Ultra Light Fishing In Stocked Trout Waters 1/2 – Spot Fishing in Clear Water

Ultra Light Fishing in Stocked Trout Lakes Yes! Spot Fishing In Clear Waters Right now we are pürch fishing. Pürch fishing is basically where you can see the fish,
just like these golden trouts out here in front of me. We are targeting the fish directly, to see if they will strike our lure. They seem pretty interessted in this lure. But if they will strike it properly, only time will show. At first i’m targeting these golden trouts, only because i can see them very clearly. It’s really fun to fish on those golden trouts, because
you can see everything so clearly. Even the strike. If they don’t want to strike, then we are gonna try another lure. The first lure i tried was a home painted Magic Trout Spoon. Also called Quantum Spoon. I have painted in a bit of red, and attatched a treble hook. In this way, they move really cool in the water! Because they showed a bit of interest in this lure,
i want to try something a bit similar. But maybe something with a different colour or different shape. This is not called a “spoon”, but a “blade”. A spoon looks a bit more like this.
They are a bit longer compared to a blade. Here you can see the differense. These can be really effective as well, but now that the fish was a bitinteressted in this, im gonna pick one similar, just another colour. We tried to find a lure a bit similar to the last one. The last one was orrange, yellow and red on the front, so now i have picked one that is black on the outside and orrange at the inside. I want to make a opposite contrast of what i fished with before. Sometimes it helps just to chance the colours. Let’s see. After all, they are still out there! Come on! Now take it! Yes! I think it’s hooked pretty bad. Right at the side of the mouth. I’m gonna loosen up the drag a bit, and try not to loose contact to the fish. Now the fish should be able to take some line, and get tired. When the fish starts to get tired, im gonna tighten
up my drag a bit, and start to pump in the fish. Slowly im gonna pull in the fish, and let the reel do
the work while the fish is fighting and getting tired. It got hooked pretty well actually. This fish, is called a Golden Trout. Really pretty fish. I actually think it’s a male. It’s just about to make a small hook here at the jaw. I think i should hit it one more time… Really pretty fish! It’s so cool that you can see the fish chasing the
lure from 2-3 meters away! Really intense. It’s right behind the lure! Yes! No! It got away. Now we have tried this black/orrange for some time,
so i’m gonna chance to something different, to see if i can get one of the rainbow trouts. if i can get one of the rainbow trouts. When you buy them, there are attached a single hook,
but i have changed mine to a small triple hook. When you buy them, there are attached a single hook,
but i have changed mine to a small triple hook. because then it’s a bit easier to fish the lure. Normally the lure is rotating in the water, but
after i removed the svirvel it can’t. In this way, you can fish this lure really slow,
and then the fish should be interessted. Let’s try it out. They are really not that interessted. I’ve changed to this lure to get a rainbow trout, but they aren’t interessted at all! It’s only the golden trouts that’s interessted. There a a couple right in front of us! When you take a look at these types of waters, you will
mostly see that the golden trouts it’s at the top water. Then comes the rainbow trout, and underneath comes all the other special species, almost down at the bottom. Usually the different species of fish are following
eachother around pretty well. That’s pretty funny, because they do it quite often… Just not today. But i can see a couple of rainbow trouts there are crusing around out there. Let’s see if we can get they’re attention. Those golden trouts… … they are pretty active right now. They want to see what’s going on. Copper wasn’t the right colour today, they seemed a
bit interessted in the movement of the lure though and sometimes that is enough. But i think we should try to… … use a inline lure, to see if a diference in
movement can trick the fish to strike. Within the world of fishing in stocked trout lakes,
UL Fishing has become really popular. It stands for “Ultra Light”. It’s a way of fishing with really light lures, on a spinning rod. Normally spinfishing is used for fishing
with Mepps spinners, wobblers and so on but within the last couple of years,
linethru lures has become popolar. One of the most known linethru lures for fishing in trout lakes in Denmark is this one, called “Præsten”. This one has a weight of 4,5g. It’s called “Præsten UL”. There is also a “classic, micro and mini” version. They way of rigging it, is pretty simple. I use a leader, tied to a small svivel. My main line is a white braided fishing line, then a
svirvel and at the end i use some fluorocarbon. I use fluorocarbon as a leader, because the fish
