Unboxing 20 Oz Sunshine Buffalo Silver Round From International Silver Network

hey what’s going on YouTube world how
are you it’s Pete Olsson the Montana silver stacker
I am the frontline ambassador for international silver network or
seven-year-old International full-service precious metals dealer WWF
Ari silver and gold busy today I’ve got a great video for you and unboxing
actually its unboxed but want to share with you this came in the mail to me
today oh compliments of isn I get all my silver
and gold for free for my sin because I pay everything out of profits never out
of my own pocket so let’s let’s take a look at what we have here okay
love love this this silver round here absolutely beautiful this is the 1 ounce
Buffalo silver around from minted by the sunshine mint okay it’s one troy ounce
of 0.99 pure silver each of these rounds display the popular design featured on
the buffalo nickel and also both the sunshines mint mark si security feature
and you can see that on this side which is really cool great security feature on
that you can see the midmark right in the center and these are brand new mints
so they come in a tube of 20 all right 220 here which is great I love that love
stacking those love stacking this high as I mentioned what Alex point 9 9 9
fine silver minted at the sunshine mint in the United States each round
showcases the iconic images found on the American buffalo nickels and of course
the anti-counterfeit technology that you see on this side okay so you know in
American history guys it’s full of iconic images that bring to mind
thoughts of a time that has come and gone two of the most iconic images from
the history of the America less or the Buffalo and Native Americans
I think we all can agree with that but you know when you think of the West
those are two things that you truly think of especially manifest destiny
right so the one out sunshine Buffalo silver round features both of those
images from American history the 1 ounce Buffalo silver rounds are produced every
year by a variety of private meant across the United States this particular
round as we mentioned comes from the sunshine minting in Coeur d’Alene Idaho
the sunshine mint is a private firm based in Idaho that handles the
processing of silver gold and other precious metals the mint is famous for
silver blanks that it provides to the United States Mint and is also highly
regarded it’s a highly regarded manufacturer of private silver and gold
bullion I mean it’s it’s definitely one of the famous private mints in the
United States and down the opposit image features the left-facing profile of an
american bison as you can see is it grazes on a small patch of land the
Buffalo used to model the image reportedly came from an animal named
Black Diamond who lived in the Central Park Zoo in New York City around the
same time James Earle Fraser created the Indian Head nickel the phrase 1 troy
ounce is stamped above the bison while the purity of metal is stamped below you
can see that right there plain and clear ok so a phenomenal
phenomenal coin I love these I love that mint mark by sunshine mint which is
fantastic for the anti for the anti-counterfeiting and as I mentioned
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god bless all you guys may God bless the United States of America and appreciate
you guys for always watching the videos okay talk to you soon

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