US Federal Reserve considered changing course on raising rates in 2016

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Thursday 18th February 2016 and we
are briefly covering the minutes produced by the Federal Reserve earlier yesterday.
The minutes showed that members of the US Federal Reserve considered changing course
on their plan to raise rates throughout 2016. They were worried that a global economic slowdown
could hurt the US. They agreed that “uncertainty had increased” since the decision to raise
interest rates in December. Some members felt that tighter economic conditions would be
“roughly equivalent” to further hikes. They were also concerned about the impact of a
slowing China on Mexico and Canada, the two largest trading partners for the US.
Members of the Central Bank voted unanimously to raise the Fed’s key interest rate by 25
basis points – to between 0.25% and 0.5% – in December. Since that decision, oil prices
have continued to fall and global share markets have been highly volatile, though both picked
up slightly in the last 48 hours. The members agreed that it was too early to
determine whether the data warranted changing course, but stated that they planned to continue
to monitor the situation. We stated that Yellen’s dovish tone meant
that an interest rate rise in March was off the table, and these minutes show that the
FED is perhaps going to delay them even further. We must not underestimate however the fact
that their aim at present is to calm markets and so it is not surprising that they have
adopted this stance. It’s now a question of wait and see how the economy develops,
if it does at all. Interestingly, the IMF has forecasted the world’s economy to grow
by 3.4% in 2016 and 3.6% in 2017. Many of our subscribers know that our attention is
turned on China and increasingly to India as these shall be the bellwethers for world
economic growth over the next few years. We hope you have found this video interesting
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11 thoughts on “US Federal Reserve considered changing course on raising rates in 2016

  1. It comes as no surprise that they were wary of raising rates because a mere .25% rise spooks the markets. The Fed has painted itself into a corner since 2008 and is trying without success to avoid stepping on wet paint. Sadly the tool box is empty and only a total clearing of the system will do. This allowing of the chips to fall were they may will be very painfull and most people are not ready for the severity of this event. It would have been a lot less grinding if those in power had allowed this to occur 8 years ago. It can be put off but not forever and sadly, most people go about their lives blissfully ignorant of the the axe hanging over their heads. Mean while those in high positions of power have their private jets fueled and ready to go when the masses come looking for answers!!!

  2. The fed is about as federal as FedEx. It's an insult to anyone with a modicum of intelligence that they make it appear as if it's some government agency. The world needs to know these unethical pimps are really running a private banking cartel and it has no oversight by the US government. ZERO. Ron Paul was so right. So is Peter Schiff.

  3. "economic growth over the next few years" ??? You mean the world isn't going to collapse into chaos by Friday? Good to know!  :0)   I think the Janetmeister wears some of her wealth around her neck. I especially like when she wears the black pearls. I wonder if they're Tahitian. Wouldn't surprise me one bit.

  4. Just do ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.
    Stop the insanity, bring out the white jackets and open the asylum so they can return to their sanctuary. The meds are on the pharmaceuticals. Paid for by Obummer care.

  5. You failed to mention that the Fed is running scenarios regarding the possibility of negative rates which Japan already has.

  6. Economic growth is a delusion. It is impossible in the long run.
    Quite simply growth by a percentage point that they always talk about is exponential.
    One cannot have exponential growth in a finite world.
    The base is forgotten in the equation, the base being the land itself and what it can provide. And we have reached the peak of that base.
    Peak oil, peak gold, peak copper, iron and coal. The oceans are being fished dry and all available farmland is already producing at max capacity. In short we have reached or are close to reaching peak everything, the point where the world economy cannot, logically cannot grow anymore.
    And as our current economic system of fiat currencies and fractional reserve banking with ever increasing debt are dependent on perpetual growth, perpetual exponential expansion, a collapse, the likes of which we have never seen before are an inevitability.

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