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Hey guys, welcome to another guide video, this is Kitty aka Ben. I think it should be the other way around though This is Ben aka kitty. So I’m here with a drawing formatted video I normally have this on my channel, but I decided to do this to kind of see What kind of reaction I get so let’s talk about the topic of the guide Let me ask you a question before though.. what is the most important resource in the world robots? It’s definitely silver and gold So in this video, I’ll actually talk about how best to use your silver. So you need to understand this kind of relationship There’s inflow of silver and your savings are in the middle and there’s outflow, but I like to put it this way though you earn silver and then your silver savings get piled up and you invest but when you’re Investing you kind of feel like you’re making it rain, but in reality, we really crave for silver So it is really important that we use it well. dollar dollar bills y’all So I think it should be AG AG or silver silver bills, ya’ll Let’s make it rain guys over silver bills. Y’all know we won’t make it rain today I just said that because it kind of sounded cool so since we went over that relationship of earning silver and piling up your silver savings and Making it rain or I guess you could call it invest let’s stick with that relationship and first talk about some of the ways you earn your silver so firstly as you can see We get a we get a huge chunk of silver from Battle Creek but most of the silver that you mate will actually come from the battle after battle you get a Big chunk of silver and then some keys and little bit of gold as well so here are the main things that we spend our silver on, they are mostly Upgrading weapons and robots other than the upgrades we have to workshop production That’s how we mostly get our gears now that and the battle creates components but as far as silver goes we make it rain in the workshop production, but Making it rain in the workshop production might just not be a good thing I wish there was a war robots pawn shop where you can kind of go in and trade in your inactive items for some silver But that doesn’t really exist. So, I guess I can help you a little bit with this guide today so the easiest one that I like to point out in this guide is… don’t throw it your silver what I mean by that is Don’t sell your items are inactive and that you have upgraded so there are constant buffs and nerfs in this game And you might be actually using that item in the future So you might be thinking you make it two million silver for selling this item? But remember all the times that you have grind it for to upgrade that item so you might end up with silver crave syndrome, you might just have it anyways, but Especially if you have sold that item that you Upgraded before and you’re doing that all over again It’s gonna put you in a bad spot So I guess this is an ideal relationship that you kind of want to have You want to use the least amount of silver and achieve the most amount of performance so because of that We really have to talk about hangar decks so when you’re upgrading robots most of the time you really want to achieve level 9 because All the robots max out their speed at level 9. However, you really want to prioritize your weapons over your robots So for example, if you have your robot at level 9 you really want your weapons to be at level 10 I guess that’s the best way of spending your silver because um As I said before upgrading is kind of like investing prioritize your weapons over your robots You’ll probably get more damage more damage means more silver Prioritizing your weapons over robot. You’ll get higher return for your silver spent. However, there are some exception to that some special skill dominant robots Will the exception to that because as you level them up their special skill Performance will actually increase and those BOTS Performance will be heavily dependent on its special skills So for example, if you look at mender versus pursuer mender is definitely special skill dominant robot because you can heal multiple players So with pursuer if you level it up just like any other bot The only thing you’re getting out of is the HP and you don’t get more seconds off your stealth So as I was making this video I kind of thought which special skill bot that I really benefited from and that is bulwark some special skill dominant robots like Bulwark is definitely worth prioritizing and upgrading just because being able to stay in the game pace yourself with a durable shield that Can block anything and another physical shield while your other shield is Recharging it makes a huge difference in your damage output Especially having a mid range setup. So the last thing I want to mention about best use of silver is about workshop production especially with the new components though because obviously with the new components they take a lot of silver if you have limited inflow of silver you Really want to limit your output of your silver as well so with the new content item Components you really want to save up Half of it or more than half of it through the battle crate and then use workshop reduction to finish it off so if you use workshop production to get an item off scratch, that’ll definitely drain your Silver savings as well as your soul. So those end of this guide best use of silver That was a little bit indirect, but I still think you’re investing in something You should get the most out of it and you shouldn’t really get most performance out of your silver I hope you guys check out my channel as well. It’s probably linked down in the description or you can search me And I really thank you guys for watching this video and I’ll see you guys later

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  2. On a scale from 1 to 10 how stupid do u think you are not only did this video suck and make no sense but silver cant be best used if you cant buy anything good with it and btw all the robots you said to use cost 3k to 4k gold so do the weapons so the best way to use silver is dont use it at all

  3. Please reduce the production line costs. It’s so expensive, I have to chose to upgrade my stuff or put it towards a better bot/gum

  4. I have a tention to save alot. I have 566m of Ag and 2,687,942 Au. I have 466m of Components. What should i do? Spend or be a cheapskate.

  5. ชอบเกมส์มากเล่นเน็ตไม่ค่อยเป็นยิงทักทายด้วยขอบคุณ

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  7. NEXT GUIDE TOPIC SUGGESTIONS – The best way to use your Keys & Tokens in order to obtain what is most useful per player or play styles. The new economy has become a bit stringent and I have become a hoarder.
    3W394H iOS

  8. Введите в игру кнопку перезарядки. Игроки её просят и ждут больше года!

  9. I spent money on this game and what do I get the next update a robot that's more op than the last I'm just gonna keep grinding untill pixonic fixes this game

  10. I love War Robots😏😏😏😏😌😌😌😌😅😅😅😆😆😆😉😉😉😉😄😄😄

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  12. I've played this game since 2014 and it was nice back then if we fast forward to now we can see that they have added new weapons, components, and chests etc but sadly due to the components the game has gotten extremely pay 2 win it takes you months at a time to get some weapons and you try to make up for it with the silver we earn from the chests which at the max is five hundred thousand. We used to have four chests with keys as well as a nice amount of silver earned except now your literally KILLING the game plz fix this.

  13. It's getting worse and worse with in game ads , now they start to redirect you on the market , when it's open without my permission, if they not fix this , I will leave for Robot Warfare , there they respect players , returning you right in the game automatically after watching advertisements …

  14. "There are constant buffs and nerfs in this game" Sure buffs for p2w stuff but nerfs? No, they keep it so they can get money.

  15. This game just keeps going towards pay to win, money is the only way to get the goods, every update they remove anything that’s free and make it harder to get in game, hinting to they want you to use money, don’t though 😉

  16. Next topic on robot upgrading and on gold and weapon which one is best for a robot
    I'd 88KLAL
    plateform Android
    And nice video

  17. I just log into WR a lot less… With the theft of the components, the cost to upgrades, and the component conversion I will only log in once per day do the freebie stuff, NOT do the free spins as this will benefit them, rate anything they do as the lowest possible. Strike, don't play, don't buy and don't spin.

  18. This game is pay to win now and the updates are getting worse since the removal of keys from chest and the games economy system so i will not be surprised if the game dies

    also whats next? the game will make silver bought robots a lot weaker or something?

  19. Since the last stand is temporarily completely invalidated, it looks like a bug when viewed from the side.

  20. Since the last stand is temporarily completely invalidated, it looks like a bug when viewed from the side.

  21. Dear Pixonic team,
    I hope you didn't think that I forgot or forgave you?
    I understand that I'm just a annoying moskito in your big machine, still I'am relentless.
    I want a proper compensation for my components. not giving up, not watching ads and giving as much thumbs down as I can.

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  23. Well I tried to read as many comments I could, just to find a positive.. feed back from someone.. and I failed 😅

    And yet they don’t care at all.. which brings me to my pain point what I’m trying to explain.. it means they are doing just fine with or without most of us here🧐

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