Very Bad Santa – Trading Places (7/10) Movie CLIP (1983) HD

Just what do you
think you’re doing? Randolph! Mortimer! Come in here quickly!
I’ve finally caught him! Who are you? I’ve caught him red-handed. Winthorpe, is that you? I’m making
a citizen’s arrest. This man is a drug dealer. Look. Look,
here in his office drawer, He’s got all
the bad drugs here. Marijuana joints,
pills, quaalude, Valium, yellow ones,
red ones, Cocaine grinder,
drug needles. He’s the pusher, not me. Really, I just came in
and caught this man Planting this stuff
in my desk. It’s obviously
some primitive attempt
to try to frame me. Frame you? Boy, if that
isn’t the pot calling
the kettle black. This man’s
obviously a lunatic. I’m calling security. Put that phone down. Hello, security,
merry christmas. You try to rob me,
plant drugs on me. You steal my house,
my car, my job. You know, I ought to
kill him right now. Hey, look, man,
this is a big
misunderstanding, all right. I don’t know nothing
about your house And your car and
your job, really. Could you put the gun away?
Will you ask the dukes? Put that gun away
at once, winthorpe. Have you lost your mind? Freeze, slime ball. Randolph: I realize this
whole experience Must have been
rather unsettling for you. Winthorpe, don’t leave.
We can explain. Yeah, you’ll be sorry. You’ll all be
very, very sorry. (winthorpe shouting)

26 thoughts on “Very Bad Santa – Trading Places (7/10) Movie CLIP (1983) HD

  1. John Landis is one of the best directors of our time: American Werewold in London, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Trading Places, and Coming To America!

  2. Yeah, you'll be sorry, you will all be very very sorry then bad ass santa opens the door, then spontaneously yells before he leaves (AAAAAH, AAAAAH, AAAAAH) Lmao

  3. every time I watch this movie I laugh my ass off! "Yo, Winthorpe!"…when Aykroyd just growls at Murphy….., and Murphy's face looking directly at camera when the Duke brother sais…"…which you might find in a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.. "

  4. 1:40 – Winthorp's frantic scream as he darts through the room is fukkin LOL. He was completely unraveled.

  5. This is interesting. The brothers were the ones who framed Winthrop yet he blames his replacement, as if the replacement has any power to replace Winthrop. Classic class warfare.

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