Unboxing 2012 5 oz Silver ATB Denali National Park AK: FREE Silver from International Silver Network

hey hey hey what’s going on youtube its Pete Olson the Montana silver stacker and we are going to be talking about a new coin that I got free from isn International Silver Network the 2012 5 ounce denali silver coin and you guys know i’m stacking these like crazy these five outs atvs America the Beautiful they commemorate all the national parks in all 50 national States and this one has to do with the great state of Alaska so let’s let’s take a look at this thing guys okay look at that look at the detail on that thing so as I mentioned guys the the 5 ounce atb Denali silver coin was produced as part of the u.s. mints America the Beautiful series in 2012 it was the last release of that of that particular year in 2012 and it was the 15th overall in the atb collection and each coin celebrates Alaska’s Denali National Park and it’s five ounces point nine nine nine fine silver what’s incredible about this one it only has 20,000 and mintage low low mintage what does that mean yes semi numismatic qualities it will hold its value and also appreciate guys that’s why we call it a semi numismatic coin as opposed to just as opposed to just bullion okay that’s that’s amazing and we talked about 5 ounces of point nine nine nine fine silver so this particular coin remember these coins guys started in 2010 five a year right and so this one was the last one 2012 17 zits the 15th coin minted in this series of this a TV series okay the 2012 5 ounce America the Beautiful Denali silver coin celebrates the state of Alaska’s extraordinary not natural heritage and it is gorgeous I’ve got a brother-in-law that lives up there and Anchorage it is beautiful beautiful country the a TV series was started in 2010 as we said has become a beloved commemoration of America’s stunning national parks and famous landmarks the series is popular with investors and collectors alike and its fame is still growing known for their captivating designs and superior craftsmanship as you can see on this coin right guys atv coins are a great great way to invest in fine silver bullion and they are i’m collecting all of them 2010 up to where we are now i still got to do a few years in there but i’m getting there and look at the beauty on that thing guys ok so this particular coin features mountain ollie rising in the background you can see it in the background there right guys can you see that right rising the background and a sheep grazing in the foreground see that right there ok the Denali National Park is certainly one of America’s most enchanting places this coin celebrates Alaska’s pristine landscape so unlike any other place in the country and the observe side of the coin shows George Washington his mug is on all these ok as he appears on the quarter in addition each of these coins have stance on it with the year at issue state and the inscription eep laura vez unum you can see that right here on this side denali ipoh resume of the year of course Alaska right there ok beautiful beautiful coin look at the detail on that guy’s absolutely incredible beautiful I highly recommend these coins highly recommend them they hold their value they appreciate in value I’m getting all of my recommend starting the current year working your way back and they are something else and they’re like the size of a coaster man this is pure solid they come in these encapsulation cases so they can’t get scratched or marked and just a tremendous coin to be stacking from the u.s. mint absolutely and I got mine free from isn guys International Silver network or a seven-year-old full service precious metals dealer out of sarasota florida i buy everything out of profits never out of pocket so i get all my silver and gold for free we have a phenomenal home based business opportunity with silver and gold so if you’re looking for a part-time home-based business for tax reasons or to make some extra income or to go at it full time and make a huge six-figure income you can do it with isn the best number one home based business in the world today hands down with the greatest product in the world and here’s another thing guys that is so cool and I want you to help me out with this with every auto savor every coin that is sold with is n is n provides five meals to starving children around the world through the Feed My Starving Children organization and you’ll see it in the link in this video you’ll be able to click on it and donate to the Feed My Starving Children organization and it’s such a win-win-win guys right it’s a win for the kids five meals to them for one coin it’s a win to you because you’re stacking silver gold for that reason and that reason only everybody on this planet should be buying silver and gold from is n because we have a bigger cause Feed My Starving Children okay what would a phenomenon club what a phenomenal cause that is okay so make sure you click on that again if you’re interested in the home based business opportunity click on the link below take the tour and email me call me and I look forward to I look forward to hearing from you speaking with you personally I am the number one recruiter in the world for the company i am the number one producer in the world for the company and you’ll be working hand-in-hand with me and i’m excited to speak with you alright if you like this video please give it a thumbs up please subscribe if you haven’t subscribed click on that little bell if you want notifications about my future videos feel free to comment below keep all your comments positive and constructive as always and share it with all your social media networks if you feel that other people could benefit from this video please do share it I really appreciate that and we can spread the word about silver and gold and how protect people with silver and gold and of course spread the word about Feed My Starving Children and and giving money to a great cause every time you buy one of these any of these coins from is em you feed five meals to starving children god bless you guys may God bless our President President Donald J Trump and may God bless the United States of America thanks so much

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