Hello humans! You know, I have seen a lot of tea about trading and speculating about trading especially in the YouTube settings here But when is trading coming out? well We got some tea from Twitter that comes apparently directly from Launcelot high-rise apartments are coming before December first Royal High Christmas updates should be here around December first and we love a tea with a whole kettle aka a sauce So looks like there is a Twitter clip here. And it looks like it’s a clip of Launcelot stream You know he streams on Twitch a lot Um Not very much tea today The only tea that we actually got was that the apartment updates are definitely coming before December first the rot the high-rise ones The Christmas updates should be here on December 1st and trading should probably be here before December 1st So this hot tea was brought to us by Ally Floral on Twitter and this basically confirms that before December 1st. The royal high Christmas update and trading should be here. That is so hot. I need to cool down with an alien frappe Well, I melt my frets that he might a fire I don’t know but this next he is so hot, you know what it might it might just melt my frappe It looks like our alien Overlord D dog has been hard at work in scripting like an alien robot this past week on the apartments update and our alien Overlord goes on to tell us that he thinks this is one of the coolest updates so far and He’s writing more songs for the alien Christmas albums. Oh, yes I’m jumping for joy – a little robot know if his next song is anything like this masterpiece? I am gonna be very Excited but have it you guys written any Christmas songs because I’ve been getting tagged if some hot lyrics people so definitely tag me people on Twitter’s You guys all know how I feel about Reindeer at Christmastime in royal high it seems like my worst nightmare is coming back to haunt me this holiday season Rudolph the death knows reindeer because the reindeers last year kidnap Does you guys remember the reindeer ride more like the reindeer ride from my nightmares? How is this a fan favorite accessory? This is a community Menace It kidnaps people against their will and I’m getting concerned for this Christmas because do you see some hands? That’s right sisters There’s somebody on that Reindeer leave a leg if you’re scared of the reindeer If you’re with me if you’ve ever been kidnapped just trying to change your weave you guys I’m scared Okay, I need to look at something really cute So I’m not scared of everything and look at this really cute creation by colorful Oh on Twitter They actually recreated foods from royal high on earth and look at this cafe drink That is so cute. Okay, so I wanted to buy the actual drink and compare it. It’s the hot chocolate cappuccino Alright everyone. So get a good look at this hot chocolate cappuccino in game and then here’s their recreation I’m not gonna lie. This looks completely identical. This is so cute. And they also went ahead and recreated something else It is the candy apple from the cafe at Royal hirer. So here’s their adorable picture and colorfully I just love your aesthetic It’s super cute shiny fun And that makes me want to eat an apple and then here is the caramel apple that is here on earth So I definitely think I like the drawing version better. It’s much shinier. This is really cute I’d love to see some more drawings if you guys have recreated in real life or an art any of the foods from royal I’d Love to see it Oh My t-phone oh wait That’s Barbies special ringtone royyala played It looks like we’re actually Going to get a new computer and our apartment and I’m very excited about it because this is funny so the keyboard kind of looks like a Mac to me but it says activate windows and I think that’s a big troll because Barbie and all of her screenshots and KateKa too Sometimes they have this activate wouldn’t have a thing in the corner and I know some people get really bad about it It looks like she’s making a little joke about it BARBIE, is that you who is that? And we’re also saying some more cute little teas over here. So first of all, we got to talk about this keyboard It definitely looks like a Mac keyboard to me the silver and the white that just screams MacBook to me So obviously that makes me excited. I see a mouse pad that goes with the aesthetic here We have a lot of white and the cutest thing I see a headset It is bright pink and also a very cute little clicking mouse here again This does look like it’s a Mac setup to me But I’m okay with it run into old royal high so we could look at the old computer and compare it. Alright, everyone So this is the old classic royal high Here is our old boring kind of sad computer and I’m gonna be honest with you guys I’m not a hundred percent sure how we use it because I only see a trackpad There are no actual keys The screen doesn’t have anything on it. So already the screen shot makes me very excited I can see some major improvements and major upgrades and it definitely feels like a much needed update to this laptop So we do have some computers in the library And as you can see all of the computers in the library are the same So I’m wondering what this update comes out if the classic royal high might get an upgrade All I know is that I’m very excited to get a new computer Let me know in the comments guys what else you think is going to be added in these coming days What are your predictions for apartments? because so far we’ve actually seen a lot of stuff about it First of all, I’m wondering if these are all the little poses we can sit on when we’re actually on this couch so each seat will make you pose like this or this is just what Bob did but it did kind of show us how we Can interact with our apartment I mean if I can do this, I’ll be very happy We’ve also seen a couple of different nooks and crannies where you can have some time in the apartment including a lot of different items Like candles tea with steam and iPod make up a kitchen and again teacups are everywhere So we’re guessing some way to interact with our kitchen and of course our inaugural Screen shot the screen shot that started all of this apartment C. We didn’t know if it was a hotel We didn’t know if it was a penthouse suite and we see another Cozy little look to hang out and over here. So I don’t know what’s changed over here. We don’t have another good screenshot Maybe she added the nut but we just don’t know yet. All I know is I’m excited to use that new computer What about you leave a like if you’re excited? So as expected we did get some new audio and call me Bob’s inventory that are all about computers We have computer turn on computer turn off. Let’s listen to these audios right now Me every day So some of these I actually couldn’t listen to the audio for even though you can click on it and I think you can actually download these still but these were just Created so I am excited to hear them for real Looks like we’re actually gonna be able to use our computers Now that we’ve seen these sound in this good morning has me wonder are we actually going to get some sort of? Amazon some sort of smart device some sort of Siri in the game. There’s something that tells us good morning Let me know what you guys think Calling all aliens you have the hottest TEA SPILLERS in youtube history here a special Did you guys know when you click that join button their? membership tiers and you can unlock really cute emojis the longer you’re a member handle members will also Get to decide what happens in some videos. So if you guys want a chance at that and maybe some exclusive Members-only videos make sure you hit that joint button. That’s all coming up Thank you so much for watching humans And as always tweet me I’ll be right here Furiously typing at my PC to bring all of this T into a video for everybody Remember to use my star code cybernova” if you’re gonna be getting any “robots for these updates and guys just you know If you like my video, that’s all I need. That makes me happy. Hope the T wasn’t too hot

