25 thoughts on “Treasure Island (1950)- Long John Silver

  1. I wish I was a Pirate !
    Has anybody actuality listened to the script of this wonderful production….
    Oh I wish they would re-run the series of Long John Silver.
    Too many Fall are to

  2. That kid sure looks like a young Tim Curry, but that possible mix-up might be enforced by the fact that he played Long-John Silver in Muppet Treasure Island.

  3. I love the reveal of the missing leg and just Jim's reaction a lot of other Treasure Island films that I've seen anyway I can't say I've seen most to all of them will usually include some sort of reinforcing comment from Jim but know this just left the shot speak for itself which is how I it.

  4. Little Bobby Driscoll… this was only 3 years before he did the voice of Peter Pan! His death was absolutely tragic

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