Tutorial 5: Margin trading on leonArdo

We’re really excited to get margin trading
with leonArdo into your hands We’ve completely re-designed the funds tab
and have added a margin overview window Clicking here shows your tradable balance And doubling clicking allows you to transfer
between your accounts Okay, let’s place a margin order by choosing
the order type here To place a margin sell order set the price
in the asks side of the orderbook If you want to immediately open a short position
set the price in the bids side of the orderbook Like this here And there’s the position Hovering the position activates a really useful
visualization of it’s current value Here we can see that initially the position
is in the red at -2.34% leonArdo allows you prepare a take profit
order. Let’s say you want to close the position when
you make 1.4% Everything is ready so that you can simply
place the order Let’s take a look at a long position in the
positive. Once again you can see how useful leonArdo’s
visualization is. Oh, my gain just dropped under 2%. Let’s close this position. Have fun with this guys. And take care www.marginsoftware.de

3 thoughts on “Tutorial 5: Margin trading on leonArdo

  1. Where can i see the stop loss function, in case the buy goes south and i need system to get out when it reach my stop loss order. Where can i set it?

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