1. They just announced the reverse split 10-1. What does it mean and should we be worried. The reverse split takes place Dec.23

  2. Great video Jimmy! I've commented on your videos before about decay for leveraged ETF's. No one should be holding them long term. Day trading? Yes…even short term swing trading. But long term? NOOOO!

    I've been trading UNG almost exclusively for natural gas cause it doesn't suffer from decay. Plus you can use options with it for potential big percentage gains!

  3. I am definitely going to consider UNG. I can’t trade options for DGAZ or UGAZ. Glad you pointed that out!

    On another note, I’d be more interested in going long against NG because of all the outside factors (weather, oversupply and states looking to stop using natural gas

  4. What do you think the natural gas report will say? Withdrawal or Injection). I just want your opinion, I will trade based off my own due diligence! Great content!!

  5. This ETN really took people for a ride this year. Last year gave people that false sense of security that it would run soon as it got cold. I hope people just get out and day trade it at best.

  6. I had a HUGE green day cause I held UGAZ on a swing over the weekend, so I got the gap. I'm 25% gain on portfolio in past 30 days trading only UGAZ/DGAZ and GASL/GASX and usually only play one at a time. I'm telling you MVWAP…

  7. REVERSE SPLIT COMING ! THEY MUST EXPECT TO GO EVEN LOWER https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/credit-suisse-ag-announces-the-reverse-split-of-its-ugaz-etns-300975612.html

  8. Looks like UGAZ is going through a reverse split of 1 to 10. I have 500 shares right now, after the split i will have only 50 shares? So what is the share price? $50 per share or $100 per share? Someone please help

  9. Great topic, I would suggest everyone reads the prospectus for the ETNs… it says that it’s not designed as an investment but as a vehicle for expressions of thesis in the market… good trading everyone

  10. What do you think about keep holding UGAZ after the R/S happening on 12/23? It will be a 1/10 R/S so that means that each stock value will be 10x. In that case the increase of 3% due to winter will be more relevant… like $9 + 3% <<<<< $90 +3%.

    What do you think?

  11. Credit Suisse AG Announces the Reverse Split of Its UGAZ ETNs
    Credit Suisse AG Announces the Reverse Split of Its UGAZ ETNs https://seekingalpha.com/pr/17729464?source=ansh $CS, $UGAZ

  12. UNG does have decay, just not as bad as UGAZ/DGAZ. UNG still should not be held for long periods and you need to be very careful with your strike prices since they move when compared to the futures. This chart is a bit old but it shows the decay, look at the UNG price in 2016 vs August 2019 and there was a decent amount of decay from August to December this year. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/NG1!/Woxws6DO-UNG-Decay-and-Price-levels/

  13. I stopped trading options earlier this year bc in 1 month I had a loss of $700 the month I began! My fault completely! I also stopped trading UGAZ and DGAZ for almost 2 weeks now because of too many ups and down! I’m trading crude oil rn and I have bought 660 shares at $3.98 being my average price! Down 6% because I didn’t take my profit of 6% last week! I know this is a lot of reading but I’m being as transparent as possible!

  14. I agree this thing is so manipulated by big money to me its not worth trading. Have you notice they make it go up a litttle in hopes they can sucker another retail trader to buy in just to get you trapped. Ill buy UNG from now on.

  15. Can I still make money on UGAZ after it splits? Everyone talks about what happens when a split occurs and how the money dynamic changes, but nobody talks about what happens after the split. How does the stock work..will it be easier or harder to make money? Will more people buy in or sell? Will UGAZ move up and down quickly like it does now? How will outside influences affect the price? Jimmy, it would be great if you can make a video explaining this.

  16. Holding 3X Leveraged ETFs for an extended period of time, in my opinion, is a crazy idea. I never plan on holding for more than a couple of days. Sometimes I take the risk and hold overnight or weekend when I see the opportunity. It is a huge risk and it has bit me hard a couple of times. The only time it has really paid off is when I held UWT over the weekend and the Saudi oil field was hit with a drone strike by rebels. I managed to get myself into a position where I can unlimited day trade, so I feel comfortable getting in and out not burning a day trade. The prospectus for these products basically say they are for day trading and holding overnight is extremely risky. Something that I want to get figured out is options trading and to see if I can accomplish my financial goals utilizing the options strategy. For now, I am going to keep doing it, but I am not going to take large positions on UGAZ, I do plan on utilizing DGAZ as my preferred financial instrument.

