What are the Best Indicators to use when Day Trading? ⏯

hello traders it’s samurai trader here
welcome to this recording on one of the best indicators to use when day trading
not a day goes past that I don’t receive an email from a traders from somewhere
around the world asking about the indicators that I use are they
customized will they work on mt4 will they work on ninja trader tradestation
and one of the many other trading platforms and what about this program it
costs $5,000 what about there’s a Fibonacci one that costs 16000 what’s my
opinion on this so in a way I want to lift the little little on what are the
best indicators when it comes to day trading like it’s slated myself
personally by various sites stating that on the miss charlatan and that I do this
and that I do that yet I give my indicators away for free my entire
programs only $197 and my indicators are free
and so what I’m going to do is show the general public can show you the trader
what are the best indicators to use when it comes to trading I’ve been in this
business for now over 24 years I’ve purchased or coded hundreds of
indicators over the years many of you aware of run investment funds I’ve had
full time code is working for me or programmers and we’ve coded literally
hundreds of different strategies and systems and indicators here we’re
looking at tradestation my charting package and we’re looking at just a few
of the indicators I have hundreds of them these are all coded to my
tradestation program and there are hundreds and this is just indicators and
I’ve got show means then i’ve got paint bars and I’ve got automated strategies
so I’m going to be straight with you and show you and explain why I use various
indicators we’ll come back to this chart in a mine but very quickly I’m just
about to also record a video on how to average $200 a day plus per contract and
this particular one I’ve just fired off to Trey
each of those were this is on gold by the way with four five ticks each two
contracts each so that’s a little under two hundred dollars after Commission’s
but the point here is here’s one two where was a potential trade here one
here one here one here another one here and just five of those a day there’s
your two hundred net after you commissions but that’s for another video
another instruction video is about to do but let’s get back to the PowerPoint
because I’m really fired up today about a couple of things that I’ve seen
recently about indicators now some of the indicators that I’ve purchased a
worth thousands of dollars and some also that I must say that we’ve designed
ourselves as a team we could sell for thousands of dollars but we don’t
because what I want to show you is that just because you pay sixteen thousand
dollars for a Fibonacci set of indicators and what I say to traders
nowadays save the money for your bank account because there’s the best
indicators in my opinion are free but we’ll get to that in a moment so before
we do understanding the risk there is a risk in trading of course if you’re a
current member you’re well aware of this disclaimer but if you haven’t seen one
of my videos before please pause the video and ensure that you do read the
disclaimer because you can lose money when trading also if you’re not a
current member of the day traders fast track program please download the link
in the description or visit the link in the description below and request my
free ebook for truth about day trading also request my free training manual and
even better still ensure you subscribe to my channel where you’ll be kept up to
date with my most recent videos plus the one I’m about to do on how to average
two hundred dollars a day plus per contract when day trading and and I’ll
explain in that video why that’s important but most importantly traders
before we move on very very quickly for $197 you gain all the may indicators and
as you’re about to see indicators are only a part of day
Trading I now have over 300 videos in my training program there’s just there’s a
ton of resources visit my website and you up to find out more information
about that and about my program but once again unlike the crap you read there is
no upsell there’s no coaching programs to buy for a hundred and ninety seven
dollars that is it but let’s get into this I want to give you some fantastic
value today and what I’m about to show you it’s not going to be a long video
but this is really important indicators can be a great confirmation tool now
you’ve all heard the same the early bird gets the worm but when it comes to
trading the second Mouse gets the cheese now as a statement says under this of a
sentence better information isn’t always about life and death but it sure does
give you a competitive edge so what’s the second house got to do about trading
well indicators are lagging that is nearly every indicator is a derivative
of price meaning they plot after price yes we have some that plot in a dance
but but realistically there’s very few predictive indicators out there so in
other words you can use indicators to confirm your trade for brand new traders
indicators are fantastic is a confirmation tool because as you hear me
preach you want to have a rules-based of trading methodology where you basically
like a pilot you tick the box yes it meets is yes it meets that it makes
trading a lot easier if trading hasn’t been kind to you yes you need to have a
rules-based strategy and indicators can help you but there’s a few things you
also need to be cautious about now before we get to the chart we’ve got to
say this so I’ve got to say this why have a range of different indicators
well for the exact same reason a tradesman has a range of tools for
different jobs in my particular program I teach traders over 15 different
