Unboxing 20 Ounces A Mark Silver Rounds: Happy Fathers Day!

hey what’s going on YouTube how are you
it’s Pete Olsson the Montana silver stacker hope everyone’s having a great
Friday today I got some more silvering guys and wanted to share with you more
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simply for showing others how to stack silver and gold okay so let’s get on to
the unboxing I got 20 ounces guys of the the 1 ounce a mark rounds and really
love these rounds because it really talks to the heritage of this country
which is so so neat so let’s let’s take a look at this okay we put it up real
close you get a nice clear picture ok so this is the 1 ounce silver round from a
mark precious metals and it’s as I mentioned inspiring piece of bullion
that really spic speaks to the heritage of our country right you can see right
there with it with the bell and it has been minted it’s one troy ounce you can
see that obviously in 99.9% pure silver and also our rounds are when they arrive
from from their mint brand-new condition brand-new condition you can see this
thing is just beautiful spotless ok so let me put that up real close again so
you can see that so this is minted at the a mark precious metals in the United
States it features a Liberty Bell design so right there you can see is Liberty
Bell from its wooden yoke to its iconic crack that extends to its lip viewers
are certain to appreciate the detailed rendering of this national treasure
unfurling above the Liberty Bell as a scroll which reads life liberty
happiness okay if I can get closer for you guys okay
there you go there you go in reference to the in a label rights outlined in the
Declaration of Independence inscribe underneath the Bell is an a mark logo
accompanied by the purity of the round and the reverse side let’s take a look
at that okay because you haven’t seen that this is just as beautiful okay
the reverse side of the round features the image of the heralding eagle this
well-known emblem depicts the national bird with its wings out stretches it up
holds a star spangled shield and you can see in its talons at grass an olive
branch along with the set of arrows and further emphasizing the patriotic motive
of this illustration is the arch formation of the stars you can see it
right there above behind the eagle if you will and as the final touch artists
seventh grade the rounds weight and purity along with the words Liberty
silver in a circular board around the Eagle and you know with this
unbelievable type of craftsmanship guys and the the patriotic theme if you will
this one out same arc silver round will make a valuable addition to any
collection or investment portfolio it’s just it’s just a great piece of silver
and I continue to add to my stack guys just continue to add to it another 20
ounces here and I try to get things that are different unique things I haven’t
done before and that’s what’s so great about stacking still there’s so many
different types of designs and so many different mints government private man
and so many cool things that are out there that it’s it’s really fun it’s
really fun to get new stuff and I don’t always get the best price in other words
go for the cheapest cheapest design it may you may pay for not on this one but
on another is you may pay your premium or what-have-you but I love it because
it’s unique it’s different it’s fun and I know I’m preserving my wealth and
adding to my wealth every time I convert declining Fiat dollars into silver and
gold assets right so hey guys I appreciate it please give it a thumbs up
please share please subscribe feel free to comment below I appreciate all you
guys tell others about my I appreciate it I try to give a ton of
value to you guys and let others know let the world know if you so kindly
would I appreciate that and God bless all of you may God bless our president
my gosh what he takes on a daily basis is absolutely incredible mr. Donald J
Trump president Trump and may God bless the United States of America
all right talk to you guys soon happy Father’s Day have an awesome weekend and
I’ll be hitting you up again with the new video real soon okay

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