that silver will have a moon shot. Better not put words in others mouths. It only discredits you.

  7. Very insightful, as usual. I agree, your silver ranges are far more realistic and well thought out. My concern is with bullion inventory. following every price drop, many US dealers run out of low ($0.99-1.99) premium silver bullion. We may see silver drop below $14.99; however, only paper may be available at this price. On a side note, do you agree Platinum is near bottom? I view this as the “canary in the coal mine” for low Precious Metals prices.

  8. 100k silver LOL 2:38 whats that dude been smoking some good stuff. Silver will one day pass the gold price. I predict silver will be over 100 an ounce in the next 10 years. Demand will grow. When you invest in silver your investing technology. We can't make a you tube video without silver. You can't look in a mirror without silver. Its just as important imo as oil and its way way cheaper then what oil is. And the number 1 reason why silver will definitely rise in price is because of all the commodities that Warren Buffet looked at outside of oil he was a big investor in silver at one time. He never bought gold. But he did buy some silver and very oddly decided to get rid of it before it took off in price ( from what i hear he was threatened to get out of the market as they didn't want silver prices to explode) not sure if thats true or not. It doesn't make sense cause when he invests in something he tends to be long term holder into it. He dissected all these metals out and the one he liked was silver. He knows its used in everything especially in the technology sector.

    People keep talking about it as money, but I really don't care about that. The demand will grow as technology continues to invent new things, and find new ways of using silver in their products. Silver is just getting started. Its a once in a life time chance to invest in something that is very cheap compared to other metals but will probably end up being one of the most high demanding metals throughout the next 100 years. Its high of only 50 dollars is still crazy cheap imo compared to other metals especially gold. People invested in silver will extremely rich in the next 10-20 years those investors will be buying lambos. I continue to invest into silver related businesses every month and i will be doing it until the prices are not depressed anymore. I bought ethereum from 6 to 20 dollars range i wish i would of bought a lot more. It will over take bitcoin as the number 1 coin in the next 10 years. But buying now is just not smart. But silver right now is fire sale bargain. People telling me they are waiting for it to go to 10-13 dollars to invest is hilarious to me. Thats only like 5 dollar difference. It may never go down that far but if it does I would just continue to buy more.

    My dad told me a easy way to invest. He said if something is under 20 dollars and has uses for the future and they don't have a lot of it, its worth investing in cause its something even poor people can invest in and over a period of time demand will grow based on its rarity and uses ( he bought me silver since i was little kid and he played slots at casinos that paid out in silver coins and would give them to me). And if someone doesn't have enough money to invest 20 dollars they are in a lot of trouble. And if its over 20 dollars leave it alone cause in general people don't like pulling anything out over 20 dollar bill to buy something. I do agree with that I never felt comfortable pulling out a 50 dollar bill for some odd reason, but a 20 no big deal. So I will continue to invest in silver and silver related products until the price is over 20 dollars. Bitcoin is the worst investment in the world right now, and silver is the best. Once its over 20 bucks I will sit and wait until the next great investment comes around like oil. It almost got to 20 I was getting really excited. But oh well patience is virtue from what I been told. Getting very skeptical crude goes under 20.

  9. Hopefully it tanks more and more as I continue to buy and buy. I see it going to $14.50ish by end of this month.

  10. The spot price comes from the Comex & LBMA, rigged hypothecated paper markets, and if one believes the price of silver has been rigged since the British opium war with China in 1850, the only question is not what the price will be in the future but WHEN will the rigging end and genuine supply & demand price discovery be allowed to begin? WHEN? Possibly when a systemically significant bank fails? And when will that be? I think one must do more than jawbone down other public figures.

  11. In the fall analysts believe the stock market will show more pressure than today. Even the anticipation of the stock market falling in 2019 can cause precious metals to climb in price in the fall.

  12. Until markets correct to FAIR value it's difficult to predict what PM's will do. At some point the debt bubble will burst. But when?

  13. New sub! Nice presentation.
    I’m in it for the long haul. I’ll keep my ounces as savings and to pass on to my progeny upon my transition to whatever is next for me.

  14. I don’t think that JP Morgan and the rest of the suppressors are done yet. I think that we still have a while to go before the prices go up substantially.

  15. Excellent analysis! Very broadly covered. Gold has taken a fall against the $ meanwhile, other major currencies are taking a hit too. Trump recently voiced his opinion on weaker $ going into the Trade War. It's all about the $ play. The ''Trump Card'' will make the difference either which way. Interesting times.

  16. Maybe it’s just me, but until we stop all the illegal monopoly on the metals in the market we’ll continue to have our butts kicked.

  17. The real price of an ounce of silver has always been a days wages for the average working man. It'll get there again but not until 2020 at the earliest in my view. There's some stock bull market left yet and it'll be a while before the fed raises rates faster than the rate of inflation especially with the added pressure from the trump administration to ease off on rate hikes. Until then silver will be cheap and I'll continue buying!

