Washington Shutdown, Yield Inversion, Silver Explodes: Pure Silver Mining Stock REBOUNDS SHARPLY!

Washington Shutdown, Yield Inversion, Silver Explodes: Pure Silver Mining Stock REBOUNDS SHARPLY! Welcome to looking at the markets with
David Moadel today’s guest is Mr. Greg crow who has lived and breathed
resources for 30 years now he is the CEO of a company that has seen its shares
beaten down and it’s now undervalued compared to the assets within the
company and the growth potential associated with those assets with which
is something I want to stress we’re talking about silver one Resources Inc
and the website which you need to check out silver one dot-com and if you’re
interested in possibly looking into the shares on the TSX V exchange it is
ticker symbol sve on the OTC markets in the United States
SLV r F now look when this began trading in September of 2016 the price per share
was a dollar 25 in Canadian dollars it recently traded as low as 13 cents which
makes for a 90% drop overall this was a hundred and twenty Canadian million
Canadian dollar company that was sold off so disproportionately that it was
worth twelve million dollars three months ago currently its market cap is
only twenty million dollars Canadian so I want to proudly welcome mr. Greg crow
to my program thank you so far thank you sir for coming on I really appreciate it
today well thank you very much David for having me and I look forward to a good
lively discussion yeah we’re gonna talk silver we’re gonna talk precious metals
I’m a huge fan of both of the house and you know for people listening to this
right now you definitely want to check out portfolio wealth global.com forward
slash silver it’s the best place to read more about this company its assets who
are key and very well known shareholders such as mr. silver himself Keith
Neumayer who believed in it and why it offers leverage to the new precious
metals bull markets so let’s get into this silver look silver price
suppression it is real ok and I want to talk about how the paper and physical
markets are leveraged so if there is a short squeeze prices in silver have the
potential to take off I want to get your thoughts on this the the suppression and
the potential for silver to really take off in 2019
yeah well silver is an interesting commodity because it’s not purely a
precious metal like gold is really a pure precious metal almost it’s quite an
industrial metal as well so there’s a certain only a certain portion of it
shall we say that would be suppressed and that’s the investor side that makes
up about 20 maybe up to 30 percent of actually the use of silver coins bars
what you tuck in your vaults you know what you put away under your mattress so
that you can sleep at night etc but the rest of it is industrial and that’s just
a basic supply demand but you’re right there is some suppression of all metals
and all commodities and if there is a squeeze on precious metals then you’re
going to see major rise in both gold and silver and you know we can start talking
about what are some of the fundamentals that are going to lead to that squeeze
and I’d be happy to do that if you want to go down that Avenue yeah absolutely
because I believe there will be a massive squeeze which will benefit not
only precious metals holders but also the the miners and if you get into a
great mining company now you’re really going to benefit from this would you
agree with that I agree 100% and generally speaking during the run-up of
a new bull market and the last one that we really saw in precious and base
metals the commodities boom lasted from about 2003 till about 2012 so
just under ten years once you’re in one of those usually in the initial stages
anyway you see silver outperform gold on a on a percentage basis and also you see
mining companies outperform the actual physical commodity particularly mining
companies that you know had some real assets and good management behind them
yeah absolutely I mean silver has some amazing
properties it is one of the most useful metals out there both for industrial
purposes and as a store of value as well now currently there is an eighty to one
gold to silver ratio this is rare I know this has only happened a handful of
times since 1971 when the United States got off of the gold standard so will
there be some mean reversion do you think and how based on history how do
you think this is going to affect silver prices going forward yeah well this
ratio is cyclical just like the prices of the commodities are cyclical just as
recessions are cyclical just as economic runs are cyclical so yes indeed are
gonna see a return now on average the gold silver ratio which tells us how
many ounces of silver you need to buy one ounce of gold has averaged over the
last few decades somewhere between 50 and 60 to 1 that’s an average if you
want to go back centuries it used to be 15 to 1 until in the late
1800s countries like the United States started using gold as a backing for
their fiat currencies but as I said in the last several decades it’s sort of
been averaging 50 to 60 to 1 and every time it does creep up you’re quite
correct over 80 and it has been as high as a
hundred but not for very long it just spiked in there but it is creeps up over
80 it starts coming back down now what are some of the fundamentals that bring
that back down well various economic parameters excessive debt interest rates
market volatility political instability etc and
what happens is when that occurs particularly at the beginning of a new
bull market run you see silver which is poor man’s gold outperform gold and that
silver gold silver ratio corrects itself for instance if we were to see without
any movement in the current gold price a dropping of the ratio from 80 to 1 back
to say 55 to 1 which is being the average you would see silver instantly
climbed to about 20 to 23 dollars per ounce without any other changes taking
place so that’s a fundamental to watch and some of the drivers that are the
changes in the economy political uncertainty etc and we’re seeing that
right now I think one of the drivers of the new bull run in silver in 2019 will
