100 thoughts on “Weirdest Fair Foods Taste Test

  1. please try a sandwich i made, its just plain white bread, mustard, kraft american cheese, and regular potato chips.. thats it,, its the perfect sammich

  2. I showed my mum a gmm episode and she said that rhett looks the spit of (and basically is) oddball from Kelly's heroes, and now I can't not see it. Kids won't get what the heckin heck I'm talking about

  3. sloppy joe's are not Weird Fair Foods…i love these as a kid + i'd be needing new staff if they every gave me v'uh jj,testicles or pang'uh'lang to eat…right after i got outta jail lol
    no ideal how ya'll was like "oh sheep's testicles" and just went on….

  4. I was feeling a little down and you guys made me remember that one can be happy even getting ice cream in their sensitive teeth. thank you.

  5. Asda in the UK used to make a BLT doughnut, it was Bacon, sun dried tomatoes and lettuce, housed inside a doughnut, best thing i ever tasted but tis discontinued

  6. What I woke up this morning my first thought was "I wonder if good mythical summer is over yet." I checked and man my brain knows gmm better than I do 😂

  7. You guys didn't have one of the hundreds of Iowa State Fair foods! It's one of the highest ranked state fairs in the nation.

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