Trades of Hope Version 2 Promo Video

So many people in underdeveloped
countries they only look to the end of the day they can’t look forward into the
future because they don’t know what the future holds once a woman has a job there’s hope for a brighter future
because she can take care of them, she can clothe them, she can provide shelter for
them. All of the sudden there are endless opportunities that she never could have
even hoped for before Well Trade of Hope was started about five years ago and it started by my mom
and Gretchen and me and Elisabeth Gretchen’s daughter, and we really were
passionate about empowering women out of poverty through the model of business. We’re all
about helping people, and for me personally the truly exciting thing about that is not
only do we see their circumstances change but we see this hope that is
reignited inside them that it’s a dignified partnership between the women
here in the United States that compassionate entrepreneurs and women
around the world because the cool thing is they’re helping each other there at
the way our products are sold are through compassionate entrepreneurs
compassionate entrepreneurs are like consultants, basically purchase the kit
and the kits are comprised of beautiful products from women all over the world
and they go into other woman’s home maybe their workplace their school and
they have parties where they get to show off the beautiful products that
women are making in Haiti and Bangladesh and India. So many times people feel like
business is a bad thing or even a selfish thing but the great thing about
Trade of Hope is that the more successful we are in our business the more
successful our artisans are in their business. There’s a direct parallel
between what our CE’s achieve, and what our artisans are able to achieve for
their families it is a win-win situation it’s a situation where we want you to be
so successful because every time you are successful it means a women around the world is successful. I saw Trade of Hope and I just loved it I loved what stood for,
the women that were being empowered and lives were being changed and I just
decided I wanted to give it a shot and acquaintance of mine had a party and I bought a pair
of earrings and ordered them and when I got them they had a little card about
the artisans and I thought this is different and I have been involved with
the local human trafficking awareness and so this is different I wanna spread
the word to my friends so I contacted the gal that was going the party and I said hey I want to have one! I was amazed at the significant way I was able to contribute to my family’s household
income and change the world and will be a mom and a wife and take care of my
home and do all of those things and and and yet have this wonderful thriving
soul feeding business with Trades of Hope. My husband was working two jobs and my Trades of Hope income has been able to replace that second job and to empower
us to my car was dying and so been able to get a new car and was able to go to
Haiti in May 2014 and that was really where things
changed first day that we arrived I had a little girl baby she was probably
eight or nine months old and I picked her up and she looked at me and I looked at her
and we kind of have this moment I found out her name was Crisnelly and we
were standing at one of the bead rolling tables and learning about some of the artisans that
were sitting there and their stories and women named Gina. Gina is a Haitian
woman who ended up wandering through the streets looking for somebody to take her
baby and Gina did not want to do this but because she wanted to take care of
Crisnelly she was looking for an orphanage to give her daughter to and
she knew the choice she had was to keep her baby and watch her baby die or give her baby over to an orphanage or someone who could feed her baby. One of our artists and groups in Haiti heard
about this and they went up to find Gina to offer her a job and I was standing
there looking at this woman is young woman I had just had her baby in my arms
and I knew it wasn’t just the first day of work it wasn’t just you know just
today it was the first day of life a chance for the baby mom and I said I would do Trades of Hope for Gina and Crisnelly I would go out every night to parties and tell people and
spread the word and share this mission just for them. Trade of Hope has become
this beautiful sisterhood of women around the country and they all have the
same passion to empower other women out of poverty with our sisterhood we can
accomplish something that by one of us alone we could never accomplish if you
have a desire to help other people longing to be purposful but also want to
support your family and be there with your family then Trades of Hope is the
perfect place for you because you have the ability to own your own business have flexible hours make an income while
knowing that the work you do is empowering lives right from where you
are right in your home with your children climbing all over you or with
dinner in the oven and we would love love love to have more women join us in
empowering women out of poverty because that is truly what we are passionate
about it’s about empowering women out of poverty all over the world and happens to involve jewelry, scarves and beautiful things!

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