100 thoughts on “TRADING RELEASE DATE! NEW COMPUTER LEAKED! Royale High Update TEA

  1. It was brought to my attn by OceanOrbs that Jaya's interview with Launcelot was re-recorded! Here is her original interview from twitch!

  2. It's been 10 hours since I've seen the slightest crack of light shine through my windows…My parents are asleep and I'm pushing to make sure I'm awake when the trading/Christmas update comes out ( ꈨຶ ˙̫̮ ꈨຶ )

  3. I’m right here it’s December 1st and I’m waiting with the other people counting down the Christmas update and trading is still yet to be out and the apartments too ;-;

  4. Its not coming for today it will be coming after December 1st due to one of the royale high designers who passed away yesterday. May Lizzy rest in peace 😭

  5. It's December second but all they did was update something about lizzys death which I couldn't care less about I just want the items

  6. It’s coming out December 1st

    Me: watching this on December 3rd an it’s still not out

    I don’t know what to believe anymore

  7. This Video, Posted In November 23rd: Before December 1st!
    December 3rd, With No Sign Of Update. Am I A Joke To You?

    (Note: This Is A Joke, I Know About The Whole Lizzy Winkle Situation And That They Had To Pause The Production Because Of It. I Am Not In Any Way Disrespecting That.)

  8. The reindeer ride haha!…When i put it on i would get a person and lay down and stand up again and again and they couldnt get off! When i layed down the person was stuck to the ground!! 😂😂 and then we ended up falling out of the map! XD! Then after i did it more…I got reported XD


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