strategies we’ve got counter trance strategies we’ve got change of trend
strategies I have with trend strategies retracement strategies etc so I’ve got
different fools for different jobs for different
times now what I say to all new traders you really want to focus on only one two
three trading strategies until you’re consistently profitable and add more as
time goes on become a specialist focus on a few strategies until you’re
consistently profitable what that also means when it comes to trading you want
to avoid this that is many charts there’s so much information on the chart
there’s so much to analyze it’s complicated and it’s distracting and it
makes it very very difficult for traders so I’m about to show you a chart and
I’ll go through my indicators that I use and some of them you wouldn’t lead on
the chart because if you’re not gonna counter
trend trade for an example you may choose not to have a divergence
indicator but anyway let’s go to the charts where I can actually explain the
indicators to you so let’s get back to this gold chart by the way this is a 144
tick chart that we’re looking at here so just to explain the indicators what I
have and I won’t go through all the settings of course you discover all of
these in the day traders fast-track program and now I know some of you have
started complaining stop be complaining it’s only a few hundred dollars to
become a member but you’ll get the drift there okay and few experienced traders
you’ll know exactly what I’ve got here so first of all I want to have my floor
pivots floor pivots are very very important and basically every trading
platform now has floor pivots then I have five moving averages these are
EMA’s okay the blue one I call my trigger line okay so I’ve got a
longer-term two longer terms and three very short terms now if you were to
strip everything off the chart and that is if you are a pure price action trader
that’s all you need as you already know that if you’re a pure price action
trader you know you only need the EMA’s and some will say oh I don’t need the
EMA sand that’s because you’re very good at visual recognition you can see when
you’re in a good uptrend or downtrend and by the way just so I think of it on
the right hand side I do have an anchor chart
anchor chart is approximately three times higher than my entry chart and the
only indicators I am interested in on my anchor chart are my EMA s quite frankly
okay so I could actually remove my platinum MACD and my stochastic I could
actually move that remove that now the black dots are simply fractals and many
of you are familiar with fractals and I don’t even have to have them on my chart
I like to use them for drawing trend lines etc because it’s a very accurate
way of drawing trend lines so we’ve got floor pivots five EMA’s then I’ve got my
platinum MACD now this is what we call a zero lag MACD now for my members by the
way here is a perfect bit the farm you can probably see that just the set
to point that out and I use my MACD and it’s a very very sensitive MACD I use my
MACD for divergence trading mainly for divergence trading now here all of my
members know this is what we call at c7 at the farm so we’ve got a great little
double top with divergence in the direction of the overall trend thank you
very much and I was preparing this otherwise we would have been on this
trade and that would have made one two three winning trades for winning trades
five winning trades in a row there but that’s besides the point here so we’ve
got the MACD now one of the reasons that you may choose to have a MACD on your
chart is this you hear me recommend the traders under no circumstances should
you be counter-trend trading into your consistently profitable as a trend
trader you know traders have this they have
this thing where they just want to always be trying to pick tops and
bottoms and they get smashed day-in day-out
stick with the trend and you become very very good at Trend trading then you can
start to dabble and test your counter trend trading skills over a period of
time starting in demo however that may be the case
but it’s still great to be watching your Macd for divergence for the counter
trend trades because if I have a major divergence trade I don’t want to trade
against that I want to be very very cautious so even as a new trader even if
you are under the yellow line by the way we called the gold and we actually say
to traders follow the gold if you’re under the gold you want to be short
under the trend in gold that is if you’re above the gold in an uptrend in
gold you want to be long and looking for Long’s only but if I’ve got strong
divergence I really want to take notice so quick recap again floor trader pivots
my EMA’s fractals are optional then we’ve got the MACD and next thing we’ve
got is my stochastic now this is what I call a to smooth stochastic and this
actually by the way is from a third-party and for my members by the
way if you and even the general public if you want to drop me an email that
costs one hundred and ninety seven dollars and I don’t get any commission
from selling or recommending this both the floor pivots and the stochastic is
from a third-party I don’t get one cent from recommending those two indicators
but I think they’re great but there’s lots of you can use either a standard
stochastic which is two lines rather than one all these there’s lots of too
smooth indicators out there on traders forums
and things like that but I use it for my slingshots and for my money or foot
money on the floor trades etc and it’s a great indication of trend so I actually
have two stochastics overlaid on each other I have a long term and a short
term and there’s one other thing you can see here that is the white paint bar
