What is Happening to the Price of Gold?

– You might have noticed
that the price of gold has been getting clobbered lately. I’ll tell you why this is happening and what’d gonna happen next. (upbeat techno music) Of course, when the
price of gold declines, or precious metals decline, you’re gonna see a decline in the value of a lot of the mining companies that are related to
that commodity, as well. That’s why you’re seeing
a lot of these stocks that find gold and bring
it out of the ground, they’re prices are going to be declining as the price of gold declines. The majority of the decline
in the precious metal prices, lately, which has been pretty significant, but, it’s all based on an
equal amount of strength going in the US dollar. There’s a Turkish currency crisis, and this scared a lot of people to looks for a flight to
quality or a flight to safety. And they are misguided thinking that the US dollar should be that. But, for now, that’s what they did. They purchased a lot of US dollars, they moved money into that, and it makes the strength
in the dollar much greater. It’s the best of a bunch
of bad case scenarios with all these currencies. So the price of gold declined a lot. The miners also declined a lot. What you can do in the future,
if you’re concerned about it, understand if you look at
20 gold mining companies and all 20 of them or 19 or 18 of them all decline by about the same amount, you realize that it’s trading a sympathy or market specific risk, systemic risk, the system being the stock market. It’s not company specific
risk, or non-systemic, where it’s based on
the underlying company. If your gold mining
company drops 20 percent and all the other gold mining
companies drop 20 percent, you don’t need to worry as much that it’s related to the
company specifically. But, if only your gold mining
company dropped 20 percent, all the other gold miners
are staying flat or going up, then you need to worry
and find out what’s wrong with that company What’s going on that’s making
the price decline so much. Almost all the weakness in gold over the last couple of weeks has been directly related to the
currency crisis in Turkey. And there will be more currency crisis’, but eventually what’s
gonna happen is people are gonna recognize that there isn’t a lot of value in the US dollar. Mainly because there’s
so many problems with it. We cannot pay off the debts on the dollar that we owe right now,
even to American citizens. That is a certainty. Therefore, there will
be some kind of default, which would be a hard
default or a soft default or it’ll default through inflation. No matter what, we can
not pay back our debts. And it’s a certainty that
a recession is approaching right now, and I believe it
should have already happened. But it will happen relatively soon, and this’ll put a lot of
pressure on the economy and the dollar. This is going to, therefore,
result in the prices of gold or precious metals
increasing as the dollar starts to decline. We’re in a temporary moment right now where people think it’s a
good idea for flight to safety to go to the US dollar. They’re going to learn
or realize soon enough that that’s not a good move. Especially once the
recession does get here, they’re going to understand
there’s other ways to protect your assets
and protect your money than the US dollar. Because the US dollar, in my opinion, is going to be declining
pretty significantly over the next year. For some of you, I imagine
this is your first time here. My name is Peter Leeds, and,
along with my entire team, we show you ways to turn
a small amount of money into something much more significant. Please subscribe to the channel, and when you do make sure
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34 thoughts on “What is Happening to the Price of Gold?

  1. Thanks for the update on gold, Peter! I bet many subscribers are worried about the recent downfall in the precious metals sector…Personally, I feel that it's a great buying opportunity…It may be the last one before gold and silver jump to the roof.

  2. I found an ounce of gold In my safe a month ago, bought it from apmex years ago and forgot about it. I called apmex immediately and sold it back to them, I got the feeling they are tired of buying back.

  3. You told us months ago to buy gold or we will be sorry if we don’t and now this like Peter Lynch said learn and listen to yourself.

  4. Dear Peter,
    I have been waiting to her your view on this.
    Clealy gold and Silver have fallen off a cliff lately. Especially when looking at from a dollar perspective. Less so in most other currencies. If you believe it will bounce back Big time as the stock market goes Down and a recession Will kick in the future How would you time buying more? Would you dollar cost average on the Way Down or try to time the Bottom based Technical analyses and historic support levels?

  5. well gold has been around since the beginning of time n if you go to mars n wanna buy a ufo the martians will accept gold or venus n wanna buy a bottle of water from the fountain of youth they'll take gold too … sooo if it's good anywhere in the universe n has been since the dawn of time … i'm sticking with gold even if it drops a penny or 2 once in a while

  6. bought more silver yesterday moved wifes 401 k into the safest thing I could holding cash but dumping it into up grades on properties before prices go exponential on labor/materials even considering beans and bullets haha

  7. Quick question: could it be a generational thing? I think people don’t look at gold and silver the same way as they used to.

  8. Hey man, I came across one of your videos earlier this year. Sold Crypto when you called the top because you made a good point about it being everywhere already and all the suckers have already been suckered in. I also started watching your other videos and you were calling for a crash in the stock market. I don't really know much about the stock market but I managed to learn the crypto market very well and it taught me very good market lessons such as selling the news and taking profits. I want to start investing in the stock market. Since you were calling were a crash earlier this year, I didn't enter. So my money has been getting killed by inflation. Is it a good time to enter the stock market? Also what are some good books would you recommend? I just want to learn everything so I can make rational decisions for myself.

  9. Isn't it also (primarily) because they are dumping paper gold stock on COMEX and elsewhere? It seems more nefarious than merely purported causal factors. The markets are being propped up and manipulated by central banks and other intuitions. Just the take that I've been hearing from other sources. Thanks for the info Peter.