can’t see it as well as they can see my breided line. The linethru lure is attached directly on the leader so it can move freely. At last everything is tied to a split ring with a triple hook. I’m using a knot called “trilene”. Basically it’s just two times thru, five times around and then stick it in again and tighten. Really strong and easy knot to almost all kind of fishing. The whole secret of these kind of in line lures is that your hook can’t be wider than the lure itself. Else it won’t move like it should. Now let’s see if good old “pichu” can helt us to catch a fish. Often when fishing with these kind of lures, you will notice that the fish often will just follow behind the lure but turns around again. If this happens, maybe the lure is too big. Then you should try downsizing. If they are interested in the colour, then try to find a lure that looks a bit like it colourwise. Maybe just a smaller verion. It could be a black/yellow spoon, or a black/red spoon. Or maybe a tiny spinner with vibrations could do the trick. Now the fish i hooked before, is following the lure again! It seems like today… That it’s only orange that works! So… Let’s change. Gotta try that orrange! If you are in a situration where all those microlures doesen’t work, then i got a trick you you! I’ve attatced a 3-point high speed svirvel on my main line. After that, i have attatved 70-80 cm floucarabond leader. At the end of the leader i have attatched a small single hook. These are size 10 and are really tiny! It’s from Owner. They aren’t bigger that a finger nail, and the reason why im using such small hooks is i like to shape my troutbait, so it’s not a way to big piece on a way to big hook. With a hook this size, i can shape my troutbait so it’s rotating in the water Often that is something that can do the trick, when nobody else is catching anything. Right now i’m surrounded by a lot of other fishermen, and it looks like… that nobody is catching anyting. So now we are gonna rig this up, and see if the fish are reacting on it. The knot I use is again a trilene knot. You can find it on google. Otherwise it is just once time through the hook One time thru the hook again. Now you should have a loop. Then take the line: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times around itself. Atlast you take the line an stick it into the loop you made before. Then you moisturize and tighten. If you do not moisten, you can get some damage to the line. So that’s important. The excess line you take a scissor and cuts off. So you have 2 mm left. Now you’re hook is attatched. When rigging this, you ned a sinker in 0.2, 0,3 or 04. I use these small supersoft sinkers. Around 15-20 cm. away from you’re hook, you attach one of them. Now we are gonna put som bait in it. We use this called “PowerBait” or “Trout Bait”. As we saw before, the fish reacted pretty well on black and orange colours. So let’s try that again. I have made two small balls like this. With this method, using two small balls of bait
in eacn colour, and then i put them on top of eachother Just like a burger bun. Now take you’re hook an put in between these two pieces. All the way in, until the hook disappears, then push the bait around a bit. Slowly work it around your line. Now i take the bait and start to roll it up over the line. Now i am sure the line will come out of the tip of the bait. It’s a bit tricky, but should be done to avoid messing up the bait when casting. As you see here, the line is all the way out of the bait.
So now you can start shaping the bait intro a long worm. Make sure the hook stays inside. I like to fish with something that looks like a tadpole. If the hook starts to come out of the bait, just start over. There was a rainbow trout chasing it. Let’s see if we can get one of those. Now there’s a golden trout, take it! It did! But i didn’t get it… New bait! The hook is hidden right under the bait. The best is to get the hook to point out at the side,
because that’s where the fish is gonna strike. So the line is just running all the way thru, and out at the top. Fish on! It took the black bait! Fished right under the surface. It really striked it hard.
A big beautiful golden trout! See here. It really took it hard! A really pretty trout, taken on powerbait fished right under the surface. Summer and hot water. Fish after! – No! Sneaky ones! You only see them when they are coming out from the weed. It felt like there was multible fish chasing the lure. I think they are out there in a school of fish.
When there lure is around them, you will feel it! When I fish at a clear-water lake like this, I pick a lure from the box that I believe in Then i make my way around the lake.
– Just to see if i can spot some trouts. If i find some, then i’m gonna try to cast to them to get a reaction. Ofcause im casting a bit blindly as well, but most
of the time i am trying to spot the fish first. If the fish doesen’t react to my lure, i can try chaning it. If i get a reaction, but the fish doesen’t strike,
then i can start chaning the speed of the lure. If i spot some fish, i’m fishing them for maximum 15
minutes before mocing on to some new fishes. A small trick when fishing these clear water lakes.
– Don’t know if the camera can see it tho. But the first meter of my line is a leader made of fluorocarbon. Just tied it directly on the lure. Hope that will do the trick! I saw that there is a huge amound of leeches out nearby so if these bright colours doesen’t work, maybe we should try to fish with some darker colors, to imitate them.
