[Travel Vlog] Florida Springs (Fanning Springs, Silver Springs) Trip w/ 3 boys 플로리다 가족 여행기

Hi guys, I’m Jayden I live in sunny Miami
Florida the very south of the United States I’m gonna tell you my trip to Florida
springs, my daddy shot last summer. There are many springs in Florida, we travel to
one of the nearest Fanning Springs This is me Jayden, my younger brother
Noah and the youngest Zion My mom and dad drove five hours, it took forever
I played with my brothers and slept The car went uphill and downhill. When we almost got there, it was time for lunch this is 1998 grill and country store. they
made delicious southern style dishes we love their food and collections finally. we stayed on the log cabin I
love my cozy comfortable cabin my favorite part was the rocking chair and
swinging chair. We hiked a little and we went into the water
it felt icy cold the water was so clear I could see all the way through the
bottom families were chilling and having a good
time I could imagine how people cooled down
the heat when they didn’t have air conditioning in old days. my dad jumped into the water like a kid. of course our tummies were hungry after
a blast so daddy had a barbecue for us we
fell in love with the spring so we decided to visit another spring Silver
Spring State Park this is the largest spring in Florida swimming was not allowed in the silver
spring so he rode a glass-bottom boat it was a great chance to see the fishes
and beautiful underwater nature we saw Fishes alligators and many
animals there was a three hundred year old tree dead
in the water. This underwater statue were placed for a TV series many years ago. this was a hot spot for Hollywood movies
before theme parks took over Florida but things change a lot since then
less people are visiting the spring and More head to theme parks. Sadly, Springs are
disappearing because of the pollution and irresponsible visitors. I learned to thank what nature has given
us and promised to be part of saving it I really hope to see this beautiful
springs forever. This was a wonderful trip thanks for watching

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