Until Dark… Two Places, One Path And A Few Interesting Finds

I saw a spot and decided to stop… First coil swing, first find – that was quick. Oh no, where is my glove? Too late… That was my dog. I call him “father”. Probably only a bullet. A coin! “1 German Mark” (1957). A screw top. That’s a shell casing. There are a few forest workers with chainsaws… Just a piece of foil. It’s a trashy place… The soil is disturbed by animals. This one sounds good. That’s silver. With a scratch… Could be a cufflink. Maybe something else? GPS (“POI”) #1 Pieces of foil. “1 Euro” coin. From 2010. The “chainsaw people” were too close. I found this path… It was in the same area, not far away. Hmm… The first signal… I had to reach for my pick ax. The soil is compressed, like one would expect. Which is a good thing. (I apologise for the noises – I was touching the camera housing…) (It’s better for my leg when I stand.) It’s a big shell casing. I don’t think, the compressed soil will come out. The WWII casing sunk “deep”, the path could have been muddy at some point. Another casing. This one is older. Two targets. Let’s take out this one first. A coin! Nooo… It’s… this “50 Pfennig” coin. It’s upside down, but that doesn’t matter. Now the other signal. It sounded bad. It got better now. (I found a solution for the microphone issue…) (…hopefully the never adventures will have cleaner audio.) That’s a tiny button. Looks old. #2 That was a promising find. 39 minutes into the hunt. (First location and search for the second one included.) Sounds like iron, but… That’s definitely iron. What could it be? Maybe medieval art. Called: “The poo”. A “1 Pfennig” coin (1948-2001). I can’t believe it… A second “50 Pfennig” coin. Am I doomed or something? 1950. Just a piece of wire. Part of a pull tab. That’s how this path looks like. Probably the rest of the pull tab… What is this? I think, this might be a brooch, or something… Same (pearl?) material as a pocket knife handle scale? Did it come from there, or was someone walking on the path? It’s big. And shallow. Part of an armchair? Metal detecting Gods decided to put some music on… The second WWII shell casing. I’m below the path. Foil. Something round. I have no idea what it is. A tiny padlock? Probably not. Iron. Sounds like a rocket. I don’t watch TV… …there could be a war and I wouldn’t know it. The second (old looking) casing. This was a bad idea, let’s go back to the path. It’s a button. Gilded. Sounds like iron, but you never know. It could be something cool as well. No, that’s not cool. Looks like a torso… And there is the target… Probably a bullet. Sounds bad. Part from a bottle. I came from there. My friend The Beetle. That’s a ring. Aluminum… but still. Time runs fast… That’s just a nut. Has it the same size as the one in my sheath? Hmm… There are some whisper noises, but it must be the soil. (The ground balance is too negative, but the soil looks good.) This was bigger iron. This might be iron as well. But it sounds too good… The good, brown soil is starting to show. I call it the “1600’s layer”. There it is. It looks like a cow bell. Even I was able to figure it out… The clapper is missing. Almost a pinpointer depth (which is 9″ – 23 cm). I think, I should use this hole for a quick depth test. Nothing inside. A mid sized “20 Euro Cent” coin. Flat at the bottom. Let’s see… Nothing! A different setting. I want my coin back! In case you wonder, why I never find deep, small stuff… Disturbed soil should even suit this test. I have this problem with all my Deus coils. It produces some whispers at 11.8″ – 30 cm in the air. A chain. I’m moving back… It’s getting dark. I could detect the “better” side of the path… …but it’s pointless with my detector. Look, it’s thick humus. The layer with older finds is out of reach. I would find light, modern trash only. Like this piece of foil. This is pointless… I still have time until the next bus arrives… …I will rather stand here, than “scratch the surface”. The evil coins. 1950 & 1992=3942 | 3+9+4+2=18=6 6 6 “1 Euro” coin. 2010 “1 Deutsche Mark” (1957). “1 Pfennig”. 1961 A former musket ball? The (aluminum) ring. A button. 17th century? A (gilded) Prussian button? The (silver) cufflink? The mysterious brooch. How old could it be? Gilded copper. Shape of a bat. My dog inspecting the bell. Trash… And treasure. Detecting time: 2h:10min

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