3 thoughts on “Trading is Not the Answer

  1. What you just said does not make any sense. You don't know anyone who is disabled well enough to analyze their personal finances. I know people on disability who have just as much disposable income as the average American. If they have been getting a full disability check for a while, and they are permanently disabled, they likely have already squeezed all their expenses down to the bare minimum. They have learned from necessity how not to throw away money. They are completely out of debt. Sometimes it is the Americans who look down at the disabled and think in their head that these people are faking and could work if they wanted to. That is a lack of thinking skill that makes me know why 90% of them lose money in the stock market. I suspect your disabled patron will make it without your training, if that is where your thinking has evolved so far, and I encourage him not to give you any money as well.

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