Trading Pokemon on Android Phone | For Loners

Hello guys and today, I’ll be teaching you how to trade Pokémon on your phone First of all you gotta go to your Gba emulator and you just gotta go to a trade center Like like so And you got to wait a bit Do you see that icon at the center top well you need to click on it, and you’re gonna click link local Then you can click other versions to switch from other versions of the game, or you could just click the same one Like so skip skip skip skip skip and then move over here Let’s fast forward a bit Once it says awaiting link up you gotta switch back to your first one and just mash the a button until it says please enter At that point move your character to their correct seats Respective seats and I’ll trade You see I’ve already gotten a Bulbasaur and a Golem from my previous trade, and I forgot to record so there’s actually no need but let’s do that for fun I’m gonna choose my Charmander Switchback choose Golem Okay switch back and click ok again Now this is a useful trick if you don’t have any friends like me, and you can’t trade with anybody so yeah See I got a Golem Using this nifty trick you can get like the full pokedex all 151 except that I’m playing the third generation So that means I have to capture a few more ok I Hope you liked today’s video, and I hope you learned something from me. If not then sorry Bye bye

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  1. I use the GBA emulator and I dont have the options button at the top center. I have it on the right but dont have the 'link up' option T_T Please tell me which emulator you use and if possible a link to it?

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