  17. What was it about UGAZ and DGAZ that attracted you to them to begin with and what about them has changed so that they're no longer a good fit?

  18. Heard they are running a 1/10 reverse split on UGAZ. What does that really mean to current holders? Does anyone know besides the value of each stock going up and your share volume calculation going down? Looked like this happened a few years ago and the value was extremely high. Is that something we should really be considering? New to this reverse split stuff so trying to get a better picture of what has been common with UGAZ. Not that anything has been common with UGAZ lately.

  19. Jimmy another great video and definitely agree if you want to hold nat gas longer than a week or two UNG is the way to go. I do a combination by holding UNG until I see a clear long or short trigger then would get in U/DGAZ. But my time horizon is short term like a week or less. Also selling upside calls on UNG will help offset the small decay if holding the etf. I learned something new today that UNG DOES decay as pointed out in other posts here. But minimal compared to 3x etns. One comment on Tastyworks trades, I have a hard time getting filled on iron condors as you did today, and will enter it as two separate trades, put spread and call spread, and sometimes get better fills.

  20. UGAZ definitely experiences significant decay even over a time frame as short as a few weeks. It is only worth trading when the market is very volatile over short periods (several days / swing trading) or day trading. The longer it is held the less chance it will recover to previous levels, unless of course, there is a massive move up. Same goes for DGAZ. I've traded it earlier this year and did okay only because there was big upside moves in September and November. I have since switched to trading futures directly and am currently long NGF20 at 2.31 as of last Friday. With the craziness of the NG market since August and repeated total disregard for fundamentals that we've all seen multiple times, I also have stops in place to protect against a sudden downward move. Even that has limitations with the gaps that have happened…

  21. I'm keeping my money away from ugaz/dgaz as much as possible but papertradeing them till I get them dialed in , The prospectus is right, it's meant for day trading.

  22. Never again for me, lost a lot of money on ugaz and please next time you talk about nibble zones make sure to specify that "YOU" are not nibbling yourself, youve made a lot of your followers lose money. You do realize you have followers stuck in Ugaz between $13 to $19 right?

  23. UNG will still have decay if its underlying securities are futures contracts, especially if the market is in contango. Still designed for short term trades, but yes it will decay slower than UGAZ. You can adjust trade sizes accordingly. I like it as it is a good proxy for futures trading. No need to open a futures account and most brokerages have free trading which makes it cheaper to put on small size trades and no fixed contract sizes. Still need DGAZ to go short though.

  24. Quick question i love your videos so im holding avg 9.14 i was wondering what happens after reverse split. Will the price start to increase like dgaz last year??

  25. Great videos; I think you are adding more levels of complexities with options trading; also UNG has a wider bid/ask spread. On another note, UGAZ has a narrow bid/ask vs DGAZ has a wider bid/ask regardless of the volatility. Any thoughts why? Personally, I like trading oil for the WED EIA and natgas for TH EIA.

  26. You might want to do some research on decay. I suggest deleting your video. You sound idiotic suggesting UNG isn't subject to decay.

  27. UGAZ is a money pit thanks to amateurs like yourself. You know NOTHING about investing in NG and the big money players made a chump out of you. Why do you even have a channel about this topic— you're clueless. Anyone getting their financial advice from Youtube deserves to lose money….

  28. I've been trading UNG options as they are not available on UGAZ. You can go long or short so it's just like UGAZ/DGAZ except there is a self-imposed time decay with the options.

  29. Credit Suisse AG announced today that it will implement a 1-for-10 reverse split of its VelocityShares™ 3x Long Natural Gas ETNs ("UGAZ"), expected to be effective as of December 23, 2019.

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