  10. What makes you think that people would turn their back on dollars while all other fiat currencies will be depreciating against dollar, including precious metals, and cryptocurrencies as well? Everyone knows us dollar and it's commonly accepted unlike other things. So what should happen in order to change people's mind about dollar all over the world?

  11. I think your
    Government t has been very clever and is behind the dropping price of gold and silver
    It’s a great way to double down your debt too the Chinese and Russians
    You see the Chinese and Russians wanted gold as a payment for the debt they bought of America’, so what better way to maximise on this and let them by the debt at a higher price of gold, then drop the price of gold and buy the gold back at a cheaper price??,
    Genius if you ask me ya ha ha

  12. Hi Peter,
    I’ve invested a small portion in gold however I found this chaps analysis interesting. Would you have any points in rebuttal to this? https://youtu.be/PTZ3qAYwYAE

  13. The Dollar is one of the strongest currencies at the moment. Money creation: 5% economic growth rate: 4.1 %=> only 1 % inflation. Other currencies are going down the drain, therefore the dollar gets more expensive for those countries therefore the goldprice goes down.


  15. Hey Peter
    You do know that our Market is COMPLETELY a FAKE and PHONY Market.Right??
    Just watch the manipulation going on with the Bond Market…Its ridiculous.I thought we would of corrected last Oct,but it wasn't until March did the news come out about all the P.M. manipulations and fines.Russia dumped its debt,I am guessing last March and April,…It never even showed ..nothing!!.
    Now you have the plunge protection and the stock stabilization fund bailing out the forever crashing Bond Market that's propping up our decaying dollar,Turkey crashed,Deutsche Bank laid off 10,000 employees We should of crashed a long time ago.I am sorry to tell you this but I believe that the suppression of Golds and Silver is B.S. and is controlled by evil Bankers like …J.P. Morgan…All of our Bank are crashing and there(WEEK END AT BERNIE'S) playing it off like there just fine…Remember 2008?

  16. I gotta hand it to Peter. The majority of "bloggers" here would sell their mother for a quick buck. But Peter oozes integrity. Integrity is everything. Respect !!

  17. Gold … is all fools gold. The elite own the gold mines, the gold production and the banks. Average cost of gold extraction…$247 an ounce . Elite plan … sell useless metal which you cannot eat, drink, wear to keep you warm or live in which you risk having stolen if you keep it at home or pay someone to store it for you in an underground vault. Claw back as much of the invented money generated by the banks and with the profit buy up more of the world's assets. Why dig it out of the ground in the first place? This destroys the environment with poisons which kill and poison the fauna, flora, environment and humans where the gold is mined! It is just like the crypto currencies…with over 800 of them out there, they will all crash as hackers get into the blockchains and everyone will lose their money. However, unlike crypto currencies which are backed by nobody and now frequently hacked and stolen or lost when passwords are forgotten, corrupted or stolen, so many gold items are no longer made of gold! Many are fake gold or gold plated!

    Historically, gold and silver have been a store of wealth, although the value has been volatile and varied wildly. For those with great wealth, land and property are a better store of wealth. You can live on a piece of land, grow food on it, collect and store water ( in an area where there is reasonable rainfall). For those with gardens, grow food which can be bartered with neighbours for other needed items. For those with little income, a store of food and medicine is a good idea as any surplus can also be bartered for other needed items. Basically, cash is not king. Most other basic material items have 'barter' value.

    Gold mining destroys the environment, poisons the land and the streams and rivers with the poisons used in the process, kills many of the miners during the extraction, forces the poor to work for almost no wages reducing their longevity and for what…so people with too much money can buy the stuff and then pay more money for banks and vaults to store it for them. So much gold is not gold but gold plated. So many invest in gold companies that search for it or say they store it for you but do not have it….it is all a great big scam.

    The rich could give a fraction of their wealth to help the poor buy basic farming tools and seeds to start sustainable safe food production small scale businesses. Just look at the many documentaries about gold extraction to see how dangerous gold mining is for the poor!

  18. Many other countries are far deeper in debt than The United States-by the time America defaults most of the world will have defaulted on it's debts and we will be on a cashless society run by a new system of international credits managed by the central banks that will erase these debts by redefining the purchase powers of the new credits issued. Because gold is held in large amounts by countries considered hostile to the United States and the central banks it will not be allowed to increase in price much. The central banks have proved they can keep it's price under 2,000 dollars an ounce and this policy is not going to change going forward. Gold at 2,500 and ounce is fully possible considering where the market is at now but brakes will be applied if gold tries to move past this-the central banks are fully able to control bother the price of gold and the relative strength or weakness of the dollar to keep China, Russia, Iran and Turkey in their relative 2nd world place.

  19. Would be nice if you could take us through the Gold and other precious metals prices, Silver/Platinum etc, for the last 100 years, so we can see where it currently lies in relation to its past values. …ditto for Gold Stocks, has gold stock price valuation always matched gold prices?

  20. There is manipulation of precious metals by the banksters who are buying contracts and shorting them and this is temporarily pushing the price down. They have been fined several times for this. There is also temp move up of $$.

  21. Dahlonega Ga is home of the purest gold. The U.S mint made coins there in the 1800s. Those beautiful coins are premium American gold stock. You can buy shiny nuggets from Crisson mine there.

  22. As of now, the USD index is 97+. $UUP has been increasing in price since it broke the SMA(200) resistance level in June. We'll see what happens next year.

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