Trading Pro System – REAL REVIEW

I thought I would do a follow up to my last
post on Trading Pro System (see post). It have been pretty obsessed on learning everything
I could about income option trading as the information/technology is there now for the
general public to be able to trade on a level playing field with professional option traders. I opened an account at ThinkorSwim because
they seemed to have the best technology/tools to evaluate your positions(they also offer
free papertrading account if you want to test it out). Trading Pro System will explain option
basics including explaining all the greeks, how to adjust trades, how to manage a portfolio
of option position, and then provides details about various trading strategies like credit/debit
spreads, diagonal spreads, calendar spreads, ratio spread, understanding how to use protective
puts and more. The main strategies that Trading Pro System goes into lots of detail on are
Iron Condors and Double Calendars and how to adjust them by managing your greeks. The videos are very detailed and do a good
job explaining the strategies. It is a series of videos and a guide that explains how to
evaluate your positions, how to adjust/exit your positions, and a detailed understanding
of how professional option traders evaluate/trade options. At the bottom of this post is the
summary of Trading Pro System training modules. The more I read other options websites, books,etc….the
more I find that I reference back to my notes from Trading Pro System as it does a very
good job covering a lot of information in a understandable way(You could re-watch the
videos after you have digested the basics and learn more the next time re-watching the
videos.). I will say that you will have to put in some
effort to really have a good understanding of “The Greeks” which are the components
that determine an options price and how they move relative to eachother. The unique thing
about options is that you can adjust your position to stay in the trade and not have
to take losses just because the positon goes against you like you would with trading stocks/futures
and the goal is to have the underlying index/stock stay in your profit range so you can collect
a profit on the time decay of the options you sold. Also, when I was researching for additional
information about option income trading after going through the Trading Pro System course
I found that most option mentoring services or day seminars cost over $5,000 so the content
that you get in Trading Pro System is very well priced. You can also watch free webinar archives on
the education section of many of the option brokerages like trademonster, thinkorswim,
tradeking,etc..(The best webinars I think are everything you can find by Dan Sheridan
of and Don Kaufman webinars at ThinkorSwim brokerage) but you will find
that the free content doesn’t explain how to adjust positions and manage the greeks
as clearly as Trading Pro System. If you decide to make a commitment to option trading and
want a complete mentoring/training for option investing then my research found that
offered the best quality(I’m not a member though because I didn’t have $6500 for it
right now). I also looked at but they were a little too sales-pitch/hard
sell for me and they are about the same price as Sheridan Mentoring. Anyways, after all the research I have done
looking around at available free and paid options training I still highly recommend
Trading Pro System as a solid way to get a detailed understanding of option trading but
it is important to keep learning, trade small initially(or papertrade) to learn how to adjust
your positions, and have patience. You will though have a new outlook on investing after
going through the course and realizing the benefit that options can have on your investment

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