Trading stocks

To trade stocks on the system First, go to the “Trade Stocks/ETFs” option under the “Make a trade” drop-down. At the top of the screen You will see your cash balances and buying power as usual You can always hide your portfolio snapshot by clicking that button there To choose between what exchange you want to trade on You first select the region here and then the actual country here For now, I’m stick with the US Exchanges Here we have our action, where we support buying and shorting to start with, and sell and cover to close your positions If you don’t know the name of the company that you want to look for Just start typing the company name and we have a smart drop-down that will start filling in some companies fitting this description However, since I know the symbol that I want to trade which I want to trade, which is Sprint I just put the symbol in here Once you’ve put in your symbol and the quantity you want to trade You can choose which order type you want to have And it will populate a quote here Telling you exactly what this might cost you This is a real-time quote provided by BATS for US stocks But for international stocks, all the quotes are with a 15 minute delay Look at the “Symbol”, the “Company” name A logo for the company, if available The “Last Price”, the “Bid/Ask” We actually fill on the bid ask prices not the last price So this is what you have to pay more attention to But this is a good guide to start with The “Day’s Range” of how this stock has moved today The “Volume” of how this has been trading in the market so far So I know this stock has traded 294 thousand times today And a small chart showing you what this stock has been doing for today It even gives you an estimated order cost So I preview my order It will tell me exactly what is going on at the top here The order type is here The market price, which is the last price here It is just an estimate Its $5.26 And this is my commission charge This is my total estimated cost Here I can click the change my order or here I can click to cancel my order But since I don’t want to do either, I will just confirm my order here And that’s done If I want to place a new order, I click the “Place new order” button And then the system refreshes Or if I want to look at the order I just made I can check my open positions You can see here that the Sprint stock is now in my open positions

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