What If You Only Drank Coke (Soda) and Nothing Else?

Most of us humans have a sweet tooth, but
it wasn’t always that way. In the 18th century, the British were refining
large amounts of sugar but it was still considered quite the luxury item. In fact, it was known as “White Gold”
and it was so precious and expensive that only the very wealthy ate it. Today the sugar industry is huge, and while
our daily intake of this sweet delight should only be about 50 grams according to health
experts, it’s thought when American sugar consumption was at its peak in 1999, citizens
were consuming close to 111 grams a day on average. It’s thought right now that number is 94
grams. A big part of that is sugar in our drinks,
and that’s what we’ll discuss today, in this episode of the Infographics Show, What
would happen if you only drank Coke and nothing else? Don’t forget to subscribe and click the
bell button so that you can be part of our Notification Squad. The history of Coca-Cola starts in 1886 when
an American pharmacist called Dr. John S. Pemberton started messing around with carbonated
water and syrup. According to Coke’s own website, he was
quite pleased with the results and within a year he was selling nine servings a day,
each for 5 cents. Right now, around 1.9 billion servings of
Coke are sold daily. That’s more than a quarter of the world’s
7.5 billion people quaffing this drink every day. It’s believed that half the population of
the USA drinks at least half a glass of soda every day of their lives. But is that good for them? First, we have to know what’s actually in
Coke? Is there really a secret ingredient that nobody
can fathom except its creators? The secret formula was actually created as
a marketing stunt in 1891, but still today, Coke says only a very few people on the inside
know what that is. Coke actually labels each ingredient as a
merchandise, and they are numbered one to nine. One is of them is of course sugar, or other
sweeteners, and we know it also contains caffeine, caramel coloring, and phosphoric acid. The rest of the ingredients are a mystery,
although it’s thought there might be orange, lime, vanilla, cinnamon and even nutmeg in
the syrup. One of the ingredients is called 7X. In a book on the subject, writer Mark Prendergast
said he had found the hidden ingredients and they were a mix of oils containing extract
of Orange, Lemon, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Coriander, Neroli and also some alcohol. Neroli is an essential oil from the orange
tree. And yes, the drink did at one point contain
cocaine, but in those days the coca leaf was promoted as a health benefit. According to Snopes, it only contained “1/400
of a grain of cocaine per ounce of syrup.” That is not enough to make a person high,
but it was still removed from the drink in 1903, 11 years before cocaine was actually
made illegal in the USA. Prior to that it was the drink’s selling
point, with its creator – a morphine addict himself – saying that Coke was “a most wonderful
invigorator of sexual organs.” Much has changed, but Coke’s marketing strategy
is still often related to having a lust for life, youth, spirit, and sexiness. Now let’s talk about the sugar. There are nine grams of sugar in every 100
grams of the drink. In a 12 oz (355 ml) can of Coke there are
39 grams of sugar. But we all know how much people like to overdose
on Coke. A 7-Eleven Big Gulp of Coke contains 91 grams
of sugar, almost double the recommended daily dose. A Super Gulp contains 146 grams of sugar and
a Double Gulp 186 grams of sugar. A large Coke at McDonalds contains about 77
grams of sugar. Drinks got so big that New York created the
Sugary Drinks Portion Cap Rule, but that didn’t affect 7-Eleven’s monstrous portions. It only applied to restaurants, which were
prohibited from serving sugary drinks bigger than 16 ounces (0.5 liters). No surprise the sugar drink conglomerates
opposed the bill, stating that poor income families would lose out on those great deals. You could of course splurge and buy 3 separate
drinks. According to MotherJones, the biggest drinks
out there are these in order: 7-Eleven Team Gulp at 128 fluid ounces, HuMUGous Kum and
Go at 100 ounces, The Beast’s Arco at 85 ounces, and KFC’s Mega Jug at 64 ounces. That would mean one Team Gulp is 10.6 cans
of Coke, or 415 grams of sugar. That is more than 8 times more sugar than
what doctors say is safe to consume each day. Maybe if you just drank Coke and nothing else,
you might consume that amount, but what affect would it have on the body? Maybe we can imagine a Zombie Apocalypse and
you are locked in a Coke warehouse, and there’s nothing but stock. As you can imagine, your teeth would soon
start to rot. The acid content in the Coke would destroy
the enamel on your teeth and the sugar would soon lead to cavities. The calories you consumed would be less than
the recommended 2000 if you drank 10.6 cans of Coke at 150 calories a can, but still,
the contents would hurt you. According to one health website, all that
high fructose corn syrup you are consuming would start to increase fat on your liver. It also said you would be at risk of getting
cardiovascular disease. Believe it or not, one super fit guy from
Los Angeles named George Prior actually drank 10 cans of Coke every day for 30 days. He did eat other things, too, though. After his binge, the British Press said he
put on 28 pounds (two stone or 12.7 kilos). From being slim, he developed love handles,
a pot belly, and man boobs. He also said his blood pressure went up from
129/77 to 145/96. His conclusion: “I think there are a lot
of people suffering health problems like diabetes and heart disease, who aren’t aware they could
help themselves by just stopping sugar.” He also admitted that the big corporations
and their lobbying arms would be hard to stop. Back to our Coke binge. According to some experts at Yale University,
we’d start ageing rapidly, as well as putting on pounds and losing teeth. The same study says that we’d feel really
hungry all the time as sweet tastes increase appetite. We might even start gnawing at the crates
in the warehouse. Weight gain would be definite. Studies have shown that one fifth of America’s
famous obesity epidemic is from people just drinking too many sugary drinks. Another article explains that one woman drank
two litres of soda every day and no water at all for 16 years. Her addiction put her in the hospital at the
age of just 31. She was suffering from arrhythmia, fainting
spells, and potassium deficiency. You can only imagine what our Coke-only diet
would do to us. Research has shown that just reducing the
amount of sugar in drinks could prevent over a million cases of obesity. What does the world health organization say
about this? “We have solid evidence that keeping intake
of free sugars to less than 10% of total energy intake reduces the risk of overweight, obesity
and tooth decay,” said the WHO’s Department of Nutrition for Health and Development in
2015. Things could soon change, but sugar politics
is a big deal and in the end, the bottom line is more important than your health, say most
critics. The sugar industry has spent 54 million dollars
lobbying in the last 8 years. Well, in the UK, politicians knew this and
tried to come up with a way to reduce obesity in the country by taxing sugar higher. This hasn’t come in yet, but already drinks
manufacturers have begun reducing the sugar in their drinks in the UK by as much as 50
percent because of this. Coke was one of those companies, but the 30
percent sugar reduction will only happen in the UK, according to CNN. So, how much soda do you drink in a day? Will this video get you to reduce your intake? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called Vegans vs Meat Eaters – Who Will Live Longer?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
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100 thoughts on “What If You Only Drank Coke (Soda) and Nothing Else?

