Unboxing 20 Oz 2016 Year of the Monkey Silver Rounds from International Silver Network

Hey good morning YouTube it’s Pete
Olsson the Montana silver stacker ww3 silver and gold abyss got some more
silver yesterday in the mail beautiful beautiful pickup and wanted to
share that with you guys guys and I am stacking like crazy right now because
prices continue to be so cheap the the looming crash it’s eventually going to
come we don’t know when but it’s eventually going to come and I’m going
to take advantage of these low silver prices because every ounce that I pick
up I’m just adding to my net worth because silver and gold are going to go
to the moon and eventually eventually the bankers will not be able to
manipulate it it will just lose control and shoot up to the stratosphere
so stack stack stack very important and solidifying my future here you know with
with the silver so what do I have here guys an awesome beautiful coin one of
the great things about silver and stacking Silver’s all the different
kinds that that you can stack and I personally love all the different
designs and what it takes that particular artist to do that rendering
for that design I mean just hundreds of thousands of choices and it’s it’s very
fun to pick up different things because there’s so many it’s great for videos
it’s so many different things to talk about it’s unique
it’s just a lot of fun and it’s not only the fun but it’s it’s nice knowing that
I’m solidifying my future my family’s future also by stacking real wealth real
assets right silver gold assets so let’s take a look huh this is cold let me get
up real close for you okay the 2016 year is a monkey one ounce silver round okay
and look at that beauty right there okay so this coin was offered up in
celebration of the Chinese zodiac year of the monkey and this is a one ounce
silver round and it comes from the beautiful extensive collection of
privately minted silver bullion and each round consists of one troy ounce of
0.999 fine silver and it’s manufactured by elemental mint an elemental minute
I’m telling you guys is putting out some great stuff I mean beautiful stuff as
you can see by the design here and because of elemental men is an iso9001
certified facility and employs strict production quality and metal purity
standards the one ounce silver year of the monkey round may be included in your
particular precious metals IRA okay so but look at the design and the detail in
the year of the monkey one outsole around here and the obverse of this one
out still around feature is an integrally designed adult Japanese snow
monkey holding tightly to attention can you guys see the infant there sure you
can and it’s pretty clear right there and the other side is bordered by a
geometric oriental pattern it features the inscription you’re the monkey and
the Chinese character for monkey so let’s take a look at that I mean look at
the inscription look at that that attention to detail incredible attention
to detail the Chinese zodiac is a 12-year cyclical calendar and
individuals born during the year of the monkey are thought to be intelligent
dignified optimistic romantic and sociable the reverse of this one L
silver round feature is an ordinary pattern with the Chinese character for
monkey at the center the reverse also features the inscriptions year of the
monkey and one ounce Oh point nine nine nine fine silver and
you can see that right in there okay right in the center around the edges
okay the 2016 year of the monkey around is a premier privately minted silver
around and privately minted silver rounds carry a lower premium allow
investors to maximize their purchasing power as opposed to government minted
rounds right the American Silver Eagle carries a
little little more of a premium doesn’t it okay so it’s just it’s good to have
it all it’s good to be diversified but this you get a little more bang for your
buck okay let me go back to what we’re talking about as I mentioned elemental
mint is the manufacturer and these guys again guys have really stepped up to
what I consider one of the top manufacturers of silver coins because
you saw the detail on this thing and they just keep coming out with with
beautiful beautiful silver coins so I highly recommend this one it’s a great
pick up great price Silver’s so inexpensive seventeen dollars an ounce
right now about and it’s a phenomenal opportunity to stack high and get ready
guys you always buy when there’s blood in the streets no one’s paying attention
to silver and gold right now nobody nobody this is the time this is the time
to get in and get in big get in big because you will your future will thank
you for having thousands of ounces of silver and gold I’m telling you because
it will it will make you very very wealthy in the future okay because the
silver is not going to stay under $20 an ounce gold is not going to stay at 1200
plus announces it it’s kind of it’s going to go up a lot higher and we know
some terrible things are looming on the horizon be prepared for it be prepared
for it and if you guys have been thinking about starting a home-based
business part time what better home-based
business could you do than a silver and gold home-based business we are the
world’s premier silver and gold home-based business I run the company I
am the frontline ambassador aka master distributor if you will for is an
international silver Network for a seven-year-old international mainstream
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getting started North America unbelievable opportunity I’m looking for
some incredible business people that want to come in and make it fantastic
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some silver gold for free as I do and be part of an amazing community where you
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hearing from you click on that link below take the tour to let the survey 9
person will get a hold of you alright and if you got some value out of this
video please give it a thumbs up please share and subscribe feel free to comment
below and I always appreciate you guys always appreciate you guys watching
sharing like in the whole nine yards and your comments thank you thank you so
much so god bless you all god bless our president Donald J Trump and may God
bless the United States of America thanks so much have a great Tuesday
today guys be the best you could be thanks

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