51 thoughts on “UGAZ price swings AND small size trading strategy

  1. Hey Jimmy! Do you do cash covered calls for UGAZ as well? I tried purchasing nat gas options but my account doesn’t allow me to do so.

  2. It's 40 degrees in Atlanta, which is very cold for this state. I know it's much colder in other states and people have to be using more gas for heating.
    Can you please explain why the price of ugaz is going down even though the temperature's are very cold and people are using more gas? I'm frustrated because I'm losing money and I don't understand why this is happening. Thanks.

  3. I have 777 shares @ 20.81 sucks to bag hold, only reason I didn't sell was because PDT rule wouldn't let me… Next time I'll make sure I'll have $25,000 in my account…

  4. Thanks for the video man! Sold my DGAZ today and bought a few UGAZ but probably won't be a long hold. Loved the live example you showed. Can you consider making a video on trading options? To a new trader it seems quite confusing.

  5. Hi Jimmy,

    I really appreciate the clarity of your explanations. Can I suggest you do an option video for beginners at least once a week or as you grow your channel . I don’t know how much time you have to edit your videos but it will certainly will help with diversification of your videos..

    Didn’t forget to hit the like button 😂. It’s engrained In my head now.

  6. Today was the coldest morning of the year here in Texas. Next week low is supposed to be around the 50s so idk about a pop in ugaz anytime soon 😕

  7. Thx!! Regarding your strategy on Facebook, how did you know what was a nibbling opportunity, as opposed to simply a downtrend, I guess in other words where was your stop on that trade and how did you determine where that would be / that the trade simply wasn’t going to come back up…? Thanks

  8. Buying dips here Jimmy. Small blocks is key, another sidenote on this polar air dump, when temperatures on NG production fields reach freezing or below freeze offs occur in regards to production. This happens when the water and other liquids on drilling rigs freeze,making drilling unsafe. Currently nationwide we are losing 1.5 to 2 Bcf of NG production per day due to freezing temps. What does that mean? Next weeks NG report will be a doosy. I see top end right now to be about $2.98 NG price. A look at the month chart is showing a potential for forming a head and shoulders pattern. I suspect a pop to about $17 this week on UGAZ on the draw for the EIA report and then NG will do one of two things, bound from there and work its way up again resuming the rally, or complete the head,and shoulders pattern and retreat to about $13.20 (UGAZ). Jimmy would likw to hear your thoughts on the chart. Thanks again for your work, Sunday should be a make or,break for this as the weather model will update again.

  9. It's much better to base all support and resistance…only from the futures charts. 3x ETNs have exposure to options price time decay which continually discounts their Net Asset Values. Using time based indicators like moving averages …on 3x ETNs just adds noiser less reliable data.

  10. Sold 1/3 Friday and 2/3 asap Monday pre market and am just observing for now . Bought fcel at .2995 and jcp at .89 and happily observing them.

  11. Your strategy is similar to mine, and I agree that you should "limp" your way into an entry point, so your not hurting when your bag holding. I like it.

  12. thanks Jimmy you are very helpfull. i sold my ugaz today lost a bit but im gonna wait for comfirmation befor i get back in . will try your nibbling strategy . thanks

  13. Im till learning a bit of technical analysis. I noticed you mostly review with 1day. Do you look at any other interval to help with your decision the start a position.

  14. Love "Nibble" and the photo of the mouse! It's now my new buy-in terminology! I'll bet 10 shares of UGAZ it gets picked up online, becomes a hot new terminology and within a year you'll see Cramer using it!

  15. Great job playing fb. Can you do a more detail video about how to buy call options with order entry ? I think alot of peeps myself included struggle to undsrstand it. Thanks x

  16. A withdrawal of 7bcf tomorrow is projected. From seeinking alpha. 3722 bcf in working gas storage. I'm holding on to what I got, i think ugaz will go up on the first withdraw of the season.

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