Unboxing Provident Metals and Packaging Review

* * To turn off my comments, disable the Captions (CC) * * “PM” and P.O. Box. Discreet. Checking for sign of tampering .. Looks like all the tape was intact.. Lemme grab my scissors .. Some of you may ask, why I never use a cutter or knife .. What can I say? I have mad skillz with a scissors, lol .. As you can clearly see here πŸ˜‰ .. So, you now know why I avoid using sharp objects, haha .. You can skip the awesome display of my clumsiness video portion by fast-forwading to 2:30. Almost there .. Canadian silver coin with holograph .. A tube of Maples .. Just extra condom for future silver porn .. There must be the rest of the order inside.
As always, double bagging is a plus .. Making sure nothing else is in there .. Ok, let’s open this thing .. Nice, neatly packed .. Just invoice and fridge magnet .. ATB Acadia .. Quick inspection for its condition .. ATB Hawaii Volcanoes .. Quick inspection for its condition .. An extra Maple Leaf. Yet another one with imperfect obverse, unfortunately .. And, that’s all folks .. Don’t Tread on Me copper round .. Good gift idea if you have kids, for teaching tools and hobby starter .. Canadian Pronghorn Antelope .. Thankfully, no damage on the obverse .. Reverse side looks good too .. Prepping for final shot .. Cya on the next silver unboxing.

10 thoughts on “Unboxing Provident Metals and Packaging Review

  1. Thanks. Indeed, with the correct round and light angle, copper makes a great display. I actually have a plan to upload my copper rounds. Will do so as soon as time permits. I don't have a lot though and this is supposed to be a silver tribute channel πŸ˜‰ .

  2. IIRC, they have the option for both wire transfer or check by mail. The pay by check route takes longer because they'll wait about a week or so even after receiving your check. So, if you're not comfortable with long waiting period it's better to pay the wire transfer fee or credit card surcharge.

  3. They have 2 different prices. The C/C has a 3% fee, standard. Although the way they market too soften it is by saying customers who pay cash (check, wire, etc) receive 3% discount. I saw the notice on their website about the delay in shipping today. There was no notice about delay when I placed this order. I think that's just another tactic since the silver is trading low atm. Probably their inventory was bought at higher prices. Or, they're actually short on physical and waiting for …

  4. … delivery. Or, they're swamped by orders due to the dip. When I placed this order, cash, it was on peak price, but still took 19 long days. Using C/C should be about a week or so faster for you and them, during normal operation that is.

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