100 thoughts on “Trade The Open Like A Boss! Part 20 * When To Average Down In Your Position

  1. Algún día estaré operando así jefe!!! Tengo ese fin en mente!!! Gracias por tanto 👊🏻

  2. Es simplemente mágico, es celestial, es un artista en toda su esencia, es extraordinario, boommmmmm!! The best I Love

  3. Hola Oliver, me gustaría ser tu alumno. Se lo que vale y te adelanto que estoy quebrado. Soy apasionado me gustaría que me dieras una oportunidad ayudeme a ayudarlo hacer mas rico.

  4. What a monster!!!! Oliver quiero aprender contigo, cuanto cuesta el curso?? Te sigo always. Saludos desde Uruguay BOOOOOOOOMMM!!!!

  5. your elephant bar is truth man. placing my stop under it has been working really well. it helps me keep my downside under control. thanks again for sharing.

  6. Gran operacion como siempre Master! – Maestro por que decidio no tomar posicion con PYPL a pesar que tuvo un gap up con vela Elefante?? Debo decir que la jornada tuvo algo en comun, el gap up!… Bendiciones Maestro Oliver !

  7. Hi Oliver, I was wondering if you can also make a video demonstrating when a pull back is the beginning of a downtrend and you got out at the stop loss to prevent major losses. I think those examples will benefit us traders greatly as we can get a visual comparison of how both pullbacks look like to spot the difference. Thank you again!

  8. Greetings Oliver….Or should I call you Coach? In any regard, GREAT stuff as always!

    I do have some questions however:

    1) How do I open up multiple 2 min. windows in Fusion to follow multiple stocks as you have done in this video and how do I enter the orders in this format?

    2) Seeing as you work very quickly with large lots – Do you use limit or hot keys to enter & exit positions and do you have a set goal/price in mind beforehand for exits?

    Best Regards and Many Thanks

  9. OV was right all along. Learning this simple concept took me over 2 years! You have to be in the trade ladies and gentleman. It will come to realization through failure. Thanks to OV I will never look at a chart the same!

  10. Hi oliver
    Where would you put your protective stop loss. Is it under that Big Elephant Bar or below the 200 ma.
    By the way you are awesome.

  11. I think this is one of your best trade the open like a boss videos, if not the best. It was relaxing and informative and it clearly highlights your skill. I would be surprised if it does not lead to an increased trading room for you.

  12. Mentor Me.
    Estoy seguro que pronto me graduare y operare en tu equipo.
    El máster.
    Gracias por brindarme tus conocimientos.
    No vemos en el Camp Medellín.

  13. Great video. I was hoping to apply this to my Forex trading. Do you ever trade the Forex market? Also I appreciate the spanish subtitles as well.

  14. Thanks, I have been losing money every single day in the past month. I don't know what the hell to look for and what kind the SET UP I should trade. I am glad that I find your channel while running on a treadmill at the gym today.

  15. You are good in what you do, but it was too much risk for low profit. If you were near 3k loss you should have at least 3k gain, but correct should be 9k gain for a 3k risk.

  16. Great content! I watched this video at least three times. I think my problem is I focus on the P/L getting bigger and bigger on the negative side and start panicking. Then I sell pre-maturely instead of waiting for the pullback to correct itself. I'm such a rookie 🙁

  17. yeah it is easy when you can buy 4000-6000 shares of appl or msft. but for an average joe, i be lucky if i can get 100 shares…lol.

  18. Hey OLiver how ya doing ?
    I'm just staring out with forxe trading but my first look was trading Options , My Question is will this work with any trading platfrom ?

    I'm a newbie to trading the Market , it's been about 8-months now just looking at videos
    how can you help me I'm 72 now and will 73 Jan 20, My reason for going into trading is to build a Lagacy for my Granddughter's , and pay for their college Education .

  19. También hay que agregar que el retroceso fue suave y además se freno en el 40/60% de la vela elefante… Así que lo que pasa aca es que no es solo la media móvil de 200 períodos ni sólo el suave retroceso si no la combinación de todas las cosas y la fortaleza mental de Oliver para identificar todo esto y aplicarlo sin dudarlo… El ni siquiera espero a ver verde el confío tanto en el que se anticipo a todo y por ello donde nosotros quedaríamos en break even el ya tiene ganancias de varios pips

  20. Hola, gusto en saludarlos, disculpa mi ingles en muy básico, ya les escribí al correo, espero poder iniciarme con ustedes, gracias.

  21. Thanks oliver for all the information/knowledge you are sharing….Which changed my trading style and analysis towards charts..Like the elephant walk concept and the seed is growing in mind like a tree ,,☺️thanks a lot

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