Unboxing 20 oz Pegasus Silver Rounds from International Silver Network

hey what’s going on how are you guys out
in YouTube worlds Pete Olsson the Montana silver stacker it is Saturday
the 10th of June time is flying guys and I wanted to share some silver that that
I had order that it came to me today and want to get a video out right away
so let’s take a look at this thing and I love when silver comes to me I’m and
it’s all from is an international silver Network I run all North America for the
company on the front line ambassador for the company and I get all my silver for
free from them and I’m really excited about this round to show you here ok so
let’s take let’s take a look at this ok this is guys the 1 ounce pegasus silver
round 2013 ok 2013 I’m going to hold it just like that for you ok beautiful
beautiful design on this and it’s the best-selling silver round its minted
annually it’s just this particular year it just continues the tradition of
offering this unique and beautiful silver round and man you know people
love this people that invest in silver and gold because it has 0.999 fine
silver content it has high quality minting and it’s striking design that
embodies the independence afforded to those who own silver and this guy’s is
made by it’s originally made by gold silver calm and I got this through is n
international silver Network ok the inspiration that came for this coin for
the Pegasus it comes from the real coins that were circulated in ancient Greece
thousands of years ago and on the front of the round as you can see here the
Pegasus which is the icon from the Greek mythology’s picture in the flight along
with the inscription freedom if you look real close you can see the
word freedom spaced out along the edges of the coin okay and the 2013 year date
okay you can see that there okay there it is okay trying to get that as clear
as I can for you that’s important so just as Pegasus can soar through the air
you know we ourselves essentially the symbolism is we can rise through and
above our earthly burdens this one out still around is a timeless symbol of
this lesson and this intricately designed reverse side look at this guys
I love this reverse side features the phrase free markets and free people free
markets and free people and a line a bowl or near the center of the round as
tribute to their appearance in the first coins ever minted dating back to over
25,000 years ago in Lydia that’s amazing and unlike government-issue coins the
Pegasus does not have high seniors just a cost so which is guys those costs are
the difference between the value of money and the cost to produce and
distribute it so this makes it’s a simple way to own stunningly minted
silver as close to the spot price as possible alright just a beautiful
beautiful coin guys free from is n because I get all my silver from is n
out of profit never out of pocket we are guys is an international silver Network
a seven-year-old international mainstream precious metals dealer based
out of Sarasota Florida I’m the number one recruiter and producer in the world
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home-based business as you are full-time working on your job okay if you like
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god bless you guys may God bless our president Donald J Trump and may God
bless the United States of America have an incredible Saturday thanks so much
hope you enjoyed the Pegasus thanks so much bye-bye

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