  1. I did this for about 5yrs I ate a little here and there. I drank over 100oz most days. Now I’ve quit coke and drink 1 gallon of koolaide with 2 cups suger daily and to top it of a can of skoal per day . I’ve spent last 6 months at the dentist trying to save my teeth. True story

  2. Wasnt there a strange addition where this young girl drank like a dozen cokes a day? Yeah she didnt look healthy lol

  3. I have basically cut out all sodas and I only drink water ( and occasionally coffee and tea).It has really given me so much energy and I don’t regret switching.

  4. I drink a 12 pack of Mountain Dew (if not more) a day. I been drinking pop as far back as I can remember. I'm now 36 and am feeling it. Surprising, I haven't gained much weight over the years. I'm getting ready to try and quit and hopefully find a better substitute for soda, other than water because for some reason I hate just plan water – probably because for all my life I've been only drinking soda.

  5. I almost never drink soda. But ifI allow myself some coke, I always choose diet coke. I know it's still unhealthy, but at least the sugar is missing

  6. I drink a bottle of soda every 2 days of 250 mills. I also drink tea a lot and eat chocolate bars when I don't have the soda. Am addicted to sugar. When I don't have it I get nervous or irritated easily. Am overwight too. Am 1.6m but we 84 kg. I found that if I eat dried fruit it helps my sugar cravings and tea stops me missing soda.

  7. I've been drinking Pepsi for so long..
    Went to the beach in August and we went to a stand and they only sold coke.
    It literally tasted so bland compared to Pepsi

  8. When grandmother has been drinking coke for most of her life I have never seen her drink water even my father has not but she's perfectly fine

  9. I would drink over 64oz of soda a day. And oh gosh much more on the weekends. You get withdrawal when you stop drinking so this whole week I've been feeling hungrier and with a major headache

  10. My family and I rarely drink soda or other soft drinks, save for parties or other occasions. Whenever somebody happens to leave soda in our house, we practically leave it sitting.

  11. I haven't drank any carbonated soda for over 7 years. I always drink the brisk tea products, fruit juices and protein drinks but I just can't force myself to drink water enough.

  12. I stopped drinking soda years ago…

    When I was in college 8-9 years ago a roomie introduced me to a drink called “Big Blue” it’s essentially like Big Red but instead of cinnamon it tastes like cotton candy. I was hooked! Went through a pack of those every week. Now adays I only drink soda once in awhile like if I go to Taco Bell (like once a month) so I can get that Baja blast Mountain Dew or when I’m out of town visiting friends I might have a doc pepper. The trick is to ween yourself off with sweet tea. If you don’t like sweet tea go with juice and eventually go down to water. You’d be surprised how much weight can be lost just by cutting out soda…

  13. I drink one to two 2 liters a day, you can say I’m addicted to coca-cola, anyone have any advice to help my addiction? I’m not over weight, or diabetic, and it’s been my diet for over a decade…

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