Unboxing 30 Oz’ s of Monarch Precious Metal Bars from International Silver Network

Hey everybody it’s Pete Olsen the Montana
Silver Stacker happy Monday to you it’s going to be a real fantastic week here
we’ve got the isn International silver Network Caribbean cruise for 10 days
going to love that out of Miami really going to truly enjoy that and I got some
silver in today 3 10 ounce bars guys 3 10 ounce bars and these are beautiful
okay I want to I want to share this with you 10 ounce silver bars made by monarch
precious metals absolutely beautiful complement of is an international silver
Network and these guys are so special because they’re hand poured silver bars
and it really gives an interesting look doesn’t it really interesting I love the
hand port stuff a great example of why it’s good to kind of be diverse and the
different things that you get because you have so many different things to
talk about that’s what’s so cool about silver is that it’s never one thing you
have so many different things to get and so many different things to talk about
point nine nine nine fine silver you can see the monarch precious metals logo
along with the waiting purity so you can be sure exactly the purchase you’re
making 10 ounces of point 999 fine silver and that’s the NPM crown logo
with the waiting purity the reverse is blank okay you can see that reverse
blink man just really heavy just beautiful just martyr really does an
amazing job guys of making just a beautiful bar hand poured bar and it
just it gives it uniqueness doesn’t it it really gives uniqueness to your
collection and marnik precious metals was established in 2008 and it’s a
privately held company that Ted quartered in Southern Oregon beautiful
Rogue Valley I’m not sure if you guys have ever been there beautiful area
monarch precious metal is known for producing high quality hand poured bars
and making them the old-fashioned way which gives them a rusted
look that collectors and inventors absolutely love in addition to making
the handcrafted product monarch precious metals MPM they also strike rounds and
bars for inventors looking for more polished products okay so they really
have it all in guys bottom line here’s 30 ounces I got it all for free
compliments of ISN International Silver Network for a 7-year old international
silver and gold precious metals dealer I am the frontline ambassador for the
company and I love getting all my silver for free in the mail it’s a wonderful
wonderful thing and it’s wonderful doing what I love and getting paid to do what
I already love stack silver and gold so if you’re looking for a home based
business click on the link below take the tour fill out watch the video felt
the survey and I personally will get hold of you we have a second and non
home based business opportunity that our reps are doing so well financially with
part time I wouldn’t be surprised if you make more money part time working with
io-san than you would at your full time job okay and you get the stack silver
and gold just an awesome perk if you guys enjoyed this please give it a
thumbs up please share it please subscribe and feel free to comment below
I appreciate all you guys another another another silver collection here
and I just keep adding and adding and adding to that stack while the price is
so cheap okay god bless you guys may God bless our president Donald Trump may God
bless the United States of America thanks so much

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