be demand from Asia I’ve been doing some research on this I know that Asia and
other countries as well such as Russia Turkey India have been hoarding gold in
huge quantities but what about silver is there going to be some serious major
demand from Asia for silver well there currently is a demand for silver I mean
China has seen a huge increase in the usage of silver and for instance one of
the big uses of silver and don’t forget it is an industrial is in the
photovoltaic or solar panel industry and China is one of the leading countries
that’s moving towards that because of the excessive pollution caused by their
coal mining in your coal industry etc and they’ve been making great advances
also silver is used extensively in electrical connections that are in your
cell phones in your computers electrical cars it’s used in the medical industry
as an antibacterial component and many many other uses you’re seeing this
growth in China slightly dampened by this current trade Wars that are
happening but it’s not going to abate it’s going to carry on
and if you look at a population of 1.3 billion with India following behind and
places like Indonesia with 350 million people it kind of dwarfs the Western
world and the Western world is one of the biggest consumers of course but
China is coming on strong and yes there’s going to be a continued demand
for silver and don’t forget that some countries like India have tried to troll
control the ability for individuals to hold gold what are they going to do
they’re gonna go to the poor man’s gold we’re gonna start holding silver hmm
yeah interesting I could easily see that happening and I just want to ask you a
very unusual question this is something that most people don’t get to experience
which is being a mining executive and to actually see and have silver come out of
those mineral veins what is the feeling like to to hold that in your hands and
and to to see it happening in action okay well maybe an analogy would be have
you ever walked into a jewelry store with your significant other and we
watched your all go the diamonds and the gold yes okay well prospectors
geologists etc feel the same thing if you actually do see mineralization and a
lot of instances you don’t because it’s microscopic but if you actually do see a
vein of good gold or silver you get very excited and you start acting like a
little child that’s recycle sounds fantastic all
right well I wanted to get into the nitty-gritty of your company’s silver
one resources I want to let people know that shares right now are so undervalued
they’re down about eighty-five percent and so the potential upside for I mean
the rebound I feel can be huge I wanted to ask what silver ones plans are for
2019 if you think the assets are fairly valued as you see it at the moment
and if so can you compare candelaria’s size and scope to other projects and how
much they’re valued compared to the peers okay a little difficult question
but at the same time I’m just going to go a little bit historically here and
just say when we formed our company in 2016 it was a bit more optimistic with
respect to precious metal prices silver was trading in the mid 20s and everybody
thought that the we were on the beginning of a bull run yeah but
something funny happened on the way to the White House in November mr. Trump
got elected changed the policies he brought in tax reform he bought it
brought in deregulation and we saw the big run-up in the markets well that was
not good for precious metals now I’ve been around for a couple of decades and
probably more than a couple and I’ve seen some of these cycles up and down so
even though I like most CEOs don’t like to see a drop in our share value I know
how to live through it and what we did in the interim we didn’t stick our heads
in the sand and hope we actually went out and we started looking for new
assets we did a deal on the Candelaria project which was formerly the richest
silver producer in the state of Nevada produced up until the late 1990s by
Kinross gold produced about 68 million ounces of silver the only reason it was
shut down in 97-98 was due to the total collapse of silver prices well under $5
per ounce silver and even went down to two dollars and fifty cents there for a
little bit though it got sold to silver standard silver standard has morphed
into a new company called SSR resources that’s focusing on gold they were
selling off some other silver assets we did a deal to acquire Candelaria to get
100 percent where working to develop that asset we’re
looking at two components first potentially reopening the old heap leach
pads were not which were not exhausted by Kinross but still contain at least
from a historical resource a new point about 48 million ounces of silver
sitting on top of the ground at an average rate of about 1.3
Alice’s per tonne silver about 40 grams per tonne silver now that’s pretty
exciting when you look at it comparable there’s a company called core mining
that’s mining the Rochester mine in Northern Nevada they’re actually
producing mining and heap leaching silver oxide ore and processing through
heat bleaching at an average grade of about 15 grams per tonne silver so we
think we have a good chance we’re currently doing our metallurgical
studies but not only that we’ve got huge upside potential from an exploration
viewpoint because there hasn’t really been any true systematic drilling
exploration outside previous open pit area and we think there’s a lot more
potential for a lot more mineralization there on top of that we went on required
a new project in Eastern Nevada totally open old silver camp we went in we
staked it started sampling it getting values up to almost 2000 PP ppm or grams
per tonne silver that’s about you know almost almost 50 60 ounces per ton of
silver we’re getting about 2 grams per tonne gold all these are from surface
samples we need to do our drilling to prove up you know true mineralization
and there’s our economic potential but it’s looking very very progressive so we
haven’t sat idle we be acquiring good assets and now I think that we are
