Watch How ‘It Chapter Two’ Revisits a Drain of Terror | Anatomy of a Scene

“I’m Andy Muschietti,
director of ‘It Chapter Two.’ So this is the moment where
all the Losers separate unwillingly. And this is the scene where
we find Bill Denbrough– James McAvoy plays
Bill Denbrough– just as after he recovered
his bicycle, Silver. This is a great scene, because
we summarize a little bit in this escalation
from not being able to ride his bicycle to
actually getting a grip on it and riding it like a champion. We sort of illustrate how the
adult turns into the child again.” “Hi-ho, Silver! Away!” “And very soon he
arrives to the house where he used to live
and another memory hits. And it’s the memory of that
infamous day where he sent Georgie away with a boat. That’s a scene that we
took from the first movie. So the scene changes
mood a little bit. The mood is now
a little darker. We know what
happened after that. But it’s a memory
that has been pushed down and pushed down. But the intention
with the scene is to like slowly
lure the audience into this memory
at the same time that it’s happening on
the mind of the character. There’s a transition
that you can see when McAvoy first
arrives to the storm drain and looks at the storm drain. He drops the bike, and
the drop of the bike takes us to the past.” “Billy, don’t leave!” “Hello?” “The scene continues. We see McAvoy talking
to a Georgie there. I say ‘a Georgie,’
because at this point, we know that Georgie
isn’t Georgie anymore. Georgie has been
gone for a long time. But because Pennywise is
playing with his feelings, he lures him into the illusion
that Georgie is still there. Everything that is shot from
the outside is location. It’s shot on the street. Everything that is
from the inside out, when the camera is
inside the storm drain, was shot on stage.” “Take my hand.” “Billy, please.” “I’ve got you. Come on!” “He’s coming!” “Take my hand!” “Billy!” “Come on! Take my hand!” “I wanted specifically to make
this a visual effects shot. As a reference, we had some
hands of small performers that we used as a reference. The whole swarming is
divided in three shots, and it’s pretty creepy.” [LAUGHING] “I hate you! I hate you.”

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