What is the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge? | How YOU Can Join

[Music] so everybody always asked me what is this millionaire challenge that you’re always talking about Tim and the simple answer is that this is the number one program in the entire world for my creating millionaire students from scratch nobody else has as many millionaire students as I do and I’m very proud of that I’m not saying that to brag I’m just saying that guess what I’m real there’s a lot of people on the internet who promised riches but they don’t deliver they don’t back it up I can’t guarantee that you’re gonna be my next millionaire student but I can guarantee you that I will teach you every single thing that I’ve learned over the past two decades and my millionaire challenge is basically an all-encompassing educational program with everything that I’ve learned and now that everything that my top students have learned this is the cool thing I’m not just a one-man band anymore my top millionaire students and I all teach and all mentor together so when you join my millionaire challenge first of all you have to apply we don’t just let anybody in because it’s a very small tight-knit community of the top traders what you get is kind of overwhelming I’m not gonna lie you have to be dedicated to actually be becoming a millionaire you can’t just say oh I want to be a millionaire maybe like okay maybe I’ll do some other work no you have to be sure that you want to be a millionaire and that’s why there’s a whole interview process you have to do homework there’s a whole curriculum it’s not as easy as you think to become a millionaire you have to remember 90% of traders lose money over 70% of investors fail to beat the S&P 500 every year so most people are losing and how am i creating millionaires from scratch you know my top millionaire student has turned fifteen hundred of his own money into now nearly six million in just over six years so how has he done this it’s because the millionaire challenge prepares you it’s not just about hot picks it’s not just about watch list its alerts its watch lists it’s a chatroom but it’s also video lessons and live webinars and private mentoring too it is all-encompassing so you get all my DVDs you get weekly live webinars sometimes they’re QA like I’m gonna do one later today sometimes there live trading usually two to three webinars per week from me and my top students so you get kind of a range of different strategies you know we’re all different we don’t always trade the same patterns we don’t always trade the same stocks and now frankly I’m very fortunate that my millionaire students haven’t just been dedicated enough to become millionaires in their own right they also want to give back to the community because frankly it’s the community that helped them become a millionaire so it’s a whole little circle that we’ve got going on I want more a millionaire students I want more people helping teaching you know we have Marc crook who’s made nearly a million dollars as I filmed this video he’ll be a millionaire in the next few months he started with just a few thousand dollars he was an accounting stuck in a cubicle now guess what he is the one who helped me categorize all my video lessons he gives weekly webinars live trading webinars and Q&A webinars he also makes video lessons exclusively for the challenge and I think there’s 400 video lessons in his archive that’s the cool thing too when I say live webinars there are all archived too so not only are you getting new webinars every week you can go back and look at the archives where you can nowhere else get access to these webinars I think timber Tommy the student who I mentioned who has turned fifteen hundred into nearly 6 million I think he’s done I want to say over 40 maybe even over 50 webinars now all archived exclusively for challenge students access and I know a lot of people watch them they love reviewing trades of the past strategies that have worked he’s done a lot of Q&A webinars you know once you do 40 or 50 hours or maybe actually each webinar is like two hours so nearly a hundred hours of his live training you can get a really good sense of how to turn fifteen hundred into six million I know it sounds impossible I know it sounds crazy but he shows every single trade all my top students and I show all of our trades publicly but it’s the live webinars that really separate everything and Mark crook who I mentioned who’s getting close to a million dollars he also helps students design their own watch lists every day we also have Michael Goode who’s my first millionaire student he’s now made over two million dollars he famously wrote a blog post to said Timothy Sykes of full of BS then he came around and he actually became my first millionaire student he gives live webinars and he’s given I want to say over like two or three hundred archived webinars he’s more technical he loves like digging into SEC filings so you can learn from his patterns you know Tim kirtan egos long and short mark crook is mainly a short seller so you learn from all of these different top traders what we do right what we do wrong all exclusive to the millionaire challenge not to mention the whole curriculum calls with my own dad it’s kind of cool like I’ve heard him do phone calls like we’re really invested in your success and that’s why there is no other program in the world even close to my millionaire trading challenge go apply underneath this video and also leave a comment below this video if you’re gonna be dedicated I’m looking for more dedicated students if you’re lazy don’t bother applying just get off my page because we’re not gonna get along hey Tim Sykes millionaire mentoring trader thank you for watching my videos I hope that they helped you I want to share everything that I’ve learned over the years you can check out more videos right over there and also click subscribe so that you can watch all of these videos get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student [Music]

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