poised for a big return to a bowl mark yeah no doubt about it I wanted to ask
how rare is it in your opinion to find a pure silver stock a pure play in silver
yeah and also I wanted to follow up with the why focus on Nevada and Mexico but
first the the pure play how hard is it to find a pure silver stock very hard
I mean we’re probably one of the purest when you look at Candelaria because it
only has silver but that doesn’t mean that if we drilled the deeper that that
wouldn’t change because geologically speaking these systems vary with depth
and along strike for instance one of the purest silver plays out there is a group
that certainly is heavily invested in our company first Majestic out of mexico
they promote themselves as a pure silver company but in reality they only produce
about sixty to seventy percent of their revenues from silver the rest is lead
zinc and gold and this is quite common it’s very rare to find a pure silver
mine and if they if you do find one generally they’re small Candelaria seems
to be a bit of an exception which we’re quite excited about another one perhaps
is Comstock yeah yeah so and again why focus on Nevada and Mexico in particular
jurisdiction I’ve worked around the world I’ve worked in some countries that
I don’t care to go back to etc and governments change policies change and
they’re not always the most stable but I like about Nevada it’s constantly rated
as one of the top mining jurisdictions in the world yes it takes a little bit
of time to do your permitting but if you do things right
you know there’s rule of law and there’s a process and if you follow that process
you know you’re gonna get your permit and in particularly with Candelaria it
was a past producer and the government would love to see a group come in reopen
it mine and reclaim it at the end they would pull II support that he put a plan
in place they will be supportive of you that’s why I like Nevada plus the
geological potential is enormous Mexico geological potential and it’s
been a relatively good mining jurisdiction for the last the last many
years and our associates are certainly having a
good success in Mexico so we feel comfortable in both jurisdictions
yeah and that’s key mining friendly jurisdictions rich deposits or
potentially rich deposits these are things I look for when I invest in any
mining company and yeah yeah yeah I see clear and clear process and rule of law
right there you go these are all key pieces of the puzzle and I see silver
one resources as having all those pieces in place again if people want to visit
the website silver 1.com I’ll put that link in the description below this video
I also put a link in this in the description for the report which I want
everybody check out portfolio wealth global comm forward slash silver and
this report highlights the exploration potential of your other projects and it
also explains how mr. silver himself Keith newmeyer is a shareholder of
silver one now one more question if I may
in the traditional investment world when a billionaire hedge fund manager takes a
position with a company that means a lot about the strength of that company is
that the same in the resource world in other words does this speak volumes
about the validity of your portfolio of assets
well it’s interesting in the sense that you don’t usually get people of that
calibre investing in your company unless they have faith that there’s going to be
an increase in shareholder value an increase in their personal investment
sure with respect to mr. Neumayer he came in early
he saw the share price come off but he wasn’t deterred about remaining a
shareholder because he saw us growing the company increasing that assets asset
base and he knew that the drop and share price was due mainly due to the clots of
the precious metal markets in light of the Trump anomic that were taking place
we seem to have run out of steam with Trump anomic s– and we’re returning to
a bull market in silver and gold and I think that that bodes very well for a
lot of the junior companies sure and when you’ve got mr. silver Keith
Neumeier he’s not just voting with his words he’s voting with capital so
obviously he knows the thing or two about silver and he’s voting with his
dollars for this company with so much upside potential again I want people to
check out portfolio wealth global comm forward slash silver I’ll put that link
in the description below this video so you can click on it tap on it on your
phone and you can pull it right up if you’re interested in the shares on the
TSX the exchange ticker symbol sve or you
can also get it in the United States on the OTC market it is SL v RF mr. Greg
Crowe CEO and president of silver one resources Inc is there anything else you
want to say to my audience that I forgot to mention or ask you about no just
thank you very much for the time and allowing me to get out and talk about
silver which I certainly like and the ability to tell people a little bit
about silver one thanks everybody this has been looking at the markets we’re
going to keep on bringing you the best in the precious metals space thanks a
lot we’ll see you again soon

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  1. silver is the ultimate insurance against fiat currencies investment over the centuries. In the last bull market, we saw silver stocks shoot up hundreds of percent, even more.

  2. Call me when the Silver price is at parity with the debt level to silver ratio of 1913, that means manipulation is done. Until then silver will be sold at below the cost of production and the silver supply will continue to be wasted at 100 million ounces a year until the world runs out.

  3. If someone would've seen this title in 2017 they would've not believed it, and look at us now.

    Thank you, David for all the great content, I learn a lot for our channel from you!

  4. The pumping is working. Silver one up massively. Last week first mining was pumped up. Keep it up newsletter writers. Iam still underwater in these two and want to get out as soon as i breakeven.

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