24 thoughts on “Trading 101: How to Open a Trading Account

  1. I have been trying to open an account with Interactive Brokers for years now but they have been making the process so lengthy, over-complicated and arduous that I have not succeeded to-date. They keep raising one objection after another but they decline to say upfront what their requirements to qualify for an account are. Its frustrating.

  2. Clay, have you ever considered doing a " Chat With Traders " episode with Arron? I am a truck driver and listen to podcasts on iHeart for hundreds of miles at a time. When I stop, I log into youtube as well a Google things I hear from there. The CWT podcast is very professional and I think you would reach a lot more people if you gave it a shot. Just a thought.

  3. Hey Clay, what do you make of Meir Barak & Tradenet (CFD trading) ? He shows its possible to make 1000+ dollars intraday. Your views please

  4. please do a video on different types of chart used in trading and what is difference in them like candle charts and bar charts and etc? and bid ask difference effect on profit and loss?

  5. Question!! I want to use think or swims charts for my trading on robinhood , should i open an acct just to get access to that ? Is there any negative sides that i wont use that platform to trade or put money in it ?

  6. Yes I'm trying to figure out if their is a minimum amount of money needed this day & age to open an online trading account(this is one important thing you didn't discuss in the video)…I was told (about 15 years ago),you need $10,000.00, to open a trading account,…is this still true,?……..

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