  18. First, let's hope Trump doesn't cause all the trouble IS suspect him capable of (you guys need to check Q for your breaking news). Second, agreed the gold-bugs are to be ignored, their predictions mainly revolve around the substantial global dept and the eventual need for its repayment – an idiotic concept. Third, but why do IS trust the banks ideas so much – is because these ill-run benefit-dependent greed-machines control the price?
    Err… and thanks for these reports, they always tend to be the closest to what actually happens – so please don't stop, just like to get a penny-in here and there 😉

  19. The price will be +- $5 an ounce from today, depending on mining, supply and demand. Not going to be any drastic change.

  20. I think 15.50 is sustainable at this given time the dog days of summer is not over. If you look at the last trade war silver almost doubled over those 3 years. I expect pretty much the same well see in 3 years.

  21. the COMEX price (being discussed here), will remain correlated with gold. If gold climbs above its support/resistance levels, then silver will inch up too. Barring exciting black swan events (eg, Chinese trade war retaliation by dumping dollar bills), gold, and therefore silver, look set to me to going for one more bottoming test before starting to leg up on fourth quarter strength. Maybe we will see a rapid 13 handle before the rise. I would estimate the year end value to be around $17.50

  22. The silver price will be worth shit until the stock markets finally give way and crash. That being said it’s not a question of if, but when the markets crash! Only then you will see a silver price far higher than gold! It might be this year or 10 years from now, but when it happens you’re going to wish you had bought bullion bars. If you have half a brain you should keep your bullion close to your guns (real insurance policy) and day trade the markets until then! Just my two cents.

  23. I agree with your analysis. I would think industrial the supply/demand component & interest rates, respectively,  will be the most influential drivers of price. One item of note is the dealer spread for the uncirculated ASE which is about $2.40 USD. It is really irritating me and has kept me from seriously considering a monster box. I only want the Eagle and that stubborn discrimination is no doubt the reason for their spread.

  24. When the dollar is strong gold and silver prices are low and when the dollar is weak silver and gold prices are high. I haven been stacking silver long so I may be wrong. I think the only way silver and gold prices will rise is if the U.S. dollar is devalued. Or maybe gas prices go up and make mining silver and gold production cost more. I don't see a whole lot of reasons for the price to rise but the things that can effect the price is a real concern nowadays. For the most part I think silver prices will stay around $16 oz.

  25. It is highly misleading to talk about the price of silver. Because silver is traded on stock exchanges where it has a buy/sell price visible to all, people think that that price is the price of silver, including their physical stacked silver. It is not. The price is whatever you can get in tiered markets and that price does not reflect in the stock exchange silver price. More accurate would be to list the conversion cost and time to paper silver to sell in a market, of physicsl silver. That cost varies – about 30 days and 25% to 50% depending on volatility.
    Test this the day silver doubles in a week by trying to sell then, that same week.

    As an analogy, you know what interest rates are for tbills. If it is 3%, your interest rate on a credid card might be 10 to 29 percent. Different markets, connected by forces but not the same.

  26. I've no real idea where silver will go by EOY, however, I do know that all hell is about to break loose in WDC. The unredacted FISA Warrant is due to be released to Congress this week, perhaps tomorrow, and it's going to be a lightening rod; more than Fed raising rates, etc. Snowball to avalanche is likely, will just have to wait and see. I have no patience with silver pushers at this point ($100oz etc.), and Harry Dent will have to wait a while to see his prediction materialize, if he lives that long. As usual, IS is probably right in the ballpark with the forecast, but beware, turmoil in Trump Admin. is about to heat up as never before. Stock market correction highly likely. Thank you for the update!

  27. Where did cabadejo go? Too much for you? I'd never sell any PMs but use them as collateral for fiat loans! The metal is real, and good in any country despite the paper games.

  28. Whatever happens silver is a good way of saving money because you get ripped off so much selling it. (U.K.) Therefore it prevents you from dipping into your "savings."

  29. It costs about 8 bucks to produce an ounce of Silver……….don't listen to the Talking Heads tell you it costs 15-16 bucks!!!!

  30. A dozen large brown eggs is $6 a dozen at my local grocery store and will soon cost more than a silver coin. Inflation is EVERYWHERE except in precious metals. The rigging is obvious.

  31. Thank you for your thoughtful analysis. Please keep posing the questions and help us find the answers.
    As all things are relative and many pundits anticipate a major reset/collapse/realignment in the short- to medium-term, would it not perhaps be helpful to reference the price of PMs in relation to other staple commodities like wheat, soya, oil, etc.
    If the dollar, etc., hyper-inflates, those who have been predicting $100 silver and $5000 gold, etc, will have been proved correct, which is right, even if practically it is barmy – with little relevance to the price of a pint (or loaf of bread if that way inclined)? .
    Just saying!

