What is Quantitative Trading?

This video aims to define the term ‘Quantitative Trading’ and discuss various concepts related Trading’ and discuss various concepts related to it. Quantitative trading is the implementation of trading strategies in a disciplined and systematic manner. By which, we mean designing trading strategies in an orderly manner according to a fixed system or plan. These trading strategies are developed through rigorous research and mathematical computations. Developing these trading strategies involve application of scientific methods in selecting the securities, choosing and filtering the
data, and studying the data to trade those securities. This whole analysis is known as quantitative analysis while those who perform this analysis are popularly known as quants or quant traders. Quants are required to look at many aspects of their strategy, such as measurement of risk exposure, while following a disciplined approach. The influence of quants in the trading market place can be estimated from the fact that in the year 2013, around 70% of the orders to buy or sell on Wall Street were placed by quants through software programs. to learn and implement quantitative trading enroll for our courses which are taught by practitioners and leading institutions enroll now for quantitative trading strategies and models Quantra.

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