Trading Spots

International investors are well aware of spot contracts and how different currencies and commodities can affect their portfolio this tutorial will show you how to trade spot contracts which includes currency pairs and commodities to trade a currency or commodity spot contract go to make a trade on the main menu and click trade spots this will open the spot trading page which includes currencies and commodities all the currency pairs and commodities we have available are listed on this drop-down here where it says symbol you can pick the currency pair you like to trade or at the very bottom of the list you can see the commodities that are available for trading which includes gold silver crude oil wheat corn soybeans if you’re trading a currency spot contract what you’re actually doing is buying the currency is listed on the left denominated in the currency on the right so for this first one if we have a US dollar portfolio or buying Australian dollars this means it work just buying Australian dollars to the current exchange rate however if we’re trying to buy these Australian dollars with euros that means we’re buying Australian dollars but our currency is also being converted to euros so there’s actually three different currencies involved in this transaction if you buy one of the commodities spot contracts this is more direct and it only applying in the currency that your portfolio is denominated in enter the quantity of these contracts you wish to buy and preview your order and confirm your order spot contracts only support market orders but they do support short selling if you need more helpless stops contract trading click spots trading help which will bring you to our spots help trading page which includes the trading FAQ and some information about what spot contracts are and how they work

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