there the white paint bar here is what I call my super scalper which many traders
and all my members of course you know how my super scalper works fantastic
turning point indicator or swing point indicator and a lot of my traders will
only use and only take a trade after an example you had a trade here you had
another one here you actually have a signal
remembering traders you want to be very careful after four to five super
scovilles in a trade you want to be more cautious you want to tighten it stops so
there we had one two three four five you’ve got a 15 years wannabe you want
to keep a tight stop on this one so you do have a fifth and another thing of
course and this is just by the by it is for 11:00 p.m. in my part of the world
so in another 50 minutes or so we’ll see the pre open of the London markets and
we really start to see the market start to pick up now on gold by the way each
tick is worth ten US dollar so I’ve set my platform here just for this other
video I’m about to do to be scalping five ticks at a time which is $50 per
contract for this other video so that’s what you get out there so getting back
to the indicators so I’ve got EMA’s I’ve got a special platinum MACD but you can
use a standard nectarine oh by the way if you want to model my standard neck
tea you want to have a setting of three eleven six because I know lots of you’ll
be looking up a setting here of seven twenty eight seven well that’s okay if
you’re using the zero lag but otherwise a Standard MACD you want to be using a
three eleven six to model what I have on my chart so the point I wanted to get
across here as traders I have some some great indicators like many of you know
that I use an indicator called the trade master let me just perhaps show you this
the trade master is a three thousand dollar indicator I love it it works an
absolute treat it can be a fantastic moneymaker see these dots here they
actually plot after the fact that when applied with my super scalper it’s a
fantastic indicator now it’s an investment of three thousand dollars do
you need it no I would you would I recommend you have it if you can afford
it absolutely why because it’ll make you
money but if you’re a newer trader or you want to keep things minimal on your
chart you can stick just with your EMA’s your Macd and your stochastics now what
do they cost they’re free traders they won’t cost you a cent
they come with every trading platform now for our pure price action traders
watching this and this video you’ll know you had an entry here you had another
potential entry here you had an entry there but this low was not taken out
till here so he was your entry again your next entry was here your next entry
was here so you could be pure price action trading just on the candles using
EMA’s but getting back to the point I was making earlier is this indicators
can be a great confirmation tool and if you are a new trader or if trading
trading hasn’t been kind to you right now
using the indicators and using that indicators whose specific mechanical
rules can dramatically improve your trading but the point to this video and
by the way just very quickly I do want to just quickly show you this because I
know you’re going to be thinking okay so what the trade master does it gives me
projections okay so here it is here so told me it basically put my stop in up
here projective a market come down to here the next projection point would be
here and it’s giving me a projection here so this is what’s cool about the
be trade master okay so it’ll give me a projected potential target now let me
just remove this sorry traders get this back off there because you’re all
probably wondering what does the trade master do once again you can drop me in
the email if you want to find out more about that and I can send you some
information but getting back to this the really probably the best of the best a
free that is though I cost you a cent and they’re available and virtually
every trading platform I just really wanted to get that across because the
amount of bullshit that’s out there saying you’ve got to spend this saw for
an example my programs BS well traders it really comes down to the individual
trader unfortunately with trading trolls out there and trade is failing to take
responsibility that they fail and that is a reality of trading and
just in closing I have to say this you know trading is hard work you’ve got to
put the time effort in it you’ve got to become a student of the market now what
I can give you I can teach you decades of trading within hours it’s no need to
spend decades or months and months mastering the art of day trading you
know the battle is not learning the setups the battle is within you as the
individual trader now yes it’s true if it was easy every body would be doing
it now these setups are easy to learn they are and they’re all mechanic and
what I just showed you there that’s them there’s your clear-cut entry
points well if they’re so easy why doesn’t everybody do it it’s because see
easy things are also easy not to do let me say that again the things that are
easy are also easy not to do and when it comes to human emotions and trading this
is where we let ourselves down time and time again so we need to work harder on
ourselves as traders than what we do on learning our setups let me say that
again we need to work harder on ourselves than what we do on learning
how to master our setups so traders some of the very best indicators are
free we are available on every trading platform so as we close off traders as I
mentioned earlier if you’re not already a member come and join me the day
traders fast track program program for hundred and ninety seven dollars I’ll
give you now over 15 of the world’s best trading strategies I’ve been in this
