30 thoughts on “Trump dismisses ‘short-term’ economic effects of trade war

  1. President Trump understands the damage that has occurred under unfair trade agreements with China, he does the hard work his predecessors ignored.

  2. I think I agree on this one with Trump, probably the only time I agree with him. But, we have to remember that the only way we brought China to the capitalism was giving them the benefit they have enjoyed since Nixon. Maybe, it is time to stop them. Their response to democracy is trying to finish Hong Kong as an independent state. If they do that, we should keep them tight. Good for Trump on this one. However, he is falling short. He needs to address the 18% of USA manufacturing that went to China (under the benefit of American companies) that will never come back to the US? He promised to bring them back. His base is waiting for it, and he is not delivering.

  3. China didn't "trick us", people… our negotiators, both Democrat and Republican, decided to favor corporations over people and wrote the trade agreements accordingly. What Trump is doing is only going to crash the economy faster and hurt regular people more. He does not care about anything except more money for himself and for his cronies at pedo palace mar-a-la-go, cheating at golf, and raping teen girls

  4. The recession is coming orange one.
    You've been ripping people off for over fifty years.
    You won't be able to solve the problem with China.
    You like screwing with things to create more problems that you can blame on others.
    China said their just gonna wait for a President to show up.

  5. China has had the worst economy in years? Now our farmers and ranchers are suffering. I guess that's ok, as long as you get China to stop what their doing? Give me a break. Death by hunger is short term as well.

  6. To Power Corrupts, Since you offer no solution to China you need to keep your mouth shut.
    Since you insult my President you can expect me to do very bad things to you.
    Power can't corrupt the already corrupted.
    Expect retaliations for your remarks. That goes for the rest of you never Trump clowns.

  7. There's mechanics and there's parts changers. A mechanic knows whats wrong and fixes it . A parts changer just hit and misses till he accidentally gets it running or gets someone else to fix it. Trump is not a mechanic.He's definitely. a parts changer.

  8. He lives on McDonalds burgers and is a billionaire? Nothing touching him and no brain. And he works so hard! Crucify this Fu*ker.

  9. Dotard Trump still doesn't know what intellectual property is. Also, every time he says 'and other things", you know that he has little idea of what he is talking about.

  10. Hey tRump, since you argued that China is paying for the tariffs, why are you not raising it even more to raise revenue? You just couldn’t help but lie to the American people about how tariffs work.

  11. this has nothing to do with the good for the US. it has everything to do with him wanting to prove something to the world and failing miserably, while holding American farmers hostage.

    it'll be a cold day in hell before China bends the knee on IP theft. trump isn't getting a deal anytime soon, and won't be around after 2020.

  12. I saw a lot of comments saying how this trade war is making many business move out side of China. I found that very funny, because I runs a small manufacturing business and there are so much more to consider for example: the USA only holds 4.8% of the world population while China has 19%. China is only having trade war with the USA it is not with the rest of the world. Would I spend big capital to move my production for 4.8% of the world market? Not to mention I need to train new people setup new factory and ect and who know when this trade war ends which means completely waste of my time…. Trump like to talk about how good this trade war is going but the numbers just does not add up… I means even if the USA completely stop all imported from China and China will only supply to its internal market and the rest of the world I think 95% of the world population is still way bigger than 4.8%…

  13. A Zebra never loses its stripes. Trump runs our economy the same way he ran his businesses that he inherited from his racist daddy Fred. He bankrupted them four times. Now its our turn with a huge middle class tax give away to the wealthy and almost $2 trillion added to the deficit. He wants to cut US savers' interest income because he borrowed most of the debt from the Chinese who are hammering us with tariffs due to Trump's losing trade war.

  14. Stupid people in white house.
    Stop buying 20% of China's rare earth metals that would cut IS trade deficit by $400bn per year.

    No one stole from ipr US. Us did a deal which included ipr transfer than now they claim that domeone stole it.

    So what intelkectual property has been stolen. For ages we gear a lot about intellectual property theft but no one actually says what was supposedly stolen.

    It would be like selling soya now and later claiming our soya beans were 'stolen'. Deals were struck now US wants to claim ipr was stolen.

  15. This is a real President with Guts! Every American should vote for Trump just based on this one issue China. THIS EFFECTS ALL OF US, black, white, rich , poor, gay , straight and is the single biggest Threat to our country! THANK YOU TRUMP!🇺🇸

  16. Trump is intelligent, strong, and have a guts to solve problem for American people. Trump confront and solve the big problem of American people, not avoiding it like other presidents. Trump deserves great respect from American people.

  17. We Japanese very angry you liar USA forcing us to make yen stronger, cut export to USA, forced us to give USA free high technology… we will remember and still remember

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