  32. Any intelligent informed person can see where the global economy is headed. I really appreciate the gift of low silver prices!

  33. every known fiat money in history have been reduced to zero worth. gold and silver never been reduced to zero. take your pick.

  34. How do you/they calculate the monetary demand for silver and gold? Is it only physical or also paper contracts? Is it currently positive or negative?

  35. Great video!
    I see a lot of confusion in the market, some say up, some say down. So it goes nowhere.
    It is ONLY going where the masses think it is going.
    And the masses believe what they are told.
    And the cycle goes on….
    Until someone "important" says otherwise.

  36. Why would ANYONE waste their time struggling with a manipulated low price when there are opportunities elsewhere? why not look for more profitable mining options as there are MANY other metals to mine. When silver and gold rise to a normal range in price THEN go after them. If I was working for near minimum wage and there was another job across town that paid $50 per hour, why would you waste your time at $8 per hour? Precious metals are scarce and should be priced that way. Dollars are created by the trillions from nothing more than a keystroke. If the miners used their collective heads, they should hold back 1/2 their haul and see what happens to prices.

  37. Illuminati Silver Great vide. Very insightful. Seems like it will not move much this year. However, do you guys believe that Silver is a good investment long term? If so what do you think will happen in the next 5 to 10 years? Could you do a video on that?

  38. I think its going to go down. We might be heading towards a recession. And poor people from a recession wont be able to afford silver.

  39. Yes si ver prices will increase significantly thru the end of the because the "Everything Buble" markets greed and manipulation are not sustainable = realistic. Also a rapidly increasing interest by countries (like Iran, Turkey, India, China, Russia and some "hidden" others) and individuals growing awareness of the "Everything Buble" ready tu implode as well as the signicantly undervalued prices for both silver and gold. May it is one of the greatest money-saving opportunities in generations. The time is around now (because w/ might still see some short selling which will turn into a grand short squeeze. Beware…

  40. I agree with your overall analysis, slightly higher by end of year, possibly a dip to 14 in the meantime, then next year and years following, strong rise.

  41. the low on 7-3 2017 was $14.39 i do not see anything to keep it from that level. it may take a bit of consolidation… several weeks perhaps, the traders should be coming back from vacation fairly soon. this could however drop quickly. $15.00 dollars is a major half point,
    i would think it will not go down with out a fight.but i could see $12.50 as a possibilty.

  42. 7.70 oz. , then 8. Then all the up to 40.00. Just marking my territory. Going to check back. It's getting crushed. But I'm all in at 13. Lol

  43. If you lived in Venezuela Brazil Argentina Russia and now Turkey and looking at few more devaluing financial basket cases. Many people in these countries are wishing they were holding PM's.

  44. not sure how the silver market will be by end of year… only that I am buying! im getting my silver at these low prices and paying the lowest premiums I can find through 7ksilverinvestment.com  I highly recommend this route. its proven to me and I am earning extra cash while getting my silver, Best of luck to everyone with their investments!

  45. Apparently illuminati has a crystal ball! Predicting what will happen with silver is about as precise as predicting the next hurricane. What these guys don't get is the game is completely rigged and nobody knows when it will fail horribly. But one thing is certain – it will fail (lesser economies with a lot less debt have failed). This time it's going to be global. I don't care when it happens so long as I have some real assets when it does. Second video from this channel I've watched and both were nonsense.

  46. Sooner or later the market will undergo a substantial correction. Depending on the severity of that Silver will remain lackluster in my humble opinion. I've been setting on my silver since 2013 and losing money for 5 years. I cannot afford to sell now. If I have to I'll leave it for my children in my trust before I'll sell at a loss.

  47. I invest in both precious metals and stocks… I don't trade in these things so short term fluctuations don't bother me… I have a long term outlook and want dividends and sustainable growth. I work to make money…. And invest for the future

  48. I think we are firmly below $15.00 another attempt at the previous low should succeed. bringing us to $14.25
    followed shortly to $14.00 then $13.75 before too long.

  49. Silver has been in a straight down bear market since it hit almost $50 in 2011, and these kooks want to make a video about the "Prospects of silver" unbelievable

  50. Sure, silver could stay the course for awhile BUT if you understand Elliott Wave analysis this will not be the case. We can't predict the news but we can say that we are at the terminal end of the ABC correction, down from 4/18/11 at $48. Once the bottom is reached we will see news that will support the surge in pricing just like it happened in 2010/2011. Elliott Wave Analysis is by the BEST prediction (more like probability) method.

  51. Silver is a long term storage of wealth when the paper currencies collapse. The current low prices allow me to stack as much as possible.

  52. I have been enjoying your insightful videos very much. Most oscillating indicators are historical, so, in your opinion what are the best leading indicators that you use? Silver price? Oil futures?and bitcoin trade, A whole basket of oil traded stocks and indices.

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