business for over 24 years yes like a grant some rave about a sixteen thousand
dollar program or about even the indicator I showed you which is
brilliant for three thousand but it’s even better with what we’ve got
and it’s once again what I say to all new traders if you only had three
thousand would I recommend you invest in that indicator no put it in your trading
accounts you don’t need to spend a fortune in mastering the art of day
trading okay save your money for your trading account anyway this is going
on and on I just wanted to really get across to traders about indicators is
that you know indicators are tools you’re going to learn how to use those
tools so traders the next video I’m about to do which once again if you
subscribe you’ll get hold of it I’m going to be talking about if how to net
200 dollars a day per contract now I want to show you how to become wealthy
as a trader extremely wealthy but let me say this okay um I’ve been involved in
the broken industry I’ve been in this business a long long time and it’s some
myths about the million dollar trader people say to me why aren’t you trading
a hundred contracts at a time you’ve made the money why don’t you do it I’ll
tell you why traders psychologically I would be freaking out trading a hundred
contracts at a time yes ten at once not a hundred I can’t handle that you know
when you start trading your own money it’s totally different from a
psychological point of view it’s very easy to go and click the button and
trade it a ten million dollar position when it’s not your money when it’s your
money it’s totally different now when you’re trading ten contracts and as
you’ll see on this next video I would recommend generally you need to have
forty to fifty thousand dollars to do that and I’ll be discussing it on the
next video and how you build and get there but per contract realistically if
your futures trading you do need to have between four and five thousand dollars
most traders are aware of this yes I know brokers tell you you can open up a
brokerage account with well under that and start trading but remember you’ve
got to consider your risk a maximum of two percent at any time and as those
that work closely with me know I believe in personal trading only 0.5 percent why
because it makes it from a psychological view a lot easier and that’s we want to
do we want to make trading a lot easier now and just why I think of this traders if you think you know K we’ll look I don’t have four or five thousands of
start trading well that’s when you’ve got to seriously look at forex now yes
you might consider trading the currency future
contracts but once again I’m going to talk about all that on this next video
now the next one will probably go for an hour but I’m going to be talking about
how to earn $200 to 400 a day per contract you trade trading with the
trend which is very very important why because it works okay
it’s a lossless a lossless stressful than counter trend trading trying to
pick tops and bottoms because if you get in a strong trending market you’re going
to be smashed and I see it day in day out with over 1,700 members and private
clients let me tell you I see it every day so and well actually I don’t see it
all that much anymore every day because really if you’re a trader working close
with me you know that I’m about to jump down your throat if your counter trend
trading if you’re not consistently profitable now I know I might sound like
you’re really nagging and driving home this point because my job here is to be
your trading coach not for you to like me I don’t care if you like me or not my
jobs here it gets you to that 5% the 5% of traders that are making money because
we know that well over 90% of traders end up losing this shirt overtime all
right they might lose all of your account but most of them will so how do
we turn that around number one you start trading with a
rules-based trading strategy where you can almost stick the box number two you
trade a market that suits your trading personality number three you make sure
you’re you’ve you capitalize you’ve got enough capital to trade that market if
it’s futures you really need about $5,000 per contract if you’re trading
Forex yes you can start off with around a thousand and built from there stocks
of course that’s another story and the next thing number four is the
head stuff you need to give yourself a regular checkup from the neck up because
we all suffer from it what I call a hardening of the attitudes that is and
then that statement by though I’ve got to give credits of a great late Zig
Ziglar but it’s true if you’re in Spearin straighter listening to this
recording right now i know half of your turning your nose up etc but hey you
need to listen and we need to in you need to approach and also so do new
traders you need to approach trading with this mindset what can i learn from
what raid teaches how can i use this how can i use this to improve what I’m
already doing you know traders the greatest challenge
that we have today is we become that skeptical at everything you know I have
a saying I’d rather be a pessimist in right and wrong some of the time so
rather be an optimist and wrong some of the time than a pessimist and right all
of the time and unfortunately if you found it tough as a trader if you’re
reading the crap on the internet or if you’ve gone out there and being burnt
you still can turn your trading around trade with the trend it’s not rocket
science but you need the biggest battle is with yourself anyway I’m totally gone
down a different road traders I’m all wound up getting ready for this other
video I wanted to get out there today so traders thank you very much and you’ll
hear me on the next video

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