I just had a fish after, so i’m gonna keep casting. If wen’t for it full speed! It’s a fat one! It’s not taking a lot of line tho. It’s just agressive. Let’s see if we can land it.
I’ve promised BBQ tonight. Can you take the net? I have one on my back. That’s a small cute net tho! It’s not hooked that well! What a fatty! That’s one strong hook! Ain’t bent yet. What a fish, on the UL rod. Mads? Should we move to the other lake? Maybe move to the other one? Give the fish a break here?
– Yeah thatøs what i was thinking. The fish can get tired of wathing the same thing over and over again. – Ahh, just like i feel about you? Yeah… Same thing over and over… – Kennet in a small amount is okay. Mads in zero amounts is okay as well. hmmm.. Now I have been all over the lake with the micro lure. I had some fish after the lure, but they were really careful. So now i’m gonna try with a bombardo float. As i mentione before, the leeches are swimming around down here. So i have made a small worm look a like in black powerbait. I hope it will work. When fishing bombarda and powerbait, the most important thing is clearly the speed. Mostly it works as slowly as possible,
with as many brakes as possible. In that way you can fish all the different layers of water. Just really slow speed.
There was a fish! Let’s wait and see. No… It only tasted the bait. Let’s try again. Often the trout is only tasting the bait very gently, then you just have to loosen the line and wait untill it fully takes it.Often it comes back. Just be patient and wait for it. Ohhh, that’s a big one out there! They are just nearby. I just dropped my bait i the cast, so i’ll
just show you how to put some new on. Roll it a bit. Roll it a bit the other way as well. Then a small curve in the middle. So when i am retrieving the bait, it will spin like this. Remember to put two small sinkers on the leader,
so you’re bait isn’t laying upp against the main line. A clear advantage is to move around the lake while fishing. You can easily sit the same place for 10-15 min, but after that you need to move a bit, because you are easily stressing out the fish. Just because you can see there is fish, doesen’t meen that they wanna strike. Try to move on, and come back to the fish later,
maybe with a new kind of lure or speed. Just give them a chance to calm down, then
there is a much bigger chance of catching them. In general, the trout gather in schoals, so just walk
around to find these schools where there are active fish. Find them, and then try some different techniques,
to see what the fish want’s that day. Mostly the days are different. One day the fish
wants one type of lure, the next day it’s different. But most important is to keep active, and not just
stand still for 4 hours, fishing the same corner. Keep active, fish different spots – that’s the best advice! There is a big school of fish swimming right here. I’ve tried some different lures, but… The fish is really selective. We have had a few fish followimg, but no strikes. I’m gonna keep fishing with this small lure for a while tho. There’s one guy over there, cathing one on fhe fly.
Maybe i should try that later on. We have just tried everything now. The fish is, as I said,
really selective, they aren’t really that active. Now i have downsized a lot. I have this spoon
on 1g, to see if it’s the size that does the trick. In troutfishing it’s not “big lures=big fish.”
It doesen’t really work like that. I think we will release it again. It’s really not hooked that deep,
so i will ty to get the fish out again. Easy.. No problem at all! We are at a lake where there is absolutely no activity.
There is only one thing to do: Just keep going on! Suddently the fish will have a striking period,
where they start to feed again. It can be a change in the weather, a change
in the water, or a simple chance in the lure. Just remember that even tho it’s stocked fish, they are still alive creature, and there are no guarantees to catch anything. Just like fishing in a river, chasing pikes or any other type of fishing… Hours can go by, even days, without fish striking.
The same thing can happend here. The fish can still be tricky to catch. It is so much about patience, and changing the lure often. Fingers crossed, that you will get a strike! Just keep trying different things, and suddenly you will be rewarded with a strike. We’ve been in this lake for over an hour and we’ve tried everything. We have tried “Præsten og fidusen”, wobblers, mepps spinners .. The fish doesen’t have the same plans as us. Maybe the water temperature is to high,
or maybe the fish just don’t want to feed today. It’s hard to tell. There is only one thing to do: Keep going strong.
Try different types of lures, fish at different depths as well. Only the imagination sets limits on what you can try, because suddenly … Suddenly you get a strike. So stay awake! We have been here for quite some time. We haven’t
noticed anything. We have seen lots of fish, but … They are a bit lazy today. So new we are gonna try… Fish on! Maybe they waren’t that lazy after all! It striked really hard, this fish. It must have been
followed the lure right behind for some time. It’s strong. A decent sized fish! There it is. A big rainbow trout. Decent size fish! What a beast! Last cast in this lake, then this beast striked… Awesome!

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