What If The One World Trade Center Was Attacked?

The One World Trade Center, Sometimes called
freedom tower, replaced the twin towers that were destroyed during 9/11. Its 1776 feet tall and its the most expensive
office tower in the world, costing 4 billion dollars. But It sits only a few yards from the same
site that had been hit by terrorists twice before. One has to wonder…would it happen again? Life’s biggest questions asks, What if the
One World Trade center was attacked? Welcome to Life’s Biggest Questions, I’m
charlotte dobre. Don’t forget to give us a thumbs up, subscribe
and let us know in the comments below what topics you would like to see next. When the plans for freedom tower were announced,
the NYPD deputy commissioner for counter terrorism objected to the buildings location. The Port Authority never responded, saying
they never received a letter from the NYPD. They believed that another attempted attack
on the world trade center within the next 10 years was inevitable, and pretty much a
certainty. But Governor Pataki went ahead with the plans,
vowing to built a tower that would inspire the nation and serve as a tribute to freedom. The world trade center has been attacked twice
before, once in 1993 by a truck bomb, and then of course, on 9/11. According to CNN national security analyst
Peter Bergen, it seems a target in perpetuity, somebody will try something, even if it’s
some half-hearted attempt by somebody merely inspired by al Qaeda. He also said he would never work at freedom
tower. In fact, many terrorism experts agree that
sooner or later, ground zero will be targeted again. So now that you know that another attack on
ground zero is inevitable, what will happen once it does? Will it be a catastrophic disaster like the
one on 9/11? NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly told 60 minutes
that if necessary, the NYPD could blow an airplane out of the sky, adding that the new
york police department has lots of capabilities that you don’t know about, and you wont
know about. The world trade center has its own precinct,
staffed by 6 hundred police officers, all experts in counterterrorism. The Port Authority police department is in
charge of security at the freedom tower. So in short, theres a lot of people protecting
the world trade center. So if an attacker somehow makes it past the
NYPD, here’s the deal. To protect it from another car bomb attack,
the freedom tower is located 90 feet from the edge of the street, instead of the previous
25. Its also protected by a 70 ton steep beam
base 200 feet by 200 feet, designed to protect the building from vehicular bomb blasts. Every vehicle that enters the underground
parking is screened for explosives. Visitors pass through metal detectors, all
packages and bags are screened much like in an airport. Stair access is restricted, and visitor time
is limited, monitored, and recorded. There are cameras pretty much everywhere,
and they are monitored 24 center by both real people and software that is designed to recognize
suspicious people, activity and unattended baggage. Freedom tower is designed to be an extremely
strong structure. It has a concrete wall, one meter thick, located
within the steel frame. The concrete core is the strongest ever mixed. The original towers, were made entirely of
steel. When the plane crashed into the north tower,
the jet fuel superheated the steel support columns, softening it to the point that it
buckled under its own weight. Freedom tower also has multiple layers of
beams and columns bolted together, which will prevent bending. Therefore, its likely that the one world trade
center could survive an attack like the one on 9/11
One of the major problems that occurred on 9/11 was not enough room in the stairwell
for people to evacuate. The new stairwells are 50% wider than required,
allowing more people as well as wheelchairs. If there is ever another attack that prompts
an evacuation, the staircases interconnect to allow people trying to escape to cross
over should a stairwell become blocked. They are internally pressurized, which keeps
smoke out, and they also feature low level emergency lighting, which were somehow not
integrated in the original towers. There are also stairwells dedicated to first
responders, that are designed so that they can only travel up as fast as possible and
not have to maneuver around people who are trying to rush down the stairs and escape. If there is a fire in freedom tower, it has
water tanks with double the capacity rewuired by New york building code, and if theres a
biological attack, freedom tower also has chemical filters in the air supply system. There is a first responder only, fireproof
elevator, giving fire crews access to all 112 floors more quickly. In conclusion, the One world trade center
was designed in response to the problems that cost 3000 people their lives on 9/11. Of course, if there is another attack, new
problems will arise. Its imposible to completely secure a building
against an attack, especially a plane. But as it stands, freedom tower is one tough
cookie to crack. I’m charlotte dobre for lifes biggest questions,
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